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4K-ing hell! Will your shiny new Ultra HD TV actually display HD telly?


Re: multicast is already here, but 4k is not the answer you were looking for

Framerate is the main thing I want upgraded. 4K might look great up close but I'm not going to be able to put a larger screen in my current room, and can only see some difference from 720p to 1080p at the current distance. Seeing the Hobbit at 48fps was a much greater improvement in quality than I had expected.

Blighty's great digital radio switchover targets missed AGAIN


Different Experience

Though I'm not a fan of DAB in particular, and I don't want FM switched off to force people to move, I do have to say that my DAB experience has proven to be much better than FM.

To be fair, I only listen to radio in the car, no need or desire to listen at home and no ability to listen at work. My daily commute is north Kent to central London and frankly, despite driving a variety of cars, for the last 5-6 years FM reception has been utter crap. It fades in and out, gets interference, is susceptible to random stations bursting in either by broadcasting a dodgy traffic signal or just broadcasting on the same frequency. Even with the ability to cross frequencies during my journey, radio coverage has always been annoying.

Earlier this year I put an Alpine CDE-136BT into my daily snotter, along with a matching aerial and its performance has been faultless. The sound is clearer, has only received interference on a handful of days due to atmospheric conditions and only cuts out (or bubbles) in the blackwall tunnel.

I only wish I could put DAB into my main car as I really miss it at weekends when I have to switch back to crappy FM reception or listen to CDs.

Virgin Media takes itself in hand after punter-package tickle whoopsie


Go mental at them and escalate as far as possible, back when they were Blueyonder my mate discovered the road behind his house (which has no houses on it) had cable, but BY wouldn't put in the extra few feet under the pavement to reach his back garden. He kept writing letters etc until he got high enough that a site visit was arranged and the necessary changes made.

Two iPads put a hole through man's wallet stomach


Think he got the idea from...

...ThinkGeeks Portal T-Shirt:


Would have been considerably cheaper too.

Samsung Android 4.0 smartphone priced for Blighty


You are aware that a SIM-Free Desire HD was £500 when it came out right?

Sony: all new PS3 titles will require PSN Pass for online play


What's wrong with that?

What's wrong with that exactly? It's not like Game will have stolen the second hand copy back is it? As others have said, if you buy a car and sell it on, the dealership doesn't get a cut. However if you give it back to the dealer - new but registered - they can't sell it as new anymore, they have to absorb a hit on their profits for the sale. If you sell it back to the dealer - used but practically new - they'll make a bit more as they charge you for the use you've had, and then sell it for a little less than a brand new one. This is exactly what Game do, and they're within their rights to do it.

As for the publishers deserving an extra something back, their part of the bargain is to provide an online space for each copy of the game, for as long as there is decent support for it. If the original owner sells their copy, they can't play anymore, and so the online space for that game transfers to the new owner. It's still one space, per game, and still the same number of games in circulation.

Frankly I'll stop buying stuff for either of my PS3s, plenty of content is impossible to copy between systems, even if you 'officially' redownload it from the PSN store. While xbox might be doing the same thing for certain games, its not policy yet so until it is, they will get my gaming dollars.

Apple iOS 5 and iCloud examined


Re: There´s local and local

Not all weather apps on Android et al only show the weather now, most show a forecast of some sort for the next few hours/days

Netflix overtakes Bittorrent as traffic champ

Thumb Down

RE:Lovefilm Streaming Ripoff

Oh yes, when LoveFilm launched on PS3 I subscribed to the service just so I had an easy movies on demand option on my gaming TV. Unfortunately, that awful bit rate meant that movies are virtually unwatchable half the time (Virgin 50Mb connection btw), even the wife thought that they were awful.

Added to the fact that the application is a dead duck that doesn't support paging, has a mostly useless amount of content (old films are removed when new ones are added), and the fact that it's been unavailable for the last two months because even though it has its own internal registration/authentication system, it still needs the PSN to connect - we have finally gotten rid of it.

Makes me sad to see all the progress that Netflix and Hulu are making in the US when I read Engadget etc, multi-platform, masses of content, reasonable prices etc because I know it'll never launch over here.


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