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You've seen things people wouldn't believe – so tell us your programming horrors


---force that thing, force it in there!

git push origin master --force

(repeat all weekend)

People should be shot for that (or at the very least be forced to fix their destruction and merge their code properly)

CERN 'gags' physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment


If you read the findings...

Cosmic rays don't have a known pattern like solar behaviour, but they do seem a convenient 'nothing to do with us' excuse for the deniers.


Actually when solar activity is high, it seems to deflect cosmic rays, leading to less cloud formation. You can read the science yourself. The phenomena discovered at CERN may also explain why other planets are warming too. Mars is losing it's ice caps. What are the odds that the rate at which the ice caps melting on Mars is spiking at the same time as the massive expansion of humanity's industries and carbon output? Astronomical? Yet there it is...

You are engaged in a fallacy. The rule you are breaking is "Correlation does not necessarily imply causation". It's quite possible that there are other factors causing the earth to warm besides AGW. I'm not a denier, but until all the facts and proof are in, I remain skeptical of any theory that explains global warming. Anyone that believes otherwise is a fool, like the global cooling alarmists of the 80s. Back then we were going to freeze to death.

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Wow some real science...

This might explain why the rest of the planets are warming too. I'm almost positive that the planetary (planets other than earth) warming isn't happening because of my neighbor's Chevy Suburban.

I'm not a denialist, because I know the planet is warming. I just have some serious reservations about the AGW alarmists' lack of comprehensive science and their willingness to jump to conclusions before all factors are considered.

Lockheed Martin suspends remote access after network 'intrusion'



as soon as RSA got hacked, a straight up strong password became more secure, so lockheed being in possession of a great deal of classified info, should have immediately discarded their system and either implemented a new one, or turned off remote access. It's not like it's been several months since this was reported.

Security is far more important than convenience. The sooner everyone realizes this the better off we'll be.

RSA is circling the drain. As soon as everyone comes to terms with this and stops living in denial they'll realize that RSA = FAIL and had better do something, now, today, immediately.

If you don't you are a fool and you'd better expect your system to go down in flames just like Lockheed's.

New fobs won't help, RSA is hopelessly broken. Get something else. At least with passwords if one of them gets hacked, that's just one account, not all of them.

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