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Phisherman's blues: Bogus Dell support rep extradited from Kenya, admits he conned US colleges out of $900,000


Training and security

If only these 'victims' would install checks and training, as well as controlling the validation of funds transfer, the scammers would be rendered ineffective.

While there are gullible people in positions of authority, there will always be scams: "Remember, Terry, you only get out of life what you put in, plus a bit extra if you can find a few mugs." Arthur Daley, in 'Minder', as played by the late, great George Cole.

Lancaster Uni cordons off breached systems a week after thousands of folks' data pinched


And the university doesn't have an IT Department?

With all the clever youngsters coming through the ranks,how on earth did the uni leave the doors open? Didn't the sys admins take a course in cyber security? Wait, what's this? https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/postgraduate-courses/cyber-security-msc/

Time for the Chancellor to resign from 'Egg-on-Face' University perhaps?

US gives Chinese smuggler 37 months in the slammer for selling knock-off Apple kit


Good point about quality.

I wonder if the battery life and the charging ports were better than the real thing, and that's what's hacked the authorities off.

Giffgaff goody-baddy-bag billing faff: Ofcom fines operator £1.4m for overcharging folks by almost £3m


Run by you?

So we must have ripped ourselves off then? That'll teach us.

Airbus A350 software bug forces airlines to turn planes off and on every 149 hours


I wonder if the software development was outsourced...

...to Musoketeba perhaps. (see 'Into The Fourth Universe' - https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/929784)

Plusnet holds off spirited charge from Vodafone in broadband complaint charts


Interesting - I've always had good service...

Yes, they didn't remind me when the two year contract was up, but after one call, they rectified that. When I moved house, it was seamless and at no charge. When I was having problems with the wiring, they replaced the master box, again no charge. You do have to call them and negotiate, but that's the same with every other service provider (and we're talking utilities, insurance and all the other clowns, here). Since then I've had super fast connections, at a fraction of the cost of any others. Am I just lucky or is it 'Brexit Syndrome', where you only ever hear from the whingers?

FTC fines Facebook $5bn for making users believe they actually had control over their data


So who gets the money?

Certainly not the millions of people who have suffered the compromise. One bunch of crooks fining another bunch of crooks? And we worry about bank accounts and phone scams - this is big league stuff.

Email scammers extract over $300m a month from American suits' pockets


"Remember, Terry, you only get out of life what you are prepared to put in...

...plus a bit extra if you can find a few mugs."

Arthur Daley

Wondering where that upcoming meeting with 'Cheap Viagra' came from? Spammers beat Gmail filters by abusing Google Calendar, Forms, Photos, Analytics...


Does anyone still use GMail, or Hotmail?

I get a mail from someone with a Hotmail or Gmail address and think...

1. Cheapskate

2. Scam

3. Why?

4. Don't you have an ISP?

5. What are you hiding?

6. You must like all your communications filtered and stored by the big boys.

7. You poor fish

Not very bright: Apple geniuses spend two weeks, $10,000 of repairs on a MacBook Pro fault caused by one dumb bug


Their brains are too highly tuned.

As an ex service guy, the first thing I always used to ask my users was "What was the last thing you did before it failed?"

Ah, turned down the brightness, eh. That might give me a clue.

Also, the user must have been pretty dense not to realize it had something to do with his process, unless it was a deliberate windup... "Let's see how long I can waste everyone's time..."

Finally, Apple are stupid not to have a fixed minimum setting for the display, and a reset when the system is rebooted.

Another example of how the 12 year old 'whiz kids' who design this sort of thing don't have a clue (or care) how people work in the real world.

Mystery GPS glitch grounds flights, leaves passengers in the bar


And should similar occur when we rely on it with self-driving cars etc...

A perfect example of how we rely so much on the technology that we have forgotten how to look out of a window.

Pass me the Huawei Code.

IBM raising axe for 'significant workforce balancing in Europe', says staffer rep council


Workforce balancing?

A new way of saying, 'sacking half the workers'. Nobody is fooled, so why do they bother? Doesn't it make you want to punch the spin doctors in the face, or in their terms, 'engage in re-modelling of their client-facing appearance'?

The e-mpire strikes back: Google appeals that $1.7bn EU fine for choking web ad rivals


Ads? What are they?

They can all waste their money as they like. with a good blockers for third party cookies, scripts, device recognition etc., you don't need to see any of them. It's all the scammers scamming each other, convincing themselves that people are actually seeing their ads. (and paying people for clicking on them so that it looks like anyone gives a damn.) "What about my fondleslab?" I hear you cry. If you do everything on that via a browser, you too can resist the scourge of modern communication just as well.

Google may have taken this whole 'serverless' thing too far: Outage caused by bandwidth-killing config blunder


GMail was out? Situation normal.

How does this differ from normal, when anything you send to a GMail address is filtered and stripped and delayed, and recorded, before they eventually sent it on, if they can be bothered, or passed to email scammers if they can't? Does anyone still use a GMail account for anything?

British Army down thousands of soldiers after outsourcing recruitment IT to Capita


What next? Outsource the nuclear deterrent?

I can imagine the situation...

"Sorry, we can't fire the missiles; it's a national holiday in Elbonia, and Microsoft are running one of their interminable updates, and we aren't allowed to reboot."

The circus is being run from the monkey cage.

It's May 2. Know what that means? Yep, it's the PR orgy that is World Password Day... again


WTF does it matter?

Every jumped up little upstart wants me to have a user name and password, even though the information they have on me is insignificant. What do I care if someone hacks my details in Fishermen's Wives' Knitting Monthly? Anyone with any sense doesn't tell Facebook or Google etc. anything true about themselves. For example, Apple requested a credit card before I could use iTunes. I had to submit it to get anywhere (must be illegal now?), but once set up, I removed my financial details and now only download free apps - actually, I use a secure browser and view all the equivalent internet sites through that, with adblock on.

So that leaves bank details, Paypal and the like. They have their own two-factor security, and using different email addressees to access each improves that further.

So, guidelines for the worried:

1. Don't worry about password security for the numpty sites. Use a sacrificial email address instead.

2. Always use a trusted third party for purchases on line.

3. Use secure passwords, and change those occasionally for the really important things like banking - I suspect you will only have a few to remember.

4. Don't store anything sensitive on your fondle-slab - use a secure browser to do your banking etc.

5. Most apps seem to be developed by 12 year olds, who have no idea of user acceptance testing, so don't ever give anything away to them, apart from a pack of lies.

6. Don't user GMail or Hotmaill addresses. They look unprofessional, and Google and Microsoft are allegedly notorious for blocking the wrong domains and snooping on your content. You have an ISP. They often supply more than one email address, so use everything they can let you have for free.

7. Trust no-one, Grasshopper.

Look what the Softcat dragged in: Revenues grow 21% as UK reseller refuses to blink at Brexit


Thank goodness one company isn't joining the mass hysteria

Nobody knows how it will go, and most should prepare for multiple scenarios. Good on Softcat, actually doing what all businesses should be doing, and being ready for whatever happens. Substitute 'Brexit' for 'any other business threat'* and there really is no difference. It's called 'contingency', I believe. If you can't handle Brexit, you are a very poor manager/company indeed.

* War, Political changes, Sunspots, China, Putin, Trump, Technology breakthrough, Plague, U-boats etc.

As angels, rich dudebros suck: 1 in 5 Y Combinator women tech founders say they were sexually harassed


How long will it be...

...before this goes the other way, and an investor turns down a harebrained scheme in good faith, and finds himself on the end of a trumped up (no pun intended) charge, or is threatened with one, should he not invest?

There are many suitable potential investors it is safe to borrow from, including banks and other reputable companies, and if these are not interested, perhaps this means that they can see that the new idea is not viable... and all this without any sexual undertones?

China will overtake America as leading AI superpower, warns ex-Google Beijing bigwig


The bubble will burst

China has pumped so much cash into their system that it will explode eventually. I had a friend visit there recently, and he pointed out all the empty and unfinished tower blocks, and the way there is a sense of poverty and desperation among the people.

Selling goods cheaper than the rest of the world involves subsidies and worker exploitation. A lot of items on Amazon come from China, and you find that many are identical, but with different branding. It seems to be the plan to flood the market, and drive conventional producers into the ground, but it isn't sustainable.

There will be a crash, and when it comes, I just hope we don't need the things we used to get from them cheaply. Will there be another revolution, or will the red fist crush its workers into submission again? 5 years, yes, but it may not be the result the 'bigwig' in his comfy padded environment envisages.

Go Pester someone else: TSB ditches CEO over bank's IT meltdown


He can always get a job as a parking attendant?


Big bruv?

Google cracks down on dodgy tech support ads



Does anyone actually read adverts on the Internet, and even less actually click on them?

I've had pages that say. 'We see you are blocking adverts. Please disable your blocker in order to view the content on this page." Arrogant b*******s.

My keyboard needs a FOAD key (f*** off and die), because I'm not falling for that one.

Google taking adverts down? Only those that don't pay them for the clicks made by paid stooges.

Final Score

Google: Billions - Advertisers: Nil

TSB goes TITSUP: Total Inability To Surprise Users, Probably


Why does anyone still bank with them?

Why does anyone still bank with just one bank? And why am I still with TSB? Interest on my current account and 1% cashback on my credit card, that's why.

My finances are non-critical, although the Council might gripe if their Tax is paid late (am I boddered?). I can see it would be a problem for people with mortgages etc, but the bank will have to pay compensation for any charges.

Leave it with them, open an account with another bank, and therefore build in your own contingency to cover events like this, and give them time to realise they can't cut corners on IT staff and systems.

Plusnet customers peeped others' deets during system upgrade


Bills are now being delayed

Received this on 2nd September. Not had any trouble with billing yet, so I guess they are holding until they've sorted things out..

"We need to let you know that your September bill will be delayed by a few days.

We just wanted to drop you an email to reassure you that you won't be charged any more or less money, and your service won't be affected in any way. You'll get your usual email notifications when your bill's ready, and payment will be taken via your current method.

We hope this doesn't cause any problems, but please get in touch if you need to. Call us on 0800 432 0200.

Best wishes,

The Plusnet Team"

IBM slaps patent on coffee-delivering drones that can read your MIND


Or a variation on Clippy?

I see that you are about to throw yourself off a cliff. Please accept this coffee...


I sense that you are feeling glum. I am told that a hot beverage is the answer

IBM are patenting the concept of a Flying Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory, in case you are visiting from another planet and haven't seen the show).

What next? Will we have to sign a contract that indemnifies them if the cup is inverted before it lands?

What if tech moguls brewed real ale?


Over Budget

A government sponsored, over-priced ale that tastes worse as you get further down the glass. You have to keep on drinking, and pretend you like it though, because you've paid so much, and don't want to admit you made a bad investment.

It's US Tax Day, so of course the IRS's servers have taken a swan dive


This explains why I've been waiting 3 years for a rebate

I'm not a US citizen, but the IRS took some tax off me for selling a book in the Land of the Free. To be annoying, I filled in all the forms and eventually they agreed that they would refund the $35. However, they said that this might take some time, but that they would pay interest on the amount owing. I guess, in a century or so, my descendants will be getting an astonishing windfall. It's a pity the money doesn't come directly out of the pockets of the bureaucrats who run the behemoth. We might get a better service then.

More than 87m Facebook profiles farmed, says second ex-Cambridge Analytica witness

Big Brother

Does anyone actually answer these things truthfully?

I can't believe that anyone would put in the truthful answers to any of the questions in such a poll. They are there for fun and imagination. If the data on all these users is not totally useless I'd be most surprised.

On Facebook, when they asked me to enter my age, I chose the oldest one possible - according to my profile, I live in Sweetfannyadams Wisconsin and am 115 years old, support the Swedish Ladies' Football Team, and have my on wombat farm. I also think that Nigel Farage is the new Rudolph Valentino and my hairdresser's gibbon is called Steve.

Stuff that in your database, whoever you are.

Seriously though, this is also why opinion polls don't usually work, and why when they ask you for your password in the street, the most common one used is "**** off and stop bothering me, why don't you?" (actually, that's not a bad one if you just use the first letters of each word.)

Avast blocks the entire internet – again


Blocks Windows Updates? Bravo Avast

So it's not all bad news then. Give them a gold star if you've sat about waiting for Microsoft to download some more bloatware, reboot and then wait some more to log in while they do more of their butchering of your device.

Perhaps we can get Avast to block all those other sites that harvest our information to share with spammers and con artists when they leave the database on a taxi seat.

Lloyds Banking Group to hang up on call centre staffers


This is the man...

...who outsourced, just as the smart money realised that UK call centres are at least within punching distance. I wonder if he drives a Volkswagen.

Amazon dodges $1.5bn US tax bill: It's OK to run sales through Europe out of IRS reach – court


So the US taxpayer has to foot yet another bill.

It beggars belief that the IRS didn't think this through. Of course they don't care, it's the US citizen who is funding it all anyway. (And the IRS still owe me $30 in tax they charged me, despite the fact I live in another country.)

Big blues: IBM's remote-worker crackdown is company-wide, including its engineers


Obviously downsizing - everything else is flannel.

Whatever they say, the real reason is to reduce their number of staff. Everything else is flannel. 'Move or leave' is the real message, and the subsequent reduction in staff won't cost them a cent... except in good staff, reputation and employee satisfaction. The people they retain will be the dregs who can't get jobs elsewhere, and also will be disgruntled about being forced to move or have long commutes. Let's hope IBM have some good people outsourced already, otherwise IBM will stand for 'I've Been Mugged' if you happen to be a customer.

'I told him to cut it out' – Obama is convinced Putin's hackers swung the election for Trump


Can we blame Putin for Brexit too?

...and one of my tyres was a bit low on pressure this morning. Damn Ruskies get everywhere.

It's ALIVE: Juno back online after reboot


Presumably another of those Microsoft security updates

"Please do not survey any remote planets while the update is in progress"

October proves to be the cruellest month for Twitter staff as 350 more laid off


And what is it really for???

...Absolutely nothing. There is no curation in the data. You either get every single comment from everyone you follow, or none of them. I have a couple of hundred followers. I tweet, offering free books, money or gold bars, and maybe get two replies. Waste of time. Free prediction... Twitter is finished: a last millennium thing.

British jobs for British people: UK tech rejects PM May’s nativist hiring agenda


No elephants, only skinflints

Why are the IT employers up in arms? People from parts of the EU are CHEAPER, that's why. You can train British workers to do the jobs, but then, they will probably want a living wage, and that means fewer liquid lunches for these moguls.

Can't train British workers? Hell, we have outsourced most of our industry to other countries anyway, and they can obviously be trained (with the odd hiccough - see various banks' experience with outsourcing). Apprenticeships for school leavers? I think you'll be surprised at what they can do.

Adventures in (re) naming your business: Fire up the 4-syllable random name generator


Wot no journalist?

Has everyone at the Register forgotten how to write news stories? Catch our attention with a headline and then the next paragraph is supposed to tickle our intrigue, not irritate the bejazus out of us. Get rid of the ramblers back to their musings over a pint of Old Stodgy, and wake your editor up. Hang it all, I'll do the job if you can't find a decent one. I'm sure we'd rather have no news than a load of whatever this was.

Boffins eschew silicon to build tiniest-ever transistor, just 1nm long


Wot, no editor?

This is not a one-off. The standard of the articles is falling I'm, afraid...

"controlled ion shorter gates" you mean in or on, but not ion?

Police raid India call centre, detain 500 in fraud probe


I'm glad I live in the UK

Our tax people are lovely here, and would never do that.

Also they are so good to foreign organisations - just ask Amazon, Google, Apple etc.

I can imagine if an eastern person rang up pretending to by HMRC and asked for money... by the end of the call they would be sending it to us instead (I think it's the accent).

Marauding monkey blacks out Kenya


Reminds me of the Not the Nine O'Clock News joke

Something to the effect that "Sabotage was suspected in the country of XXXXX last night as power failed nationally, when traces of Horlicks were found in the donkey."

Belgian brewery lays 3.2km beer pipeline


You wouldn't want the first pint of the day out of that now would you...

...considering how tricky it is for some pubs to get a decent pint up from the cellar. Still, it will only be lager, so how will anyone tell?

Geek's Guide to Britain – now a book. Permission to geek out granted


A Score for a book? Call yourselves savvy techies? You've been robbed.

Bung a Word document over to me and I'll get it published, print on demand, for less than half that, and you'll still make some ale money.

One espresso is not theft, Oz judge rules, it's part of civilization


And hopefully sack the facilities manager for the derivatives dealer

What sort of jobsworth would complain about a guy getting a cup of coffee? If our man was sitting around all day drinking it instead of working, perhaps, but this appears not to be the case. If the manager is not sacked, perhaps they will deduct the compensation payout from her (maybe) inflated salary.

Winston Churchill glowers from Blighty's plastic fiver


Isle of Man did this nearly 50 years ago - at last our Mint wakes up

The Tyvek or ‘plastic’ £1 note was first issued in November 1983. The 10 shilling note was introduced in 1961 and the 50p note in 1969.

UK plans robo-car tests on motorways in 2017


We're all doomed

These things will be doing emergency stops because of a bit of litter blowing across the road, steering their drivers into the ditch because someone has hacked into the control systems, or simply refusing to move because the satellite link is down or there is a solar flare or there is an ar(se?) in the month, or some wag has stepped out in front of it to make it stop so they can hijack your wallet. Unless all cars are driver-less, or they have their own roads, it ain't going to work.

And won't we miss the fun of being able to drive ourselves (and run down the wag if he looks dangerous?)

A typo stopped hackers siphoning nearly $1bn out of Bangladesh


Large transfer to Philippines didn't flag a suspicious transaction alert?

In every bank in the UK, even the lowliest teller is trained to spot a number of countries which are suspect for dodgy transactions. We can only assume that the systems were automated, and that the real people to blame are the techies for not putting in a trap for that sort of suspicious behaviour. And it took Deutsche Bank to spot it. They say a fool and its money are soon parted - the US and Bangladesh should be thanking the Germans for having a system that isn't full of holes.

IBM to erase 14,000 people from the payroll – Wall St analyst


So 'Last Decade'

The management still don't get the true value of intellectual capital do they? It's about time they stepped down and let some real leaders take over. So many companies are pulling out of outsourcing deals, having been bitten. It'll only get worse as those far away economies implode. If you've got shares in IBM, now would be a great time to sell!

Nest defends web CCTV Cam amid unstoppable 24/7 surveillance fears


Why not just unplug it when not in use?

or accept the fact that if it is connected, then there is a chance you could be spied on, as with everything else connected to the Internet. Most of us however are too insignificant to make any illegal activities directed at us profitable, and we have nothing worth hiding anyway.

British Airways, IT staff job cuts, an outsourcing biz ... you get the point


When the bank crashed, we couldn't get to our money

When the same things happen to an airline because some outsourced dude misses out a line of the step-by-step instructions he has been given, we can expect more than just computers to crash - I don't think I'll be flying BA in the four weeks after the handover (or ever again for that matter).


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