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New ATLAS particle part of 'everyday mass'


most of visible mass of universe has nothing to do with higgs particle

Actually, most of the mass of the proton and neutron and therefore essentially all other visible mass in the universe is mostly coming from the strong interaction. A proton consists of three valence quarks which make up just about a % of the proton's mass and the interaction - Quantum chromo dynamics QCD makes up the rest. The Higgs gives the quarks its mass, but QCD is responsible for the whole rest. That's why I am actually studying the structure of the Proton which is currently studied also at accelerators at CERN, BNL and JLAB.


Google Wallet teams with Citi, MasterCard


why is this new?

I am a little puzzled as to why that should be something new. In Japan almost everybody is using a RFID card either charged with cash at a machine or automatically via a credit card to pay contactless for almost all train and local transit fares as well as many shops and vending machines around train stations (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suica for the most common system).

Some Japanese cell phones have these RFID chips included.

You just pass it close to a reader (without opening your wallet) - believe me especially during rush hours this is quite convenient as the flow does not stop at the ticket gates.

So I guess the question is, what took you so long, Google and rest of the world (with the exception of a few other Asian countries AFAIK)?



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