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'Leccy price hike: Greens to blame as well as energy biz

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Constant Wind and Sunshine

The wind may not blow more constantly but various technologies are being developed to help manage and match demand and supply. Having more variable non-despatchable renewable capacity on the grid creates challenges and problems but it also creates an incentive to solve those problems.

These include vehicle to grid storage systems, demand management of high load items such as fridges, electric space heating and heat storage systems.

There are commercial incentives to design wind turbines which have a higher capacity factor. Turbines that can operate at lower wind speeds for example or better wind mapping and turbine sighting.

Despatachable renewables will become more flexible if the market places a premium on flexibility.

Developments in smart grids mean that we should be able to deal better with short term

Or we could spend some money on increasing the amount of interconnector we have to Ireland and continental Europe so we can sell our surplus wind, wave and tidal when we have it and buy back replacement energy when the wind isn’t blowing.

Perhaps the simplest demand and supply matching tool available would be to expose domestic customers to the half-hour period prices. This would encourage consumers to switch their own demand away from peak times and to times when electricity is cheaper.

Any form of volatility creates an opportunity to make money by smoothing that volatility or by better predicting movements. This holds true for a UK grid with lots of renewables as it does for any other form of market volatility.

These problems are solveable.

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