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Teens using M-rated games to vent anger


its stress relief

Back when I was a kid the only computer games were Pacman and Space invaders .. Yawn. I took up Sword Fencing , Karate , Broadsword reenactment etc as methods to deal with the emotional bullying I was getting at school and in the first five or so years after leaving.

Now 20 years on and I brokne knee I find that when I get stressed I get agressive, so I load up something like Call of duty and go kill some computer sprites. Half hour later I'm bored, but I'm also calm again.

I';ve never attacked anyone without them first drawing a knife on me or coming at me mob handed and I have no desire to snipe at people despite that being my favorite type of computer role, plus booby traps since they spark my inventive mind.

I've read that Computer games can teach you to be violent, take it from me , presssing buttons on a joypad thingy will not teach you how to parry a blow with a sword or punch someone in a pressure point, they take physical practice to train yout body coordination and muscles. Why else does Karate do the repetative Kata's.


Wheelchair user hitches lift on front of lorry


Media Stunt or extreem Fluke(S)

Base on 20 years of Driving and Working on Motorways I've seen the effects of an Artic on a mini and Have several problems with the story.

1: He was crossing Sideways to the truck yet he wound up facing away from it when it hit.

2: His handlebars lodged in the grill securely, but didn't penetrate the radiator.

3: The truck driver didn't see him crossing when he was preparing to leave petrol station ( Was truck driver observing his surroundings ? )

4: I'm not sure whether the problems the guy has affects his muscles,but his arms ( biceps and Triceps ) don't look atrophied. From the picture I saw he could have reached up and his fingers or at least some of them would be visible to the driver ( May take a while to notice but would be seen ).

5: The guy is wearing his seatbelt, I know an dozens of people in wheelchairs and only the paraplegic wears his belt to stop him sliding down, the rest down generally bother.

6: He's also lucky truck driver slowed down gradually and didn't emergency brake when Police tried to stop him

7: This Guy will already have made thousands from selling his story.

Initially I thought Wow lucky guy, but now I think it was a media stunt for the money. whetehr it was done with the drivers consent or while he was paying for his gas I feel the chair was attached to the front of the truck. We have car surfers here so insanity for excitment is quite common.

The wheelchair wheels arn't designed for those speeds so the guy is lucky the bearings didn't heat their oil up then collapse.

theres several flukes to need to happen for this to be real and If it is then the driver is guilty of negligence regarding pedestrians, Otherwise If it's a stunt and he knew about it then dangerous driving.



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