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Digital shoppers ripped off @.com.au

Anraí MacCoilín

Yay capitalism

Welcome to the joys of having a thriving economy and a strong currency. Am from Ireland, and this is what's been happening for years. Now that we're screwed, so there's nobody buying, and retailers are complaining that no one is giving their money to them instead opting to find a better deal online or over the border in N.Ireland. As people are now shopping out of the country we're being called unpatriotic, which is laughable, because their definition of being patriotic is to be robbed blind, and to be thankful.

Chains which had an online arm to their shops, and were/are open in both the UK and Ireland had different prices depending on which country you delivered to. You'd pay at least 25% more for the Euro price compared to Sterling price, and that's even when the Pound and Euro went to parity.

Lived in Australia a few years ago, and visited again earlier this year, and in the few short years it has become a very expensive country.



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