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OAP sues Apple for $1m after walking into store's glass door

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Re: A friend did the same- long ago

This sounds great, who's up for a trip to the local lighting store or Swarovski to 'accidentally' start flinging the stock around.

Hours of fun at no cost! Don't forget the 'I'm 83 with bad eyesight' when security come a runnin.

UK, US ink boffinry pact on laser fusion 'star power'


From the BBC story - "and produced for a tiny fraction of a second more power than the world was consuming", is that a bit fanciful, how can they contain all that energy?

Anonymous hackers hacked by young Turks


Big in Japan

Someoe got arrested in Japan just for possession of computer virus http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/national/T110721005341.htm

Naked cyclist streaks through Suffolk village


No amenities

Acton's never heard of public urinals or swimming baths?

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