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'I'm BIG, I'm BALD and I'm LOUD!' Blubbering Ballmer admits HE was Microsoft's problem


WTF?? ",,,Shy and retiring,,,"

This arrogant clown has been nothing but trouble at MS and despite his rediculous ",,,blubbering,,,"

is merrily prancing away with tens of millions of dollars in bonus money along with having collected

an obscene salary for years from a company he's done everything except put a bullet through its head.

The amazing magical LED: Has it really been fifty years already?


The how and why but not the color details,,,

So sorry but i merely wish to make the humble point that the actual color of an LED isn't discussed by the author, merely how and, somewhat, why it works - I suggest you try and research highly protected IP on your own (good luck!),,,

Boffins build elastic wires with liquid metal


clearly the solution is to find a cheap plastic hybrid that is reasonably stretchable - after all if the sole application is to sell endorsements on jerseys worn by pro athletes the price doesn't have to drop too much, right?

Boffins build substrate for 'peel and stick' solar cells



Surely these dummies have heard of the concept of "self-adhesive" ?!

China switches on 'BDS' civilian nav-sat rival to GPS


Edward Teller would be so pleased,,,

Surely this is the kind of world that would make a paranoid schizophrenic like Dr Strangelove, aka Edward Teller, very very happy - just think of all those nubile females down there in the coal mines with you while the surface of the Earth cools,,,

Dinosaurs were DRAINED of blood by GIGANTIC HORROR FLEAS


Bankers trace ancestors back to dinosaurs,,,

Evidently bankers killed off the dinosaurs too,,,now they're feeding on us.

NASA halts 'naut flogging Apollo 13 notebook


Moon rock tango

You want to know what happened to all those moon rocks? Well I've got the very last one right here and it can be yours for 10 easy cash payments of $19.99!! You ask: "But how can I be sure it's really a rock from the moon?" Well every rock I sell comes with a statement of full guarantee and warranty proving beyond all reasonable doubt that what you have in your very hand is a piece of history itelf! Your children will relish the novel pleasure of showing all their friends and bragging how their [FILL IN PARENTAL ROLE] went to the end of the world for this gift on their [FILL IN SPECIAL HOLIDAY] and will continue to reap pleasure for years to come. Hurry, sale ends {FILL IN DAY OF WEEK BUT NOT TODAY'S DATE].

Intel teaches machines to build own device drivers


Herding cats but the meanest bully on the block runs the show.

Sure it's like herding cats but Intel has all the cloat and moxy to muscle players that wish to remain or have ambitions to become relevant to buy into this simple scheme. They've done it before and they'll do it again.

Intel switches ARM stance from 'No' to 'Maybe'


Count-down on Smith,,,

I'd say Mr "UK" Smith just doesn't "get" his US boss' message and is looking at either a rapid horizontal ejection or a straight kick in the pants.


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