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You like JavaScript! You really like it! Scripting lingo tops dev survey of programming languages


Re: Yeah...

Yeah but there's also a chance it is more obtuse, will fall off when you don't want it to, and spontaneously combust depending on what it's attached to.

JS Frameworks are the lipstick to the pig.

Cop films chap on body-worn cam because he 'complains about cops a lot'. Chap complains


Re: I'm actually half on the officer's side here

As much as I think cops are doing fuck all except being traffic cops, I don't think having an us and them mentally is doing any one any favours.

Who hasn't requested something in a way in which you could use as a defence in case it came back to bite you in the arse, e.g. Asking a manager or client to write a request in an email.

What's Farsi for 'as subtle as a nuke through a window'? Foreign diplomats in Iran hit by renewed Remexi nasty


Re: Seems like standard diplomatic practice

Shirley not. Our trusted friends, the Americans, will never spy on their own friends, like the Germans.

Tens to be disappointed as Windows 10 Mobile death date set: Doomed phone OS won't see 2020


It was a nice phone but Microsoft wasn't very committed to it, didn't advertise it much in the UK, had very little apps for the consumer, and eventually released apps on ios and Android before their own platform. Fucking idiots

Baddies linked to Iran fingered for DNS hijacking to read Middle Eastern regimes' emails


Re: Hey, Iran

Keeping Assad in power? Not sure if there are better alternatives. I mean look at Egypt, Iraq, Iran.

GDPR: Four letters that put fear into firms' hearts in 2018


Re: Oh No It Isn't...

We take users privacy and sercurity very seriously" after a major breach of either.

I suppose it is possible. Rules were in place that a particular person didn't follow and it was only noticed when the breach occurred (such as don't open attachments), although I'm sure there are ways to test this. Alternatively, it could have been an unknown unknown kind of data breach, which is to say they put stuff in place about they stuff they knew about and stuff which they knew they didn't know, but not stuff they don't know they don't.

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'


Re: move on down the road a piece

Why can't they stop feeding him, and give him some money to buy his food from the cornershop.

UK taxman told to chill out 'cos loan charge is whacking tax dodgers and whoopsies alike


Re: also Christa Ackroyd

I'm pretty sure everyone will try to maximise their income. Some will do it legally, others illegally. The problem is when the employers say there's nothing immorral about it. Minimum wage workers are no doubt more desperate.

NHS supplier that holds 40 million UK patient records: AWS is our new cloud-based platform


The alternative is they put it on their servers,and since it seems like they're being cheap asses, I'm sure this is better. Although how much better, I'm not quite sure.

Jeez, not now, Iran... Facebook catches Mid East nation running trolly US, UK politics ads


Whose interest does Facebook act in? If, say, the US spread FAKE NEWS (you must capitalise it these days), would Facebook act in good faith or leave it be?

Should a robo-car run over a kid or a grandad? Healthy or ill person? Let's get millions of folks to decide for AI...


Re: Who's gonna buy it?

The question is, if the car can either hit the President of the country (or royalty, or leader) or a group of pregnant women with children, who should it prioritise, realistically? Which means as it will be the politicians who decide, who will they choose?

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Oh, that's just the sound of compromised logins waiting to ruin your day


Re: Changing your passwords often is STUPID

The pain a monthly password change causes isn't worth it. I now have a script to update my password every 28 days, along with my local IIS password, and Windows Credentials so I don't waste time wondering why I can't debug, or trying to access our local NuGet repo.

Security procedures are good – follow them and you get to keep your job


Re: Almost...

I prefer "motorists tend to believe speed limits are good but some aren't very sensible and most certainly are not equally effective throughout the day"

Apple in XS new sensation: Latest iPhone carries XS-sive price tag


Re: Let's see...

Resetting the device might be policy. When we had to send our Samsung Tab A in for repair under warranty they did the same stating privacy reasons.

It looks like tech-savvy drivers will have to lead connected car data purge


Re: My solution.

Why all the emphasis on a connected car? It's the unnatural evolution of cars merging with modern tech.

To be able to use your phone via the car would be great. Instead of using whatever shite was bundled with the car you could use the entertainment and sat nav on your phone.

Intelligent transportation systems, would also bpea logical step forward. To determine when the traffic light in front of you will change so you can either slow down enough that you won't have to stop, or you know you'll have to wait a while.

Without a connected car this and so much more wouldn't be possible.

Self-driving cars will be safe, we're testing them in a massive AI Sim


AV will change history. People will no longer own cars but instead pods. AV cars will come to pick up the pod with the human sitting comfortably inside. The taxi will then take the pod and human occupants to the train railway station. There it will be part of an underground electromagnetic tunnel train which will potentially allow pods to travel faster and with little traffic jams, keeping overground roads free. The train will take the pod to its destination, such as an airport that will place the pod in the aeroplane. After a long and thoughtful whatchamacallit (~3s) the AV plane decides to fly into the sun, where trucks decide to kill humans and helicopters deciding to be their saviour. But at least we don't have to drive.

p.s. Sorry to the chap whose future patent is now ruined.


That's the great thing about inventions, you accomplish something for the mere joy, to prove a theory, or to solve some issue. Then someone out there realises it could be used in a totally/slightly different scenario with amazing benefits.

The feck up is statistically speaking the person the idea belongs to probably don't have the opportunity to make the idea come into fruition.

Talk about left Field: Apple lures back Tesla engineering guru


After owning several androids and seeing the response of several of their users I decided not to buy an android any time soon,due to their annoyances. Such as apps wanting to be remain (fully or partially) on main phone memory, and general sluggishness over time.

After also owning several Nokia/Microsoft Windows Phones I decided not to invest in any more since MS canned development on it, and lack of any meaningful apps.

Maybe I'm getting old but I think everything is just crap on the market. Currently enjoying my iPhone 8 plus over the past year, and hoping I won't hate it like my previous phones—but I'm not hopeful.

You want to know which is the best smartphone this season? Tbh, it's tricky to tell 'em apart


Re: This should not go unnoticed:

I am confused, are you stating the cells which regenerate faster are more likely to cause cancer or less?

Mamma Mia! UK film fans forced to Q as Vue's website craps itself


Thanks for the correction.

In the north I've seen more vue cinemas than odeob, to me odeon are mostly in cities or the bigger towns.

The Odeon in Preston is just terribly cold but the Trafford centre one isn't too bad


Odeon only seem to run in cities. Vue has 228 sites in the UK with Odeon having 122, I'm not quite surprised by the news to be honest

High Tech Concern: Struggling HTC to slash a quarter of workforce


I think the news, at least for me, is that they still exist.

Judge on Microsoft gender discrimination case finds 'flaw' in class grouping argument


Re: Tigra 07

As to male teachers, for my kids there was not a single male teacher at their primary school the entire time they were there.

Well, duh, men just cannot be trusted around children. It's not like in the history of teaching a female teacher has ever, ever had relationships with male students or even with a female student, or like got pregnant with a student.


Julian Assange said to have racked up $5m security bill for Ecuador


The question is why are they still putting up with him.

Trademark dispute by Dr Dre against Dr Drai the gynaecologist dismissed


Re: If Dr Dre is worried about confusion

But that would just cause more confusion since his name is Andre. Oh I get it, autocorrection.

My Tibetan digital detox lasted one morning, how about yours?


Re: Fifty shades of tea

I find redbush has a hint of honey taste and naturally sweet. But can get quite nauseously sweet a bit too quick.

RIP, Swype: Thanks for all the sor--speec--speedy texting


I honestly liked the keyboard on Windows phone, moving to iOS for obvious reasons meant having to find an alternative since Microsoft scrapped their own keyboard on non Windows platforms. SwiftKey despite being owned by Microsoft isn't a like for like alternative.

Iran: We have defeated evil nuclear-sensing Western lizards!


Re: Played right into their hands

Yes they are supposed to be open with their nuclear activities. But I'm guessing there are many factions within the country, each with their own ideology and place on the political spectrum, there is—like many countries—a lot of bollockticking going on.

We may be laughing at them but few in the country would know.


Played right into their hands

They'll be quoting your article as evidence this and much more is being done to them.

HomePod, you say? Sex sex sex, that's all you think about


Re: Medication warnings

They are likely putting your ailment in perspective. If you would rather die than be ill then fine, take the damn pills. Otherwise stop being such a <insert choice of words>.

Why aren't you being arbiters of truth? MPs scream at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter


I have a feeling the left wing aren't much better but as I lean to the left I'm more biased abd less likely to view them as biased.

We humans are not as evolved as we need to be...


Re: You mean children don't have to have Twitter accounts?

Me thinks the children will get their information from their parents, who may well be users of the social media. So children may just end up being exposed to lies, but as the lies fall into the parents' viewpoint they might not even realise whether it's the truth or not.

No sh*t, Sherlock! Bloke suspected of swallowing drug stash keeps colon schtum for 22 DAYS


...Upon finding the defendent guilty the judge further decides the defendent must clean up his own shit.

Dori-no! PepsiCo boss says biz is planning to sell lady crisps


Re: <insert word>'tard

The problem with branding them as gender specific, or even specific to any group, is people outside of that group or do not want to associate with may not want to buy it causing loss of sales. If you're marketing something for old people, you've lost potential customers outside of your target market (even if they would find it easier) and people within it who wouldn't like to think themselves as old.

FYI: That Hawaii missile alert was no UI blunder. Someone really thought the islands were toast


Conflicting information

So the drill message said both "exercise, exercise, exercise" and "this is not a drill"?

Just in case of someone fucking up in a whole different way, I'm not surprised the ysent it out. What if the same message was played out in a real scenario and no one got the alert, then there really would be trouble.

The drill message shouldn't have stated it isn't a drill, doing so may have panicked the operator who took least damaging option.

UK taxman has domain typo-squatter stripped of HMRC web addresses


Re: Trademark letters?

I think the URL registered with the word "Return" in it kind of gave their intentions away. You aren't interested in typo-squatting and getting away with it are you?

UK.gov pushes ahead with legal right to 10Mbps


Infrastructure should be owned by the state, including railway lines, telephone lines, gas pipes, water pipes, etc.

To give that responsibility to companies means they'll do the minimum required by law and maximise ROI. Governments will have to do the minimum for votes, which may be better for consumers.

How about that time Russian military used a video game pic as proof of US aiding ISIS?


Re: The worrying thing...

The problem with arming the rebels could be They'll use them against us in the near future. They'll be the next Al Qaeda, or whatever.

Car tax evasion has soared since paper discs scrapped


Wait,even more tax on fuel? Supposedly we pay 61%of fuel duty, plus VAT on top of the duty and fuel. It might not be called tax but it's practically the same.

Snap: We've blown $3bn this year and Tencent wants to give us more


I am sure they get enough through advertisements, although with Facebook eating into their share of the market they probably cannot charge as much for custom made filters that can potentially reach thousands.

Google, Volkswagen spin up quantum computing partnership


I'm quite surprised they're working together. I used to work in Bentley, owned by VW group, and a colleague told me of a story where some VW executives/people had a meeting with a Google executive (supposedly one of the founders). The Google executive was wearing jeans and when the VW security had one look they kicked him out. When The VW executives realised this they had to beg for him to come back. Needless to say, whatever it was VW wanted Google didn't care in the slightest.

Of course, take with a pinch of salt. "A colleague told me that someone told him that..." could very well be Chinese whispers.

Tesla buys robot maker. Hang on, isn't that your sci-fi bogeyman, Elon?


Re: Selling factories?


Great Futurama reference!

Car insurers recoil in horror from paying auto autos' speeding fines


Who is liable for dictating the speed limit? Will some human make the decision based on how they're feeling that day? Based on some stuff they learned from someone else, who observed it from a flawed survey. Will it be static or will it be vary by day/time/traffic /school holidays/etc.

Before we answer who is liable to pay the speed limit we should ask what the speed limit is and whether it's different for human drivers, and autonomous cars. Human drivers are usually great at doing many things but bad at each specific thing, especially concentrating on more than one thing at a single time. Autonomous cars can't do many things human drivers can, but they could potentially be great at a core set of tasks and could be Observing all around the car.

Observing the speed limit is one thing. Setting the speed limit is another.

What just trousered a $4.5bn profit, has glum desktop chip sales, and rhymes with go to hell?


Re: What news site just entered the "fake news" section?

Don't forget one of their articles starting with "You won't believe this". It might be a joke but at a glance in a news app it looks like any other fake news.

VR-bonkers Microsoft yanks plug out of Kinect


Microsofts products are like those jokes which would have been funny but very badly executed.

'Screaming' man fined $149 for singing 'Everybody Dance Now'


Yet doing it in the car could still get you a date with the courts.


Re: Spitting Image

The brain is probably missing?

I'm quite sure it's been eaten by alien bugs. I think he qualifies as Braindead.

Remember how you said it was cool if your mobe network sold your name, number and location?


If you aren't paying for the product then you are the product...oh, wait...

Twitter: Why we silenced Rose McGowan after she slammed alleged sex pest Harvey Weinstein


Re: This is a bit embarassing

She also came in a Robert Rodriguez film titled Planet Terror with a gun for a leg, which I thought was awesome in my teenage years 10yrs ago.

Frustrated Britons struggle to locate their packages: Royal Mail tracker smacked


Ah Royal Mail, the delivery company who fares a lot worse than Planet Express and appears to be using technology from when it was privatised.


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