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How's this for a stocking filler next year? El Reg catches up with Gemini


Sorry but I will not buy this as

1.it doesn't have FaceTime and isn't made by Apple. How do you get AppleCare on this if it's not made by Apple.

2. I can't see an apple logo, so I can't use iMessage

3. How do you connect to the App Store without Apple?

4. I won't be able to use all the amazing Apple technology like airplay, CarPlay, airdrop etc. Honestly I'd rather spend the $400 on Apple AirPods so I don't need a cable. Yes you can get better rated Bluetooth headphones for a fiver but what's the point if it's not Apple


BlackBerry's new Motion will move you neither to tears of joy nor sadness


It's faster to type on a virtual keyboard. Does anyone still use BBM Lol? I just searched for bbm and apparently it means something else on spankwire/xvideos etc


iPhone 8: Apple has CPU cycles to burn


Re: itunes

I was converted after seeing my top spec android left dead by an iPhone in 2011 - The iPhone had half the ram, half the processor speed - but loaded a website while my android was still showing a white screen. Btw I haven't used iTunes since 2012 - but have only used iPhones since. There is a reason that 2013 iPhone 5s costs more than last years Samsung galaxy.


Watch this nanochip reprogram cells to fix damaged body tissue


Okay so theoretically I should be able to comment. I'm a medical doctor with an undergraduate in computer science ( graduated 16 years ago) , A Masters in biomedical engineering, an Oxford engineering graduate - with published research in biomedical engineering. Look at my previous drunken posts for some rants. Yes I really have no idea how the frig this works. I almost want to call a fake, but I can't until I look into it to see if it's something I'm missing... we can't really change cells, if we could we could cure cancer. Our best hopes of regeneration of a limb et cetera are vascular surgery - which might give a few months more to ischaemic limb - or we chop it off -we can't heal shit - I work at one of the top London hospitals, and we literally don't know our arse from our head... you think doctors are smart, the truth is we know a lot, basics about mechanics in the human body, but thick as pig shit. Randomly our nervous system, from brain to extremities, looks a lot like the internet and electrical wiring, when it goes wrong, we actually use electrical impulses to check neurological deficit. We follow the path and find the break, it seems complex but it's not - we have abt 5 words for each thing from Latin Greek et cetera And hundreds of thousands permutations and you eventually work shit out - example polycythaemia rubra Vera - sounds messed but it's lots of true red cells in Latin. Literally everything is named after something like a Cresant a river a loop in Latin and you can put the shit together but it's not rocket science.


UK mobile number porting creaks: Arcane system shows its age


Re: "negative words are politically incorrect in some culture I know nothing of"


In Japanese the word for yes is "Hai." I've never heard the word for no, because it's almost never used.

Is that why they have such messed up porn? "Mitsu, not sure if it's a big ask as it's our first date, but can I put 4 live eels up your arse before I double punch fist it to the point of prolapse while 50 of my mates jizz relentlessly into your nostrils and eyeballs?"


It's amazing the UK Parliament agreed to track 22bn Brits' car trips. Oh right – it didn't


You're wrong, you don't need a warrant to search a vehicle in the Uk


Feeling abandoned by Adobe? Check out the video editing suites for penguins


My iphone edits 4k vid... and ur linbox with 16x the ram of my iphone cant har har tards


Yep, it's true: Android is the poor man's phone worldwide


Totally agree. iPhone user who went to android, and want to go back. Ppl forget for the same specs apple runs MUCH Faster than droid on the same clock speed. applecare basically replaces ur phone whenever, new for old, FaceTime & iMessage integration, simplicity with restore etc, new phone even has my recent calls lists, saved games etc after 1 click restore from cloud.


Who was downloading smut in the office while eating ice cream?


Hahaaaaa Best ever comment!


Motorola's 5-incher finds the G-spot: Moto G 4G budget Android smartie


Re: eh?

£15 a month virgin Mobile VIP tarifa unlimited Voice calls and data (last month are you is 10,000 minutes voice 40 texts and 20 GB data), no contract


Honestly Rob, just get an iPhone. It's like I'm spreading the word of God. I must of had 100 phones in the last 20 years and nothing comes close. Just close your eyes, and have faith. If you want to expand your SD card, just close your eyes and realise that Apple knows that you don't really *need* anything more than 11 GB available memory in 2015 on a £650 phone.


Re: Lolipop

Just get an iPhone. Then you don't need to worry about anything. Numbers et cetera are irrelevant. My iPhone outperforms Android phones with twice the process of speed and double the ram.. It even outperforms cray super computers.


Now not even muggers want your iPhone


Re: Other domains

Actually, this requires secure system. Apples is almost bullet-proof. I'm security engineer, and can usually find a backdoor into most things if I need to. But even I couldn't easily unlock an icloud locked iphone, nor can the Apple Genius Bar! I spent hours on it, without getting anywhere. On the contrary Samsung & windows 'kill switches' are a joke and can be accessed in minutes.


Google forced to – wah! – OBEY the LAW with privacy policy tweaks



And the DVLA continue to sell my personal data to any who the fuck wants to buy including illegal parking companies, bailiffs, etc. We have the largest percentage of population in any country on the DNA database continue to walk through life without eyes closed. Nothing short of revolution will make me happy.


Wham, bam... premium rate scam: Grindr users hit with fun-killing charges


Re: Are we talking about a parallel universe I'd like to live in?

I'm a gay man and I don't get what's wrong with that post, unless you mean that gay men like yours truly are such whiny moany little bitches that they are more likely to complain...


Speaking in Tech: Amazon Fire Phone – 'insanity' but 'genius'


Wtf? I thought el reg was from blighty? What are yanks and women doing on the podcast? I listened for 30 seconds fastworwarding through then switched off... Theres nothing women can teach me about computers that I dont already know... Plus Ive had enough fox news & wife nagging for one day thank you. I'll go and have some crumpets by the fireplace...


German iron meets Monaco's highlands: Audi A1 review


Unacceptable to not state the price it's like I've wasted five minutes of my life. ... Good review, but what kind of gallons? Would've been nice to have some more of the tech angle/Bluetooth, inbuilt USB connectors? Et cetera.


T-Mobile US to refund $90m for bogus charges: Un-Carrier to Un-Crammer


Meawnwhile our taxpayer funded OFCOM execs are chauffeured around in mercs& jags, on 6 figure salaries & 5 star hotels at taxpayer expense and no ones done shit about this, roaming charges, or every govt agency & private company being 0871 rip off calls for 20 years.


6 ppl at OFCUM earn over £1mil & they somehow accumulated £80mil of assets, buried on pg 80 of thier 'cost orientation'


I think Russell Brand is an idiot, but his stance on voter apathy has a point. For anyone who hasnt watched this, 10 mins that made me think:



Goes like the blazes: Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 late 2014 edition

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Apple's ONE LESS THING: the iPod Classic disappears


Re: So, for people like me that still get good use out of theirs

Try an iPhone then... It sounds better than any MP3 player I've ownd... Lossless audio, studio headphones here....


So this Saudi Prince calls and asks why he can't watch movies ...

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Google will have to WAIT and SEE if I fine them - EU antitrust chief



hey can you tell me a bit more? ill raise the issue if you can give me a detailed list of grievances....


Sonos rattles begging bowl, hopes for $130m cash stream


ive had a couple of £50 apple airports since about 2009 - just upgraded one - setup - 90 seconds from opening the box - wireless range extenders, print servers & wireless audio, quality so good i cant tell that its not an optical wired connection...

As with all apple stuff its seamless, flawless quality for spotify /youtube from my phone or ipad... theres also a program that steams audio from my PC (still refuse to get a mac) wirelessly using airport...

At the time, it was a helluva lot cheaper than the other options out there... There are blutooth/airplay combined equivalents for cheaper...

PS. apple auto-updates apps in background... i started spotify on my phone today and noticed i could choose to play on i) Bedroom ii) Kitchen (new one) iPad! So spotify on ipad/phone can control each other / stream audio to each other by default out of the box... so you can plug in a 3.5mm & use as a wireless audio server...


Apple iPhone 6: Looking good, slim. AW... your battery died


Re: How much?

Apples margins are 70%, Lg are a lot less at that range... But nothing is as fast as Apple, nit even the flagship android comes close.. Galaxy s5 has a much faster processor double speed ram etc, EVEN in this review triple frame rate compared to galaxy S5, faster in almost every respect . Thats why I put up with crap battery life limited expansion etc, the iphone is faster than my i7 laptop in day yo day tasks. I no longer open my comp but use ipad or phone and dictate reply


Oh noes, fanbois! iPhone 6 Plus shipments 'DELAYED' in the UK


Re: £699

I'll never buy another non-Apple phone. I've been a coder since the 90s. I was used to programming on Symbian, and had probably every new Nokia and android device from 1996- 2012, from the Nokia communicator to the nexuses. I hated apple with a passion because it's against my principles to touch such a closed architecture.

I had a top of the range android device in 2010, and it's specs were much better than the best iPhone at the time. However it still took me 5 minutes to login to a particular website - I saw someone do it on the iPhone, and was Faster than my computer. Like going back to the Acorn Archimedes, it's not just about specifications but also about the efficiency of processor use. We may be for use on, but the experience from an iPhone is unparalleled. My brother just bought some galaxy S5, and it crashes every few days when you try to text message. My iPhone has crashed five times this year.

Yes, pisses me off the battery life sucks and I can't increase the storage. But it's almost a small price to pay considering iCloud AppleCare, face time, iMessage, and a camera is so good that it rivals HD film cameras (Google it there's a movie shot with 2 cams; iPhone and a $100,000 HD film camera and you be hard pressed to tell the difference.). It's not megapixels, in fact apple deliberately keep it as low megapixels so it's quality is increased in low light, it's better than any pocket Camera I've used in the last 10 years, and I am a keen SLR photographer.


sorry for caps typo, but that's another thing I'm not typing it byword I'm dictating. The voice recognition is so good that it is close to 99% accuracy now. I write articles and essays with Siri. Apple stuff just works. I had 4 replacements of my phone from the Apple Store because for various reasons. Each time my device was exactly how it was a few minutes prior including every message for the last 4 years, every app and setting I've ever used, at the click of a button, in minutes. It works seamlessly and flawlessly, like a lot of Apple stuff does. I don't have to think about it I can switch off and focus on more important shit. FaceTime on iMessage are similar. Admittedly android has caught up a lot, and I accept that this iPhone is just trying to match with android for a lot of things, but the end user experience on iPhone is unsurpassed.


So you reckon Nokia-wielding Microsoft can't beat off Apple?


Re: Lots of great info... But...

Reply to: What I mean is simple. Nokia never understood that Apple and Nokia kicked their asses not by making a better phone. The phone part is easy. They competed on fashion and media. The phone and OS simply wasn't relevant.

While I agree with some of what you have to say, Apple basically made a better product. I was a dedicated Nokia fanboi, only owning Nokia's, from the Nokia 2110 back in 1995 to 2009 with N96/7. I ran a tom-tom GPS software on the e series Nokia, I ported a Fortran interpreter to Nokia, and did things like receive and send faxes with Nokia's 20 years ago.

So I'm the ultimate nerd, but with the last N-series I purchased, the interface was so bad to the point of almost being faulty... They got so up their own asses they released a beta product and charged £600 for it. Nokias rise to fame was because its interface was just perfect, better than anyone else's. Thier interface became unusable, because they focused more on hardware than software. I volunteered to work for them for three months, for free, and fix all the issues. I could have done it in less.

I really didn't want to leave Nokia's and was forced to. I purchased an android HTC desire.

I hated apple with a passion. I hated the lockdown system, I hated them taking the piss with prices, overcharging for what shit they produced, I hated the fact that I couldn't change my own fucking battery, on my own fucking SD card.

And I used an iPhone. What surprised me most was the fact that my android had double the speed, on paper but was slower... It reminded me of an Archimedes RISC system where I was watching perfect video, while an IBM with four times the speed couldn't do the same thing,

Actually faster than my computer to love the Daily Mail website. Upon my iPhone, and the truth is, as much as I hate apple, I love iOS. It just works. Specifications are almost irrelevant now, it's faster to load the page and then on the latest Samsung. The fingerprint just works. If my phone gets scratched or damaged, Apple replace it in minutes at the Apple Store for free if you're nice to them. I lost my phone, and the replacement has every message and contact, all the crap and I drew and fingerpainting crap... It's basically the simplest thing in the world, the cloned disk, like a backup of the hard drive off the cloud, but it's instant. While there are alternatives to face time and iMessage, neither what's up on Viber can compare. While I still hate apple, after two years I have nothing but praise for them. Even now I dictate on an iPad. It's insane, but the transcription is actually better than a paid secretary after a few months of dictation


No woman, no drive: Saddo hackers lob Android nasty at Saudi women's rights campaign


I'm actually writing a book now and thinking of the title. It kind of

has a bit to do with this issue. Thoughts of titles are:

Don't drink red bull

how I got out of mad

The illusion of choice

Why women shouldn't drive

Another title was "Imperfect beings", on how simple things like a cold

or a fever kills us… After being an engineer for a while (first a

computer engineer, then a coder, banker, then a biomedical engineer,

and now studying medicine 16 years later) I was fascinated by how

simple things cause almost avalanche chain reactions that eventually

kill us. Almost everything is like this and medicine. Heart attacks,

strokes, & pulmonary embolism, are just tiny clots, yet a simple

filter we wouldn't have those things… You would think we would have

evolved this over millennia and we haven't. What I found working with

one of the most advanced interventional radiologists in the country ,

Was that our most advanced techniques in live with fluoroscopy guided

interventional radiology, and minimally invasive surgery, will

basically using balloons and pipe wire, and in many ways less

technically advanced than the techniques used to fix cars.

When you read about things like coronary angioplasty, endovascular

aneurysm repair, percutaneous coronary intervention, they sound

scientific and technically challenging, but actually you're fishing

out a clot with a hook, pressing the button to release once basically

a slinky with a cloth around it, and it replaces an aneurysm, or

pressing a button to inflated balloon. All this is done with a piece

of plastic tubing with a kinked end, you twist to go left and right,

but they are called fancy names.

The technology is very simple. There's a lot more could be done, very

quickly, if more minds were put to this. I would say we are 50 years

behind where we could be today.

It's like the hot girl phenomenon, the nerds don't approach to the

hottest girl in the bar because they think someone better has already

tried it.

Yes we have death panels in the uk. We deem a maximum fiscal value an

assign it to a persons life for one year. The Republican death panels

were anti-Obama care were not making that up. Then actually happens. I

know many would-be numbers panels for local primary care trusts. But,

there are no preexisting conditions, not one prson without completely

free access to doctors, GPs and specialists. Everyon has that baseline

care. If you're can afford it the upper limit doesn't apply to you.

You can pay for private care, as 97% of GPs do.

Quite a lot of medicine we can solve if only we had the tools. We do

quite a lot with the crudest of tools. Just Google autoimmune

conditions, from psoriasis to SLE, to autoimmune anything, hepatitis,

multiple sclerosis etc, our body starts attacking itself. It's like we have an imperfect fail safe

system that starts deleting critical data when there is a virus,

leading to system shut down. Many of the drugs we give actually

REDUCE our immune system rather than support it!

How is this perfect? Not irreducible complexity, intelligent design

perhaps. Yet, giraffes have 7 cervical vertebrae, as do humans. At

months of gestation it's almost impossible to tell the difference

between a baby fish and a baby human boy (or girl). That's as much

proof of evolution as it is of intelligent design, a common creator.

BUT if we were designed so intelligently why can we save someone's

life by giving them poison (cancer), using a fishhook (pci, used in

all heart attacks), using a bit of cloth (EVAR with interventional


IF we were made by an all good, all knowing creator there is only one

explanation for the design flaws within our bodies and systems. We

must assume they were design flaws, hence our creator was not perfect.

Or 2, the flaws were there to punish, teach us a lesson, in which case

not all good.

Why does god bless some and not others? Why have we (colonisers)

benefitted so much from slavery and genocide? for our evils surely we

should have been condemned?

But we are still of the richest nations, built on the broken backs of

slaves, as Rome and Athens are incredibly beautiful, again on the

backs of pillaging and slavery. Why is it that in one of the richest

nations, 30% of children are uninsured, because of a broken system

where a weeks hospital stay costs the same as a house? And yet this

broken system is the reason we have progress in the world, because

they are the only people that can afford to buy new developments. I

know this from working in academic biomedical engineering Oxford,

while the NHS would go for the lowest bidder, the private market in

the States meant that they would go for the best. We didn't even

bother marketing new technology in the UK, it was pointless as there

was no market for it. Without Americans buying it, it would not exist.

There's a kid I study with who grew up on a houseboat, she didn't have

electricity, and the careers adviser in her school didn't know what

subjects of grades were needed for medicine. She got into medicine and

was the first in her school to do so for a generation. There are many

schools were not one child goes to Oxbridge or medicine. Yet, if you

tax dodge, scam around edges and send your kid to the Westminster

School you have a 50% chance of getting to Oxbridge. The system is

designed so that those that push the limits of social morality and

acceptability get ahead.

I was born in London, but grew up in an Islamic dictatorship, in

Dubai. I came to England and found myself restricted my freedoms

curtailed. There were 11 PM closing times back in 98, yet in Dubai you

could drink all night. However, to buy a car from an off license you

needed a license!

my point about women driving was that perhaps we have to consider it

more carefully? I think it's appalling that women can't drive in saudi

but the point is the are restricting women's freedom from the

stability of society. I thought this was nonsense, yet as I've grown

older I wonder if this is a fallacy?

Why is it, that with sexual freedom has come the end of family? Post

sexual revolution divorce rates skyrocketed. Why is it that women are

twice as likely (66 vs 33%) to initiate divorce, and 90%, i.e. nine

times more likely in college educated couples.

The rates of cheating, even the men are often blamed, are equal, in

fact, women are slightly more likely to cheat than men.

Women are more likely to benefit from a divorce, much more likely to

have the children, and also more likely to reap financial benefit from

a divorce. I'm not suggesting a system where we go back to Victorian times when

women are not equal, because in many cases I'm sure they deserve it,

but rather a more equal system of marriage with higher penalties for


Women are dumb, perhaps not as dumb as men but they are just as easily

manipulated into bed. By the age of 27 I'd hooked up with about 10,

perhaps average. Being a computer nerd I wasn't good at getting laid.

I started looking to psychology when I was single, and played and

exaggerated caricature of a sociopath, occasionally even head-butting

people for arguing with me in bars. Within 36 months I hit triple

digits. It became so routine was boring. I'm 5"9 and stocky. I'm not

good looking. I had no idea what these women so angry, but often and

walk up to them and say hi. That was my line. If any male friends

tried to interrupt me I would look at said friend, hold gaze for an

uncomfortably long couple of seconds, and say can't you see I'm having

a conversation? occasionally I had to wait my hand and tell them to

jog on. Rarely it came to blows. But I remembered every night, and

have a few broken ribs a fractured clavicle, and a lot of stories left

from those days.

The problem is really that 50% of college educated women don't have

children now in london. That leaves a lot of men without options.

We are losing 50% of our gene pool, 50% of our brightest and smartest,

while breeding idiots ..l in fact it's devolution.

Why is it that in every war we have advanced technologically beyond

what was capable before? Is this our natural state? Does our

aggressiveness (and laziness) make us smarter? Dishwashers, freezers

micowaves, cars elevators, phones, US inventions popularised in US.

Why is it that if I act like an agressive sociopath I'm more likely to

get laid? They've demonstrated the same behaviour and preferences in

chimps, but surely a bunch of female oxford medics & phd students

would have evolved from chimps? Apparently not, despite why they may

say. With alcohol, and lowered inhibitions, few oxford phd girls care

how many papers you've published, but if youre on the rowing team, or

can knock a guy out with one punch you're hot shit.

Come the morning, thier preferences may have changed. But alcohol

brings out the "real, unfiltered" you. Why are we like this? Why do

most women end relationships when they force men into them in the

first place? Why is it than in an Islamic dictatorship like Saudi or

Afghanistan, families are more stable? Why does china, do better than

a western democracy? Freedom, choice, that we have isn't always good.

We have chosen to be retards, just look at people voting against

obamacare when they are the people who would benefit from it.

I want to set up something, a "masculinism" movement perhaps, to bring

equality into marriage, and reduce fuel taxes.

Fucking hell that was a rant. I think I need to write a book, obviously Id proofread it :-)




Grab your L-plates, flying cars of sci-fi dreams have landed


dont take advice from...

A Professor who claims flying cars reduce emissions...


Microsoft shuttering Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace



Back in the 70s it took 2 hours Lon-NYC now its 7. We had a 15 minute Dover Calais hovercraft (hoverspeed) and now it takes almost 2 hours.

Ok let me get this straight. 12 years ago my pocketPC device had Microsoft Word, Excel etc and allowed me to edit those documents on the go, with a colour screen, internet, handwriting recognition in running hand, wifi and bluetooth...

12 years later not ONE mobile device on the market can match that, and WP7 doesnt let me edit word or excel documents. Progress is amazing.


Despite Android lead, iOS devs slurp scads more mazuma


I bought an iphone so I could have apps.

I hated Apple with a passion, and protested against all Cupertinian. I had an Psion till 2006, a Nokia S60 until 2009. Both broke, and I bought the best rated Android at the time, an HTC Desire (rated 9.8/10 at CNET). 8gb sd card, but only 80Mb of Apps? So I have Skype, Opera, Gmail, Whats App and then I have to uninstall skype if I want to update Google Maps?? WTF?

I had o hack S-off to root it to instll more apps, but the thing keeps crashing when I do that. AFter 2 years of this nonsense, calendars not syncing, and stupidities like type number, click add to cntacts, click google contacts, click name, type nme, hide keyboard, scroll dow, click save.... vs. 3 steps in Nokia/iphone i gave up and went iphone. Not looked back, except for google maps amazing navigation on android.... but i have many free nav options on iphone also!


Apple's iPad not so shiny once you get it home




Here's why... I have a dual core Atom N550 Asus netbook with 12 hours of battery. I use it to do some rendering, coding etc. but most of the time a netbook is a broswer and emailer that I lug around. It takes 30 seconds to resume from standby, 90 from hibernate. Every few standbys the thing gets so slow I have to reboot, thats just using standard browsing apps and a few Office files open.

I didnt use my ipad for 3 weeks. Before I could open the cover it resumed. Let me repeat this so it sinks in. After 3 weeks of non-use, it booted up **before I could open the crappy smartcover**. Thats less than one second. And had 96% battery left. No screen lock, because I used the cover. Thats faster than my laptop, desktop, phone, or psion. Nothing else does that. Thats amazing.

I'm not a fanboi. I desperately tried Blaclberry, every major Nokia since 1995, a few droid phones (Nexus, Desire, Galaxy).... WHY do you have a 100mb limit on apps in HTC DEsire? So I have to choose between Skype or Medscape? Why do you have to say "New contact" click the name, scroll down, click the number, hide the keyboard, then scroll down to save?

After 2 years of android, I gave up and got an iphone 4s.The navigation/maps cant compare to android, BUT there are many free nav programs that dont use any data for the iphone.

Skype video, far better and faster than droid, on the same network. Same with Voip/SIP calls. Its one step ahead on the iphone. Same with the ipad, no other droid tablets compare.

Yes ipads basically a big phone without a phone, ie a brick without using a droid/iphone as a hotspot. And its severely crippled and limited in what it can do. But for web browsing, internet, skype & SIP it is a joy to use.

Iphone & ipad all the way.


Android app sales skimpy, sluggish, slack, scanty...



6 years on el reg and my first post... I agree with some issues mentioned such as lack of standardization etc. After protesting for years I finally bought an iphone last year. it broke a few months later and i got the best rated android phone, the HTC Desire..

Here's the issue... I have 16Gb of free space, but I can't install more than 50Mb of apps. So I was out of space after a day. Now I'm a coder and have been for two decades. Ive coded on Symbian, C++ Delphi & Fortran, and I write my oen kernels. Yet even I could not work out how to install apps on the SD card. Yes I tried the apps availible to do that, manually going into settings and moving a few (maybe 10% of apps have the option) individually, but that was too tedious... i found an o0ut the box methods that involved flashing & jailbreaking the phone, but that took ME a couple of hours and it didnt work, presumuably due to a ROM update by HTC....Even WIndows mobile addressed these issues 10 years ago...

So WTF, 50mb on a 16GB phone? There are other issues, eg. I choose a photo I want to email, click Share... then I get taken to the "Sharing" program and have to choose the photo again... I also agree with the other comments there are minor annoyances that havent been sorted out, and I like the HTC Desire but to me it's like a comparison between my 1997 Nokia 6110 and it's more feature rich sucessor.... the Nokia 6110 was made in two tone brushed aluminium, and its simplistic interface belied its capabilities and hid its cutting edge tech... it was an object of desire, it was a joy to use....

Ultimately it comes down to this, the iPhone felt natural... my gran started using it immediately. On my HTC Desire I still have to think twoce that I have to click the "To" text space, then click "down" to hide the keyboard and click the "text" space, then click "down" to hide the keyboard before clicking "Send" in Android....



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