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Tritton AX Pro 5.1-channel gaming headphones

Paul Skipper
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tritton headphone support....

Im full aware these are for xbox or ps3. Not bad headphones. But I would never buy a tritton product ever again as the company does not bother about supporting its products.. I have some axpc headphones. Great they are. Infact better than great. Then windows 7 came along. Wheres the driver ? Oh we are working on it. It never came. A 100 quidsworth of headphones in the bin.....Thanks a bundle tritton.

These headphones MIGHT and could be the best gaming 5.1 headphones in the world, but without proper support, you may be throwing 150 quid in the bin.

Duke Nukem Forever

Paul Skipper

DNF Exactly what it should have been

Actually. DNF is everything it should have been. They brought the cult duke nukem 3d into the 21st century. The graphics are better. But in a by gone age of pc gaming when we had mediocre graphics, games had to be very playable and addictive. DNF is just like getting into a comfy arm chair. Its got it in spades.

The game play and addictiveness is still there. Just better graphics. And what could they have done without changing Duke Nukem ?

The pc version plays great... Its all it should be, before political correctness went mad and the nanny state took over. Im very happy with the game. It instantly took me back to my teens when there were 16 of us in my mates house playing duke 3d on a network. Great days and fond memories.

They honestly got the game spot on. Its just a real shame 3d realms were not able to finish what they started.

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