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We few, we happy few: Big boys dominate early stage OpenStack


That x-axis explained

Hi AndyS, your point is a good one. It's sloppy of me, but there's no attempt to deceive. The Linux x-axis was tricky to label because the data points are the releases. They have been pretty regular, so I spaced them equally. Either putting the release numbers or the dates seemed hard to read (but if anyone asks, I can put up a fully labelled version).

Roughly speaking, the x axis for the Linux graphs starts in 2005, finishes in 2012.



Egyptian navy captures divers trying to cut undersea internet cables


This is terrifically exciting

Only last week the same colonel was using social media to reveal another threat against the Egyptian state. Washington Times:

"Egyptian military officials suspect members of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas may be involved in a rash of fabric thefts that could be used for subterfuge, to copy uniforms...“The armed forces are urging the Egyptian masses to watch out, be attentive and alert … in case of impersonation,” said Col. Ahmed Mohammed Ali on the military’s Facebook page."

I'm looking forward to the episode where Col. Ahmed gets sent into space


Government hires Guardianista as digital chief


The Mike Bracken I knew

Just like to point out that the government finally has an ex-employee of Ziff-Davis' techie geek porn mag *PC Direct* in a position of responsibility. I know this, because I worked with him in the early 90s.

Brax also has form as one of the founders of an online indie mag: http://ragemagazine.co.uk/. One day he's liveblogging about indie bands from Glastonbury, the next he's a heartbeat from the presidency. An example to all of us who secretly lust for power.

Tim (Reg broadcast ed)



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