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Duke Nukem flack eats words over threat to reviewers



There's a diffrence between negitive criticism and being an all out abyss of human suffering and angst bent on pouring out your hatred for yourself in reviews. if a review is below the belt then what makes the person giving such vile reviews think they will be privileged to anything ever from the person/Co. being dragged through the mud. There is a limit to what one can/should say and still remain a respectable author.

Duke Nukem Forever rocks up on shelves


BOO YA!! my son

That is an awsome mental image, the Pope and Bush Jr sitting around with beer stains on their under shirts high fiving each other playing duke


not enough!

agreed! it was a lot more fun to run into battle with a variety of wepons than just 2.Cycling while straiffing and jumping while collecting ammo was FUN! LOOK MA NO HANDS!

Thumb Up

went to bed?

I took time off work for uninterupted game play if only i had a feeding tube and cathiter. i still cant feel my thumbs

Duke Nukem Forever


a BLAST from the past

I really am enjoying duke. It's really nice and refreshing after the years and years of FPS trying to out do the last guy ,and the whole "RUN N GUN" feeling being bled out and the "tactical" aspect being the focus point. this game takes me back to the root of FPS. See something shoot it ,shoot it ,shoot it, and the whole over the top attitude is awsome. GIANT baddies BOOBS and prepubesent toliet humor is what duke is all about. it's too bad that all the hype took away from the game. But if you take duke for what he is then there's nothing to complain about except those long load screens (x-box)

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