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Paper mountain, hidden Brexit: How'd you say immigration control would work?


Re: Parliamentary negligence

Pretty sure FIFA would be happy to consider your request. For a price...

Twitter reduces BBC hacks to tears with redundancy notice


Re: And FWIW...

Or Salford? Never underestimate the importance of the Northern Slaughterhouse.

11 MILLION VW cars used Dieselgate cheatware – what the clutch, Volkswagen?


Re: European testing

Oh gawd, don't call them the "European government", that's just giving them what they want.

Canadian bloke refuses to hand over phone password, gets cuffed


Re: Oh no, you ain't getting away with that!



BT tweaks WORDING of sex-ed web block after complaints


"the telcos are quietly mumbling that such a system is a bit rubbish and really, ultimately, it's up to parents to be responsible for educating kids about the dangers that might lurk online."

Strongly agree! This [filtering] really seems to be just another abdication of parental responsibility, which will ultimately backfire. The problem is that governments still don't "get" technology, so take advice from those with the loudest voices, rather than the most relevant knowledge and experience.

BlackBerry Messenger RESURRECTED for iOS, Android doodads


single device support?

So if I've got this right, to activate BBM on my android phone, I've had to switch it away from my BB. I realise this is how BBM/BlackBerry id has traditionally worked, but we're in a multi-device world now. Also, there's seemingly no tablet support.

As a product it seems to work well enough, I'm just not convinced people will bother switching to it.

Did Google's Waze gobble run rivals off the road? UK watchdog starts probe


"The only Waze is ethics"

Thank you for that. First smile on an otherwise dull afternoon.

Watch out Tesco Mobile: Vodafone, Sainsbury's want to eat your lunch


Re: RIngtone will be....

>and also their partners, when making love.

Yes I have, luv. Where do you want me to swipe it,

Facebook skins Android with Facebook Home


"That's no skin off my nose 'cos I post nothing to my Facebook account that I wouldn't be happy with anyone seeing."

This is exactly the approach that I tell my family members to take. They still don't seem to understand or care.


Is that it? An app and a front screen.

I wasn't expecting much, tbh, but what a load of over-hyped shite.

3 million Freesat receivers now out there, and boxes to get YouTube


Re: I have a VDR

After we invented teletext, we did put listings on there for a while. Then things moved on, for better our worse. Does anyone have a link to that last ceefax page?


Re: freesat-by-sky <> freesat+

Have you found/needed to find an alternative to cartoon network? It's all that's holding me back from ditching sky; i don't want to become even less popular by losing marvel cartoons and Ben10, even if i^my son thinks omniverse is weird.

Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA

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Re: here comes the onslaught

Down vote for repeated "should of", I'm afraid.

Devs: 'Pirates are flogging OUR stuff on BlackBerry's App World'


It's not surprising.

RIM are making it really quite simple to port, and they're even providing cash incentives to get apps converted and in to their store.


"...Research In Motion® experts will be on hand to answer your questions and help you get your apps ported or built quickly.... You’ll receive $100 USD for every approved app you submit (up to a maximum of 20 apps per participant). "

"if you earn a minimum of $1,000 USD on your app over 12 months, and comply with the Terms and Conditions, RIM will pay the difference between your earnings and $10,000 USD for your app."

Children increasingly named after Apple products


Most teenage children get a bit RC from time to time anyway.

Google, Apple, eBay shouldn't pay taxes - people should pay taxes


Not surprising when "Prime Minister's Questions" is often the most reported "debate" in the British media.

Google, Apple, and Microsoft downed in Pakistan

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Thank you. That answers the question I was about to ask.

Why do Smart TV UIs suck?


Re: Media Center and their extenders

I assume you now have a TV licence again, as you're watching broadcast TV?

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid car review


"This makes for an altogether more enjoyable and rapid motoring experience."

I very much doubt it..

TalkTalk's YouView: Why no Wi-Fi?


From the TalkTalk web site:

"All YouView boxes will be installed by a BrightSpark engineer, *who will also fine tune your home* to ensure optimised broadband performance. "

Fine tune my home?

ReDigi fights for right to sell used digital music


Wow, this is getting complicated.

I doubt the software is anything near fool-proof, but the idea of it does seem "fair" in terms of treating digital media as physical media -- if that's what people are expecting.

However, it's also a very good opportunity to point out that the Ts & Cs that everyone ignores on iTunes etc are different from the rights received when purchasing physical media.

Whatever the outcome, if there's enough publicity to help the consumer make a more informed choice (such as whether it's worth waiting a big longer and/or paying a bit more for a CD?) then actually we could all be winners whatever the outcome.

Samsung adds iPhone 5 to patent battle v Apple

Paris Hilton

orgasmiPhone... for ladies who Rabbit.

I like the orgasmiPhone. I also like the orgasmAndroid. But which is better? There's only one way to find out...

US court lifts ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Re: Apple have already won

> in my case I'd just buy nothing if what I wanted were unavailable

Ah, excellent! Let me know next time something you want is unavailable, as I often have nothing for sale and am always open to reasonable offers!

iPhone to account for half of US economy by 2030 - projection


I believe you've just stolen Mitt Romney's next attempt at an economic policy.

As for the pub - sadly many of them haven't been economic since the introduction of "continental-style" drinking. But that's another story...

Apple's lone wolf approach to security will bite it in the rear


Re: never understood why there isnt a lot more viruses for macs

Grammer = grammar

Or are you typing on behalf of an actor......... called Kelsey?

People-powered Olympic shopping mall: A sign of utter tech illiteracy

Paris Hilton

I love a good rant on a Sunday morning.

and full marks for the use of twaddle.

As any fule know, joules wrote "20,000 leagues beneath the sea" which I think was a biography of Robert Maxwell.

Apple drops 'thermonuclear' patent bombshell


Re: Hmm

Thanks for the BMW link. Very much enjoyed that one.

Half expected, "new 3-series aimed at the non-cock market", but I guess that would have been too predictable.

Apple wins battle in Motorola patent war


I wonder if there'd be any merit in applying to the court to have any *new* Apple telephony products banned until the patent issues are settled, on the basis that it won't affect Apple's existing sales, but creates an incentive to reach an agreement in time for their next product launch.

Newt Gingrich wants Moon to be 51st US state


I suspect Scotland would be the 51st state, under King Sean of Connery.

Rupert Murdoch and 'unverified' missus in Twitter tangle


According to another article on this, John Prescott sent him something like, "i've left you a happy new year message on my answerphone."

Thought that was pretty good, so I wonder who writes Prezza's material.

Foxconn beefs up iPhone output to 400k units a day


Got to keep the children off the streets somehow.

Reg hack cops a licking from the bosun's cat



So much for "smart" phones.


How ironic that tanks now refer to "English teeth" in a derogatory sense.

Merry Christmas.

Hackers port iPhone 4S' Siri to rival devices


Wildfire, anybody?

CIX conferencing system is bought out – again



Dave Edwards? Leyland? Tell me its not true!

Mods, we may need an elreg:wibble

Stu (now back on cix)



Aylesbury, via Derby, Basildon, etc.

I've got a feeling you once gave me a tour of global and then on to my first Weatherspoons at putney bridge...

Pissup sounds good, thanks. I'll drop you a note.

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Ah, who could forget such forums as crisps, nanites & jclayton.fans?

... for me, the golden days of cix were in the mid 90's.

A great mix of people too; at a time when "on-line" was wholly equated with "geeks", I met authors, techies, business people.... a genuinely diverse and interesting community.

And it's not just the like of Demon who started out with an idea and a discussion. As Mr Campbell of this parish may testify, at one time it seemed like all the active and emergent ISPs had a presence there.

Might have to go back and see what's changed... or just to look to see what's still in the archive!


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