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Blast at Apple gear factory hurts 61

Rupert Rumblebum

Sad mistake

As far as I am aware apples grow rather then being manufactured so why is trhere, seemingly, a factory for them?

Give Osborne a shovel: UK economy stuck in deep hole

Rupert Rumblebum

Somebody sees at last

It's not a shovel he wants it's a mechanical digger, king size.

Radiation TERROR on Scottish beach! Except it's quite safe

Rupert Rumblebum


Surely, the biggest warning should be reserved for Gordon Brown who, by HIS actions, has caused more problems for our country. Giving away our gold, allowing lies to be perpetrated by himself, and other government members, without comment from him. Really, we handled much greater radiation on Christmas Island during the bomb tests and afterwards. If he really wants to assist our lovely country to prosper he should activate his renowned (?) intellect in making liars admit their sins and show remorse for those sins. RUPERT RUMBLEBUM, OF WHOM IT HAS BEEN SAID!!!

LOHAN gets hands on mighty thruster

Rupert Rumblebum

Hate to say it but "TOLD YOU SO"

This could have been put more delicately put

French bloke fined for failing to shag missus

Rupert Rumblebum

Oui Mon Ami

So, the greatest (self proclaimed) lovers are failing in their duties. What shall we see next? Yanks who only proclaim on subjects where they can display knowledge? Religious tolerance from other than ones own beliefs? Truth from politicians? A non grasping politician? No, I believe in this as much as I believe in Nirvana. My own views about Frogs have not, and never will, change but for a judge to challenge a mans right to refuse sex to his partner should be paramount or a chargeless supply of analgesics be made available to counter their headaches, for both sides I add. I have three points less tolerance for Frogs than I do politicians, if that gives you any clues.

French spooks have access to UK forces' travel data

Rupert Rumblebum

Why oh why is this permitted?

This revelation scares the hell out of me and I am extremely glad that I had no idea of this problem when I was still in the RAF for all those years. After all, the bloody Frogs could not even keep their own secrets secret, as they have demonstrated over the years, but that could have been because they suffered from communist infiltration in their unions, just as we did. However, that does not absolve our service chiefs from their" bounden duty" to keep the movements of our service personnel confidential at all times, never mind 24 hours later plus a minute. This still gives a potential enemy information regarding the placement of key personnel and possibly the location of key units. We were able, during the 39/45 war, to track the movements of German troops with great accuracy and thus to have knowledge of possibilities of future conflict areas. Surely, this knowledge has been stored by our "lords and masters" and if not they should be castigated for their lack of diligence and carelessness with our troops lives and well being. Kill all the lawyers, as "Willie would have said.

Rupert Rumblebum


`Mummy should have taught you how to read the clock when you were little

Naked cyclist streaks through Suffolk village

Rupert Rumblebum

Its all balls anyway



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