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The PC is dead. Gartner wishes you luck, vendors

Kurt S

I can imagine, the poor sob, that's the stuff of nightmares that is.

Kurt S

"The high-end, purpose-built gaming PC segment (for example, $1,000 or more) is where PC vendors should focus for long-term profitability, despite this segment's competitiveness," said Tsai.

Shame a large percentage of that target audience tend to build their own then.

Oh, sugar! Sysadmin accidently deletes production database while fixing a fault

Kurt S

Re: In a similar vein

Who hasn't? ;)

Telemarketers hit with £70,000 fine for cold-calling pensioners

Kurt S

Baseball bats, while effective, lack the entertainment value provided by cattleprods I believe.

30 years on from Challenger, NASA remembers the fallen

Kurt S

Re: Sadness on another level

I was 8 then, I will never forget those images.

Bloke sues dad who shot down his drone – and why it may decide who owns the skies

Kurt S

the problem with drones...

... is that they are too easy to operate, hover capable and can be equipped with cameras.

Any perv can buy a cheap camera equipped drone and fly around looking though bedroom windows just as any small criminal can use one to scout houses to see if no one is home.

If I noticed a drone hovering over my backyard at a low enough altitude for a possibly equipped camera to be looking inside my house I'd not only feel uncomfortable with it but threatened as well and honestly were I to have the means to rapidly ground the thing, I would.

I appreciate the hobby of operating R/C vehicles and I admire what some people can make their chosen craft do but my backyard is not the place to do it in, go to a local R/C airfield.

UH OH: Windows 10 will share your Wi-Fi key with your friends' friends

Kurt S

How hard is it for these companies

to have crap like this on opt out by default?

Ofcourse at my place if a mate/family member requests the wifi password they get the question 'whats your MAC address?'

Grand Theft Auto 1997: 'Sick, deluded and beneath contempt'

Kurt S

Good times

I always liked the extra bonus when you ran down a line of those monks in one go

Get your special 'sound-optimising' storage here, hipsters

Kurt S


I do hope it comes with gold plated ethernet ports and has the needed shielding to isolate the drives from detrimental electronic interference?

King's stocks are candy-crushed as its top toy suffers splurge slump

Kurt S

New IP?

I wonder what the creators of such amazing concepts as 'shooting bubbles against same colored bubbles' and 'swapping things around to create lines of same' have in store for us now?

Maybe they'll do something like 'oddly shaped bricks falling down that you have to align' and the bricks can be made of soda cans! Surely a revolutionary concept.

Oh and if things are looking bad maybe they can add the option to buy the specific brick you need!

Twitter sneaks in Facebook-ish photo-tagging – how to switch it off

Kurt S


.. I just signed in to Twitter after quite some time to disable this thing and it was off by default.

Sysadmin job ad: 'If you don’t mind really bad work-life balance, this is for you'

Kurt S

Well, it's Penny Arcade...

... what did people expect? A 'normal' job ad?

Windows 8.1: A bit square, sure, but WAIT! It has a Start button

Kurt S

So can we..

...change the window text color in this version yet?

Big Blighty telcos ordered to block three BitTorrent search sites

Kurt S

Re: Lawyers fees?

A cynical person might suggest at this point that the reason for their chosen measures are to ensure the workarounds are easy enough so they can still get to the stuff themselves.

Satanic Renault takes hapless French bloke on 200km/h joyride

Kurt S

Re: Explicit Kill Switch

The reason its on the handlebar, so easy to reach, looks so obvious and is in the same location on every bike is simple: in case of an accident and the driver being pinned anyone can quickly kill the bike before assisting the driver.

In fact the use of the killswitch was the first thing I was instructed in on my very first lesson prior to getting my permit about 10 years ago.

Also I wonder how one would accidentally throw it while riding normally as it would mean taking your hand from the gas lever.

Nobody knows what to call Microsoft's ex-Metro UI

Kurt S

it's obviously a Unified Graphical Layout Interface

or U.G.L.I. for short

Hands on with Star Wars: The Old Republic

Kurt S


I too managed to play some this past weekend and throughly enjoyed it.

As a seasoned MMO player since Everquest in 1999 I feel all these games are EQ clones anyway, but this is a good one.

I loved the story elements and even enjoyed classes I won't play after launch, I played Republic as not to spoil the Empire side when the game releases but that smuggler was fun to play even if a bit stereotyped (actually come to think of it, that was the fun part)

There is also a certain questline on Coruscant that at first had me in disbelief at the dialogue but had me in stiches of laughter at the end... I'll just drop one hint for those who did it as well: "we have achieved purple parallel"

As to killing 4 enemies at a time at lvl 2, that's normal, the game is setup this way to make you feel more heroic... hence nearly all encounters are groups of enemies.

Apart from some queuing and some laggy moments I didn't run into any real technical difficulties either, unlike other games I have tested in the past.

I'm looking at you here, AO & SWG.

Mystery railway buys 80 terabytes of Flash

Kurt S

definately not Belgian railways either...

... they're apparantly still figuring out how to make their trains run on time-ish, or how to use a time telling piece accurately more likely

Codemasters pulls website after hackers pwn customer database

Kurt S


..first SOE, now Codemasters.

And in between these hacks about 3 phising attempts for my inactive WoW account.

I'm getting pretty fed up with it to be honest.

Win8: A beginner's guide to FondleWindows

Kurt S

If I wanted

to use a phone or tablet UI I'd be using a phone or tablet wouldn't I?

As I use either a desktop or laptop for my productivity and entertainment I'll be giving this one a miss then.

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