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Dozens of .gov HTTPS certs expire, webpages offline, FBI on ice, IT security slows... Yup, it's day 20 of Trump's govt shutdown


Re: Comparison

Ok look. This effing idiot is back. And still spewing their normal bullshit.

Welcome back. We missed you.

Now go the eff away!

Hubble 'scope camera breaks down amid US govt shutdown, forcing boffins to fix it for free


Re: Time to stop the damn Trump bashing at every turn...

" ...Are you telling me that there isn't ONE DAMN THING that the Democrats want in exchange? ... "

Yes there are things that the Democrats want. And they have asked for them. Several times actually. And they were told no. Several times. And now the government is closed AGAIN, under Republican control. Because they keep saying no.

FFS, the House sent a bill to the Senate, a bill FROM the Senate that the Senate already passed by a veto proof margin. And the Republican leadership refuses to vote on it. A bill that they have already passed FFS!

So who owns this shit?

Hint: it begins with the letter "R".


Re: Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot

But then last year there was another election, one where most of the people voted for people who are not for building the wall.

So the wall should not be built. And you cannot fault them for doing what they said they would do.

For two years Trump had control of the government ( House and Senate ). And yet they didn't build the wall. So how is the fault of anyone else but them.

The shutdown started while he (they) still had power. So how is the fault of anyone else but them.

The House under the Democrats have passed several bills to reopen the government. But the Republican Senate refuse to vote on any of them, keeping the government closed. So how is the fault of anyone else but them.

Trump is throwing a tantrum. Republicans are to afraid to go against him. How is it not his and their fault?


" ... building a wall was a signature campaign promise ... "

Yes it was. But "repeal and replace" "ObamaCare" was also. And that worked out well, didn't it.


Re: How many Shuttles could have been kept operative..

Yes. But you forget one important thing. Fact, truth, reality and history are not relevant to the "Right". They just get in the way.


Re: How many Shuttles could have been kept operative..

" ... DRUG CARTELS ... " ...

" ... SEVERELY curtailed because of a wall ... "

That statement ignores the fact that the majority of the drugs coming into America actually come in thru "Ports of Entry" and not "across" the "unsecured" portions of the border.

So spending that money on other "border security" measures, such as increasing inspections at the Ports of Entry would be a much better way of reducing the drug flow.

As to "walls" on the border, we know that they are not effective. The current 700 miles of existing "walls" do "slow" the crossings, but we also know that they are easy to skirt ( over, under around and thru ). And at the demo walls near San Diego , there are examples of how easy they are to breach.

So yea, lets build Trump his wall. Which will be mostly ineffective and cost billions more to repair and maintain. Billions that American taxpayers will have to pay for. Unless you think that Mexico will also be paying for too.

And again let's build Trump his wall. Maybe even put his name on it in big gold letters like he does his buildings. Kind of like a monument. Like we did for the other "great" Presidents ( The Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument or Mount Rushmore ).

A monument to Trumps ego and narcissism.

Just updated Windows 7? Can't access network shares? It isn't just you


I live about 45 minutes north of Redmond, use to go there often ( well I actually went to Bellevue, but hey, close enough ).

But I decided to stop going.

Whatever illness it is that Microsoft has contracted I don't want to be infected by it.

Dutch boyband hopes to reverse Brexit through the power of music


Re: Slightly wrong.

" ... The EU has only itself to blame ... "

Blame for what?

Blame for the UK leaving?

FFS! The UK voted to leave. The EU didn't vote to throw it out.

The EU wouldn't let the UK have it's way? So the UK throws a temper tantrum and votes to leave. And it's the EUs fault?

Here's a clue UK.

YOU ARE NOT THE VICTIM HERE!!!! YOU are responsible for your current cluster-eff! It's your doing. So effing deal with it.

Oh, and here's another clue for you UK. The EU will do just fine without you. You on the other hand ....

Get over yourselves.

STIBP, collaborate and listen: Linus floats Linux kernel that 'fixes' Intel CPUs' Spectre slowdown


Re: I like the new Linus about as much as I like jazz hands Mac

" ... why aren't we blaming the parents? ... "

I do. But have found that the parents are "f'ing p'ssies" too.


Re: I like the new Linus about as much as I like jazz hands Mac

" ... Don't worry gramps .... "

Don't worry child. Someday you will grow up. Or not.

Definitely one of those.

Well maybe not. But for the sake of the human race I hope so.


Re: I like the new Linus about as much as I like jazz hands Mac

Ding! Ding! Ding!

We have us a winner!

Don, please tell them what they've won.


Re: He should hug off and mind his own business

There are times that the use of the word "fuck" is the only appropriate word. Times like ...

"Go the FUCK away!"

Where it is the only way to get across your exact meaning.

Like in the work place where saying ...

"Go away, or I'm going to beat you stupid ass!"

Just might get you fired.

Microsoft polishes up Chromium as EdgeHTML peers into the abyss


Re: Surprised nobody has yet said it

I'm old enough to remember them clearly.

But apparently history, like facts, are not of any use any more.

"History, facts, who needs them anymore. They just get in the way."


" ... Does anyone actually seriously use Edge for anything other than testing? ... '

Yes, me.

Or I use to. But for only one thing. To download a different browser.


Re: Microsoft middle(nuisance)ware.

" ... the recently used list ... "

It's not a " recently used list".

It's the "shit I use all the time list".

If it's "recently used", that means I don't use it often enough to need being on a "list". And I'll just go look for it again , whenever ( if ever ) I need it again.


Re: "Oh shit I just hit back space and actually went back a page"

" ... the backspace button to delete the last character typed? ... "

Ummmmm .........

The button does say backSPACE on it. And NOT backPAGE.

That's what it says on my keyboard anyway. And has for all the years that I've owned one. But hey, I'm old. What do I know?


Re: Open Source

"" ... Microsoft engineers have been contributing to the open source Chromium codebase ,.."

So it isn't enough that Microsoft eff up their own shit. Now they want to eff up someone ( everyone ) else's stuff too?

How nice of them.


Re: Take your browser and fuck off

" ... but telemetry is different to selling my identity online ... "

No it's not. Your identity online is telemetry, and it is that telemetry that is being sold.

And just makes you think that MS ISN'T effing selling it like everyone else is?


Re: I did use Edge...

" ... There are lots of reasons to hate Edge, this isn't one of them. ... "

Yes it is. And it is just one of many.


Re: I did use Edge...

" ... Isn't that like saying that your car is pushing adverts ... "

Only if your windshield is only 27 inches, and they auto-play at a very loud volume and pop out in the middle of the road.

Microsoft readies the swatter as more bugs wriggle out of the Windows 10 woodwork


Re: Sadly...

My guess is that the latest Mars lander runs Linux ....

You know the OS that is crap and only for hobbyists.

Reverse Ferret! Forget what we told you – the iPad isn't really for work


Re: Horses for courses

" ... Is that some kind of 80's electronic technology? ... "


Well sort of.

It's where you, you know, actually "talk" to people. It's a concept where people actually communicate with each other. And do it "live". Usually in person.


Changed the ink .....

" ... Changed the ink in your typewriter recently Grandad? ... "

No child, I haven't. Because you don't change the "ink", you change the ribbon ( or the cartridge ).

Holy moley! The amp, kelvin and kilogram will never be the same again


Soooo ....

Would that be the American "pound". or the English one?

If it's the American, is it a pound of feathers, or a pound of lead?

Personally, I'd prefer the English version. That way I can buy me a cup of tea.

If at first or second you don't succeed, you may be Microsoft: Hold off installing re-released Windows Oct Update


" ... If you don't like it, stop moaning and try something else...best of luck with that then. ... "

Just to let you know, I'm taking your advise ....

Wait a sec ......

Hang on ......

Let me look at something ......


Sorry, I just can't take your advise.

Seems that I "tried" something else in 1998. And have apparently been using it every day sense then.

In 1998 it was named Slackware. In 2018 it's named opensuse leap 15. You may know it as Linux.

It works(ed) on everything I've ever installed it on. I've fixed it easily ( on my own, usually within a hour ) when by some chance it breaks ( Usually my own fault. Seems that I keep sticking my fingers into things. Freedom does that you know). It gets updated ONLY when I want ( a couple times a week if needed ), and only what I want to have updated.

The last time an update "borked" anything was ......

Ummmm ..........

Huhhh ......

Oh like ......


So long ago that I can't remember when it actually was.

So thank you for your concern and advise. But I think that I will just stay with what "just works" ( to barrow a phrase ), and keep using Linux.

5.1 update sends Apple's Watch 4 bling spinning into an Infinite Loop of reboot cycles

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You're alone in a room with the Windows 10 out-of-the-box apps. What do you do?


What do you do?

Nuke the drive back to the Stone Age ...

And install Linux ......

Oh .....

Wait ......

I already did that.

So I wouldn't have to do anything.

UK.gov isn't ready for no-deal Brexit – and 'secrecy' means businesses won't be either


Re: Hmm

" ... and if the EU wanted to negotiate they know where we are. ... "

You are the ones who voted to leave. Not the E.U.. So why should they come to you to "negotiate".

You made the decision to leave. Stop trying to pretend that you are the victim.

You are getting what you asked for. Isolation. So own it. Live it. Enjoy it. Suck it up snowflake.

OpenAI bots smashed in their first clash against human Dota 2 pros


Re: why surprised humans beat a handicapped AI ?

A quick search says that the average human response time is about 200 -250ms. So raising it to 200 for the AI isn't unreasonable.

Using your logic, why not lower the AIs time as close to zero as you can, so that they could be at their "best"?

Could you run as fast as a bullet (or faster), even if you were given a 99 meter head start? I mean why handicap the bullet?

Windows 10 Linux Distribution Overload? We have just the thing


But the question still remains .......

if I don't need anything Windows specific ( i.e.: anything from Adobe ), why the hell would I want to run the shit show that Windows 10 currently is?

Why would any "normal user"?

P.S.: For the 4th time, a Windows 10 update has completely hosed my only Windows desktop. So for me it is a shit show. It's either time to reinstall Windows 7 for when/if I REALLY need it ( and I rarely do ). Or just say to hell with Windows and install Linux on it too.


Re: Remind me again......

Let me see If I can answer at least a couple of your questions ....

. " ......how many operating systems does a typical user need on their personal machine? ... "

Being that I'm a "typical user", just one.

" ... And again, how many Linux distributions? ... "

Again, Being that I'm a "typical user", just one.

" ... And yet again, Micro$oft's product plus THREE Linux distributions? ...

And yet again, Being that I'm a "typical user", no. Why would I need "THREE" Linux distros? One distro is all you need to dev on. You MAY need to package it 3 different ways, but you only NEED to write it once.

Being that I'm a "typical user" all I need is one OS. And I have no need/use for any of Micro$oft's products. So for me that happens to be Linux ( and it's not Ubuntu or Ubuntu based ).

Need both? How about a VM? Pass thru all the needed hardware, add a second ( 3rd, 4th ...... ) monitor and Bobs your uncle With Linux it's not really that hard. Or if you're feeling frisky, you might take a look at Looking Glass ( https://looking-glass.hostfission.com/ ). Those damn Linux guys can be innovative.

Some of you really don't want Windows 10's April 2018 update on your rigs


Re: Why do we put up with it?

" .. What problem does that solve exactly? ... "


In my case anyway.

Oh wait ........

I don't run Windows at all. So there are no problems that need solving.

Never mind.


Re: Windows updates

" ... from an abandoned ski lodge on Mt. Pilchuck ... "

Lovely mountain, Plichuck. Looking at it out my window right now.


Re: Not my fault you can't use it right.

But if you ask stupid questions, you get stupid answers.

And that's the type of questions that new Linux users usually ask when looking for help.


New Linux user: I just installed Linux and it's not working. Can you help me?

NeckBeard: Sure. But can you give me more information? What doesn't work?

New Linux user: Ummmmmmmm ........

New Linux user: .......................... No.

I don't know.

It's just not working.

NeckBeard: < heavy sigh > Ok.

... then it goes downhill from there.

And usually ends with ....

New Linux user: Eff Linux!!!!!! It's a piece of shit. Nothing works.

So yes, in most cases that I've delt with, it has been .....

... It's "Not my fault you can't use it ... ".

Because they can't.


Re: Use Linux...

" ... moving to MacOS is a darn sight easier for most average users ... "

Only because you can buy OS X preinstalled.

Linux preinstalled on hardware?

Then I don't know if that still holds true.

For most the only way to get Linux is to install it yourself. How well would OS X go over to them if they had to try to install it like Linux? My guess it that they would bitch about OS X as much as they do Linux.

But then again ......

... would it be any different if they had to install Windows 10 from scratch?

After all most users are just "average users".

<snark> And they can't find their asses with both hands. </snark>

It walks, it talks, it falls over a bit. Windows 10 is three years old


Re: "the Windows 7 hold-outs should finally feel able to make the upgrade"

" ... and it is acceptable... "

Lol. To some people almost anything is " acceptable"

To me some things I can work with as "acceptable"/ Things like ink pens, toilet paper, dish soap.

But an OS? One that is 3 years old and still is only acceptable?

Acceptable? Really?

Devuan ships second stable cut of its systemd-free Linux


Re: systemd-free?

" ... People want to burn Poettering at the stake. ... "

Oh that sounds like fun. I'll bring the marshmallows!

Lots of them.

I see a satellite of a man ... Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, that's now 4 sats fit to go


Oh I see now. You mean the UK's version of the E.U..

The same, only different. Because of course the U.K. is an empire after all.

Silly Brits, still suffering from delusions of grandeur I see.

Nadella tells worried GitHub devs: Judge us by our actions


Re: "Judge us by our actions"

" ... How long is MS suppose to support an OS? ... "

How about until they have something to replace it that isn't crap?

Which with Windows 10 we still don't have.

( Ok, pk. Windows 7 wasn't to bad, but "support" runs out on it fairly soon too. )

Zero arrests, 2 correct matches, no criminals: London cops' facial recog tech slammed


Re: Surely though

" ... Which is clearly bollocks. It identified 95 people from a crowd of hundreds of thousands. That's not a 98% false positive rate. ... "

You are right. But ...

... 98% inaccurate rate means that 93.1 ( so 94 ) people were misidentified. And the one that was correctly identified, was not a criminal. Making the use of it worthless. Period.

MacBook Pro petition begs Apple for total recall of krap keyboards


Re: Useless Apple

No need to be sorry.

I don't use Windows.

Nor do I use OS X.

And I too have a terminal. Have had if for years.

On top of that, my hardware is just as fast as yours. With more cores/threads. More ram. More storage. IS upgradeable. And cost HALF of a MBP.

So no. Don't be sorry for me. Be JEALOUS of me!

Nvidia quickly kills its AMD-screwing GeForce 'partner program' amid monopoly probe threat


So they are saying that if the packaging says "gaming" on it, that customers are so stupid that they can't tell if the box also says nVidia on it or not?


Blighty: If EU won't let us play at Galileo, we're going home and taking encryption tech with us


" ... but what if they demand our laws must be made in Washington? ... "

You haven't been paying attention have you.

So as an American, let me help you out.

Washington is broken. Period.


For aprox. 7 years the Republican controlled House pissed into the wind and voted 60 times to repeal the ACA (aka Obamacare). Then our version of Britexers elected a "Republican" President. Then inspite of controlling all three branches of our government, proceeded to once again piss into the wind again and not be able to repeal it.

So no ....

" ... but what if they demand our laws must be made in Washington? ... "


Re: Fucking Brexit

" ... Of course it's going to be painful! We're being made an example of! .... '

Let's see if I got this straight ...

You voted to leave the EU, because the EU wouldn't let you have your way. So you took your ball and went home.

And now you are whining because they called your bluff?

Ummmm .....

Of course it's going to be painful! You took a very sharp stick and shoved it up you own ass.

Go figure. But don't worry. The butt hurt will go away. Eventually.

Or not.

After all, it was you that did the sharpening and the shoving. Stop pretending that you are the victim.

Press F to pay respects to the Windows 10 April Update casualties


Re: Windows

The "year" my desktop got Linux was 1998.

And it's been my "year" of the Linux desktop, every year sense then.

And will continue to be the "year" of the Linux desktop for the foreseeable future.

So yes, 2018 IS the "year" of the Linux desktop.

And thank you for asking.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update lands today... ish


Depends on which side of the Dale Line you live on.

For me, at the time I wrote this, it still is April for about 8 3/4 hours.

Apple's QWERTY gets dirty leaving fanbois shirty


Re: it's the os...

" ... the only reason why linux will never be ready for prime time is that you need a certain level of know how to administer a Linux box. ... "


You just need an I.Q. that is higher then 2 digits. And not being lazy.

And the only reason Linux will never be ready for prime is because ... see the sentence proceeding this one.


Re: it's the os...

" ... wish the DE and apps were more robust ... "

Just what the hell does that mean?

Furious gunwoman opens fire at YouTube HQ, three people shot


Re: Of all places

" ... What has to happen for people to stop wanting to kill one another? ... "

When our alien overlords arrive. And we learn that it is much more fun to kill them then it is to kill each other?


Re: Of all places

" ... What has to happen for people to stop wanting to kill one another? ... "

My bet is on The Rapture.


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