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SLAs keep demands for business applications under control


Monitor the Datacenter Yes - but don't forget the end user - they are the ones using the Apps

I am just getting into the world of Application SLAs etc.. and it strikes me that all the energy still seems to be spent on monitoring the datacenter, the network, the servers and the apps when the actual objective should be to measure how the application is performing at the end user level.

This is especially true with applications being delivered via the cloud/VDI etc...

Can someone explain why so little is written about this and why none of the big boys (HP/BMC etc..) seem to have an offering in this space.

I have been looking at a company called Aternity (www.aternity.com) which looks interesting but I am just intrigued as to why it seems such a neglected part of IT.



Virtual desktops mean virtual applications


There are other technologies out there

Just as an FYI there are some other specialist encapulation technologies out there. Instafree for example is now really focussing on virtualising IE.




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