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AMD agrees to cough up $35-a-chip payout over eight-core Bulldozer advertising fiasco


Re: Advertising

actually the first was the 8086, then the 8088, then 286, 386, then the 486 line. then the Pentium started at 60mhz.

Apple hardware priced so high that no one wants to buy it? It's 1983 all over again


Re: Multi-tasking

I used Desq View on my 386 and 486 for multitasking! Only bad part was the loss of some ram space. Had only at max like 590k ram available. too little for some apps, but ran RBBS just fine!


Twiggy name

It was Named Twiggy, because when in reading and writing, it sounded like Twiggy, From Battle Star Galactica 1978!

Bloke fined £460 after his drone screwed up police chopper search for missing woman


Oh, but how tf is it a dangerous to a helicopter? The blade wash, will knock the drone away before it could touch a copter. So... I don't understand. And its not like they travel at 300mph either. So all the panic and noise is just that. Noise, to intentionally blame and dissuade.

Trump’s new ZTE tweet trumps old ZTE tweets that trumped his first ZTE tweet



Problem i see there is that what is the punishment for not voting still? Just because you claim its compulsory, does not mean everyone will still vote. So what's the compulsion for forcing everyone to vote? , I'm from the usa so I don't know. but i have a thought, in that for here, if you say, don't vote, you don't get your tax return. or if you owe money, then an additional penalty of 2000.00 is added to your tax bill. That should encourage people to vote, i would think. But here it seems that so few turn out to vote I don't know if this would work. I'm thinking that perhaps the same system could be in play but that the vote of redo would only apply if a, the voters voted for it, or b, less than 51 percent of the eligible voters voted. Then a forced redo would be in order. otherwise the total winner carries. Seems like a possible solution, to the only bad choices dilemma.

OVH data centres go TITSUP: Power supply blunders blamed


Thats what happens when...

WHen you overhype the redundancies you have, and the capacity you are really capable of handling. I have worded in a couple data centers, and I can tell you the hype men selling them are way overselling their bill of deliverables! IN the centers I was in, its barly controlled chaos. They only just enough staff to keep the status Quo. If there is an emergency, they are screwed. Thats their whole plan. Pay tme minimum for the fewest amount of people you can get away with to maximize profitability and then when disaster strikes! Ha! Good luck.. .watch them race to cash out, before the mayhem! Places i worked for, Had no way to handle critical failures and the staff was just barely keeping things running as it was! Thats what they do!

How a Cali court ruling could force a complete rethink of search results


Wait, you mean...

Wait, you mean my Rolex may not be a Real Rolex?> OMG how have we ever managed to by the Real Things, when we can't tell the difference! And my Hundai is really a JAG... so... There you go! My vw is also really a Porsche!


Some would be Hosed...

Well Progressive would be really in a bind. Thats their whole selling point!

Snakes on a backplane: Server-room cabling horrors


Re: Having worked, in my yoof, in cable rack rooms ...

And ONLY in your youth, probably, did they bother to afford to pay enough people to do separate jobs, that one had the luxury of doing the cabling "right". Most jobs I have ever worked, I was performing as 2 separate network admins, along with being tech support, and expected to manage wiring and installations. Of course, only paid as a single person as well. The days were nice, when we could all wear only ONE hat, and focus on a single job and do it right. Now, they expect you to do the jobs of 4 people, pay you under the amount of a single one, and a 6 day work work is not optional!.. If this isn't your business, please tell me where, so I can come work there!


Re: Underfloor can be much worse!!!

Ah, reminds me of when working as a Printer Repair Tech, and the company required White Shirt and Tie.... With no clothing allowance!... I can't recall how long I worked for them, I think it was few days, or until my white shirts ran out anyway.


Re: If you think that is bad....

Pardon my ignorance, However, to the best my memory allows me to recall, wasn't rs232 and the such very poor choices for the fact that the voltage drop over longer runs caused it to drop the data and fail? Or were/are they using something other than low voltage serial data over those lines? Low voltage in it self, inherently tethered to short cable runs do to wire resistance and voltage loss?


Re: If you think that is bad....

Well, when you are the one playing admin for all the windows and unix servers, and tech support, and application support database support along with being responsible for the wiring and cabling and tasked with install new servers for some database, that who only knows decided they had to have... Budge that into your perfect cabling layout with no extra help. Have fun! And how long are your workdays?


I remember one company I was working for... They Kept hounding me, to spend a weekend there to "re cable" all the network racks and routers to make them all neat...... HOWEVer. While showing me how their help desk worked, any time they had a client pc that dropped off the network or lost connection. Their "resolution" was for the help desk person to go into the patch panel, unplug their network connection from the switch, and plug it into a different port, then have them tell the end user to "reboot" their PC.... Needless to say, I never did re-cable their patch panels. And if they could not understand the reason for that, shame on them!

Brit PC market out of intensive care thanks to XP, falling prices


Why are 2010 stats being used in 2014?

Why are the stats quoted here from 2010, when its 2014? A lot has changed in pc markets in 4 years time.

What's wrong with Britain's computer scientists?


One of the biggest Issues I see is the fact that nearly EVERY IT job posted, all have Computer Science Degree listed as requirement! Yet I am a Network Engineer, Sysadmin, and Computer Tech, and I don't see how any of the programming languages I learnt in College has helped me at all! Hell, I know Comp Sci Graduates, who can't change a hard drive! Yet that is some how a pre-req for Sysadmin or Network Engineering? It's just crazy to me. To me it seems "HR" just adds Computer Science to their requirements, because the word "Computer" is in it, not knowing at all what the positions they are looking for people for actually Need as Skill Sets!

Billionaire vows to turn 007's Lotus Esprit into actual submarine car


Buy STEAM/Valve Please.

I think he should buy up Steam/Valve and Finally get the bastards to release half life 3!!!.

While he's at it, he can work on manufacturing some holographic satellites that can project the 3d images anywhere. Oh, this would also be awesome for mmorpg's! And exclusive access to steampowered to run the holo 3d games?

Ok I outed my idea. Need to make that work, I have ideas on that also.

But yea, well, theres always the idea of buying up the game platform and perhaps a oh, 3d video card company, and creating a market to buy into.

But hay, i'm just going on now.

All your audio, video kit is about to become OBSOLETE



Honestly, I just hope they do increase the quality of music. I love it. Also I would really have expected flying vehicles by now.... And I really do want True Time Motion Tracking glasses to replace displays for games now. I was really hoping for that. I already see an issue with the "Adaptive" audio concept, What baseline would be used to alter the audio perception? As you already said, every one hears different. Now if your playing back an orchestra, and the "adaptive" listening changes the sound to "Who"s hearing Baseline? Someone elses? I think things will sound really weird if we are suddenly made to change how things sound to mach something else, when we have grown up hearing everything with our natural hearing.

I also think we will manage go get to a level with video, in which we could do better than our natural eyesight would perceive, however would there be any point of doing so?

Texas schoolgirl loses case over RFID tag suspension


Re: @Katie Saucey Bronze badge -- Engineering school?

Hah! Wanna have some fun??? Go to like A Best buy, or my favorites book stores. I have also done record stores as well.... Wait around and look for someone putting the security tags on the merchandise. The the roll of tags, or whatever they are using, and drop them all over the floor sticky side up. The wait for the fun to begin!

Guaranteed Hoot, when every customer is searched at the exit!


But is for Kids Safty!!!!

But what about their safety! Shouldn't there be a cop at every door. Metal Detectors as well! I mean, Read all their emails, Daily Locker Searches.....Hay why not install the air port security screeners in all schools! Yes, Police, Detectors, Cameras, Computer Monitoring.....Perhaps they should hire escorts also for every student!

Yes... All in the Name of for the kids! Rights? You have no rights!

Cops cuff Google exec over YouTube Brazilian whack vid


Aren't we missing the bigger picture?

The real tragedy is if it does follow suite, it leaves open the fact that all someone has to do is claim content is illeagle, and pages will be removed. Its already bad enough they are taking down all the sites that are "demanded" by all the different agencies for rights./ music, and such. I mean once they allow all this to happen, its just outright censorship! and we lose all sense of freedom of speech! Just wave a subpoena and poof, web pages go by by! Its very sad, I think.

New Mac scareware variant installs without password


Apple's answer...

Apple's answer to the problem:

Mac's are perfectly safe and secure.

Its the user who is the security leak!

Stop the users from using them, and they can't be compromised!

BTW, your holding it wrong!


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