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EC officials voice doubts about Almunia's planned Google settlement deal


A perfect example of the EU's bureaucracy, it looks like it will be decades before they all agree on a final decision.

No doubt it will all end up with us getting a browser popup informing us of competing services a la Browser Choice and cookie notifications.

Yes, Google can afford to lose $9bn in Motorola sale. But did it really?


Money well spent

Let's not forget the other benefit of turning Motorola from being the rebellious OEM threatening switching to bing to the prize pupil demonstrating innovative features on top of near AOSP code.

Typical! Google's wonder-dongle is a solution looking for a problem


missing the point

I think this article misses the point of Chromecast completely. Google doesn't need to own the TV industry, it doesn't care if your watching netflix or vimeo as long as your sending it to your chromecast so it can keep track of what your watching and target you ever more accurate ads.

Yes sky has released a dongle already but the fact that noone has heard of it proves they don't have the ideas or ability to get a a mainstream platform going.

I'm sure a lot of people have smart tv's which run youtube fine but how long before the next biggest thing comes along that doesn't support your 3 year old samsung telly? I would much keep my tv as dumb as possible and opt for a detached platform that gives me the best ongoing developer support.

For the record i don't have a chromecast, i use raspmbc which works fine from my android phone (via airplay i think) but the minute i think there's an app which would stream better to chromecast than it does to xmbc, i would seriously consider buying one.

Mozilla teams up with Foxconn for Firefox 'fondleslab'


open handset alliance

I was under the impression that ZTE was a member of the open handset alliance meaning they weren't allowed to sell phones based on an android fork so i checked out the current members which include ZTE, sprint and even foxconn!

Surely this breaks the same rules that prevented Aliyun from appearing on any big name handset brands? Amazon obviously gets away with there fork as they don't sell their own handsets running android.

The gloves are on: Nokia emits super-sensitive £99 Windows Phone


same old nokia

OK fair enough Nokia are moving to a full range of phones on one platform but their choice of releases just looks like the Nokia of old with variations of previous handsets with slight variations of features. Any other manufacturer you can normally he safe in the knowledge that newer is better on a particular price range but Nokia just makes it difficult for their customers.

Google urged to rethink mobile in crunch EU antitrust talks


Another illogical decision from the eurocrats! I am in no way prevented from installing competing services on my android phone. Try saying the same thing about Apple!

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Why would anyone want to get rid of gingerbread's UI and replace it with a cheap IOS knock off?


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