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Nokia after the purge: It's so unfair

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Re: Fingers crossed.

You mean a high ranking, well paid job at Microsoft - just like the one he had?

Let me get this straight:

1. Elop destroys Nokia.

2. Some shit to do with short selling, patents, or open source.

3. Profit!

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"Where's the incentive for Microsoft to deliver something decent?"

Because if they are not decent, people will buy Android and iOS products instead?

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Re: N900

Nokia's actions between 2007 and 2010 amounted to self-defilement. For example, the premium priced N97 in 2009 had the same cheap hardware as the mid-priced 5800 from 2008. This was jaw-droppingly arrogant and suggested Nokia thought their customers were fools.

They had the time and the money to either tart up Symbian and get Maemo up to speed. They could have had the N9 and the later versions of Symbian out by 2010, certainly. They didn't. Customers and developers moved on.

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Re: Sad

"Anyone holding shares now is nuts."

Dunno. If Nokia nail it with new Windows 8 devices that share price will multiply. The shares can be compared to lottery tickets now.

New Samsung chief: I want SOFTWARE

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Re: Easy!

I was going to say something about Kies but you beat me. I particularly love the badly translated dialogue box warnings. Is Samsung a major multinational conglomerate or a Chinese crapware vendor?

Scottish council muzzles 9-year-old school dinner photo blogger

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Re: Cookbook.

You're not taking account of the trans fats in the pizza.

'Scientists' seek to set world social, economic, tech policy at Rio+20

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Re: Agreed - Benjamin 4

So if we decide to 'cut back' we can still drive VW Golfs? But if we don't, then the fuzzy wuzzys will price us out of them and into Smart cars and such like?

Have you considered bombing the fuzzy wuzzys to stop them from getting rich? This will save the planet too.

Nokia's Great Software Cleansing scrubs off everything since the '90s

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Re: Something to clasp on to

Fact: Microsoft have lots of money. They are not a rock but a really watertight boat.

Fact: Microsoft NEED Windows Phone to succeed. They know that a lot of general computing is going to be on smartphones now and in the future.

Fact: If Nokia die, Microsoft know that success will be a lot more difficult. Samsung and HTC are focussed on Android.

Fact: Nokia do not have the resources to sufficiently market and subsidise a new platform in the marketplace when they are up against iPhone and Android.

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Leave Elop alone!

This is not his doing. They would be in an even worse state had they not jumped away from their own platforms. Try to imagine a world in which Nokia was relying on Symbian and MeeGo. It is a Nokia with no plan at all. At least with Windows there is something to clasp on to that will sell the world over.

Foundering Nokia pushes 10,000 bods, 3 veeps overboard

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Re: Ulm closed?

Yes. Meltemi joins the list of Nokia OS's beginning with 'M' that have been tossed overboard. If they were going to release Meltemi in a device they would have released it before now, and they wouldn't have released so many phones with S40 on them recently.

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Re: They're making the wrong one redundant

"Apple seem to do rather well with a 1-horse platform."

They also had their platform out 5 years ago, long before everybody else's modern smartphone platform.

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Re: Even with Qt, Symbian was doomed

All the damage was done at Nokia long before Elop arrived, which is what few want to hear. We can talk about whether Nokia should have gone with Android, but the status quo was not an option. Nokia's smartphone market share was in a tail spin at the end of 2010.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance mid-range Android

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Re: Perplexed

People buying high spec Android devices certainly care; low spec Android buyers (the majority) don't care.

I think the high spec Android manufacturers need to publicly state that their devices will be supported and updated for the next 2-3 years. They are competing with Apple.

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Re: You'd think

"Or is it just addresing two disparate markets?"

The shaving device belonging to Mr. Occam just called. It said that laziness is the more probable answer.

My Galaxy Note is a fine device, but Apple do not compromise on regular updates for their devices.

Purdue researchers add ‘wakelock’ cleanup to phone power research

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Re: "a substantial part of the MS marketing plan"

But shouldn't it be made a lot easier to write software that doesn't zap batteries? Or, to turn it around, shouldn't it be made a lot more difficult to write software that zaps batteries? If lot's of programmers fail the same tasks, then the answer is 'yes'.

And couldn't the operating system be a bit cleverer at power management?

I have had power issues with my Galaxy Note. After buying apps to track what is going on with my phone, I finally found that a stupid bug with wifi being left on made the battery use 5-6% of my battery per hour when 'asleep' rather than 0.5%. So I got another app to turn wifi off when the screen was off, which works. Although I suspect it has introduced a new bug that spontaneously reboots my phone for no apparent reason. This drives me mad.

Blighty's new anti-bribe law will do more HARM than good

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Re: How can an article on this subject not mention US FCPA?

"I suppose there's no bribery and corruption goes in the precious metals sector."

You must have missed the bit where the author said:

"At one point, working in Russia, I needed to get cheap railway prices out of the Russian railroads to make the numbers on a metals shipment add up. The only way known to do this was to make a deal with the North Koreans who had special state-set prices on said railways. Which is how I found myself inside the N. Korean embassy in Moscow handing over $10,000 in crisp notes to their KGB-style guy after the successful conclusion of the shipment."

Oracle staffer accused of sex-for-favours in Singapore

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Re: Pics or GTFO

Have you heard of 'Google'? They make a fine 'search engine', which enables people to find information that exists on the internet.

HTC handsets hit by grip of death

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Welcome to HTC Customer Service!

If you have a knackered device, HTC cannot or will not fix the phone competently. Kiss goodbye to £30 or so every month until the middle of 2014. Did you work hard to earn that money? Yes? Well, tough shit.

Your money is gone.

Japan still in love with the fax

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Re: I remember spamming by fax.

You remember it? Spam seems to be the only thing our office fax machine prints out, albeit once every couple of months.

Anonymous Coward 101

Re: @these massive contradictions co-existing quite happily.

Like people in the office printing out every piece of nonsense, regardless of whether it necessary or useful to do so?

US Navy buys Linux to guide drone fleet

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Re: Yuk

'It's like working for a pharmaceutical company on anaesthetic drugs and then discovering that the American government is buying them to use in executions.'

Or like working in a car factory and then discovering that some people use them to run people over. Or like working for a mobile phone company and discovering that some people use the phones as a rudimentary cudgel to brain people with. Or like...

Gov exposes 8,000 GPs so punters can pick one

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In my local area, if you want an appointment in a time frame shorter than two weeks, you have to phone up by 0830 and ask for one, then they will phone you back to tell you when the appointment is. But not if you are on a mobile. Also, you can't book face to face.

It's as if the speed you are seen is based less on medical need , but on one's ability to endure their booking system.

Molyneux chisels away at social experiment

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Re: So....


Touchscreens to get finger friendly

Anonymous Coward 101

Blackberry Storm

Didn't that device have a 'clickable' touch screen, that didn't work very well?

Nokia adds touch to budget blowers

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Re: Resistive Touch

True, like the N97 this has a resistive screen - but it is also has a considerably faster processor and doesn't have a premium smartphone price tag.

Facebook's ONLY failure: Expectations management

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Re: Bernard

Read the first commenter (bojennett) on that article you referenced, who said the following on the 9th of July last year:

"The only reason it hasn't gone public yet is because Goldmann Sachs has not hyped up the investment enough so that they can make kajillions of dollars off of the IPO, leaving the rest of the folks holding the bag. Once they get that right, FB will go public, will soar on the first day, and then crash hard."

Substitute Morgan Stanley for Goldman Sachs and that basically hit the nail on the head. Indeed, most commenters thought Mr. Asay was talking complete shite.

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Re: Oh there it is...

Nice find.

If you had followed the 'Matt Asay Guide to Investing' - short Apple and buy Facebook - you would not be reading this, for you would be destitute.

Look out, world - Mad Leo Apotheker's back!

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HP have now sacked the boss of Autonomy, Mike Lynch, for having a crap quarter. Apparently, lots of other staff have left because of the stifling bureaucracy of HP. Looks like $10bn down the drain.

Ex-Nokia Siemens engineer admits eBaying nicked routers

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He got nicked for stealing to pay for a couple of teenage step children.

That must be shit.

Hands on with Nokia's 808 41Mp camphone

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Re: 808, Nero reference?

Probably a coincidence. Historically, Nokia named most of their phones after PIN codes.

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Re: Luck?

"Had Nokia gone with Android instead, its almost certain the current Samsung share would be split evenly between them - possibly even with Nokia edging it."

Almost certain? How did you work that out? It is most bloody well not 'almost certain' to me.

"Instead we see this rounding-error 1.5% market share, with 101 reasons anyone not forced to avoids it like the plague."

The 101 reasons piece is mostly lies. (http://mynokiablog.com/2012/05/10/windows-phone-myths-debunked-the-truth/)

How to keep your money safe if the euro implodes

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You have to despair when people don't understand that the whole point of exporting goods to other nations is to eventually import goods from the other nation.

What was the point in Germans lending money to Greeks to buy German cars when there was no way the Greeks could export goods of equal value to the Germans? The Germans would have been better off making the cars for their own use, but many Germans probably think all those exports 'made their economy strong'.

New smart meter tells Brits exactly what they already know

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Re: I think people are misunderestimating phase 2

Yes, variable pricing sounds good, until you realise that charges have to be transparent. If people cannot understand pricing, they cannot modify their behaviour accordingly, negating the purpose of variable pricing in the first place. If a simple pricing scheme can be introduced, then maybe that will change.

Anonymous Coward 101

Re: Also...

I was speaking hypothetically. In any case, most tariffs these days charge a higher rate for a given number of kWhs, and a lower rate after that. And yes, a number still have standing charges.

Anonymous Coward 101


The way power is priced now, the marginal cost of each extra kWh used tends to fall. If one has a standing charge of 20p per day and is charged 10p per unit, one unit for that day costs 30p, but two units costs 40p. An increase in usage of 100%, but only a 33% rise in cost. So, cutting one's power usage by a given percentage will reduce one's costs by a lower percentage.

It's just another problem for those wanting us all to be green.

UK.gov energy policy: You can't please all the people much of the time

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Re: Why keep the lights on anyway?

Yeah, let's all lose our electricity so you can get a good perve at Orion's cock in your telescope.

Anonymous Coward 101

Only £200 added to our bills!

Our masters are truly merciful! What have we done to deserve this precious gift?

3D TV fails to excite, gesture UIs to flop: analyst

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Re: Differentiation is trivial

My own feeling is that we are in same period for tellys as the pre-iPhone era was for smartphones. They work, but many of the features couldn't be found and were annoyingly slow to use.

UK mobile broadband carriers compared

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General consensus seems to be...

...All UK mobile internet providers are shite?

Ten... Qwerty mobiles

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Re: against Nokia

Ask the people who got an N97 with an expensive 18 month contract why they hate Nokia, but steel yourself for a foul mouthed litany in reply. The real mystery is why people reflexively defend Nokia when other companies (e.g. Sony) would not come off as lightly.

The reviews of the E72 on Amazon suggest there were big software QC issues with that phone as well. It does seem that the Symbian^3 devices released in late 2010 were the first Nokia smartphones that were not terrible.

Sony blames record $5.7bn loss on everything but Sony

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Re: Making Nokia's implosion looks like a bad hair day...

Is it not strange that we must find crack pot ideas to explain Nokia's problems, but are happy to revel in Sony's problems? Fact is, Nokia have a plan to get out of their prediciment (it may not work, but it has a good chance), but Sony don't.

Head over Heels

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This came out on the Atari ST

I remember making a complicated 3D map on graph paper. It was a great game, with simple puzzles like those found on modern games like Limbo.

Apple's HTML5 bet against Android extermination

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Re: Two seperate races being run here

The best example of 'market share not paying the bills' is Nokia, which had around 30%-40% smartphone market share in 2010, but made next to nothing out of it. Apple had lower market share but made billions. An analyst that only looks at one aspect of how well a company is doing is ignoring a lot of information.

Intelligence a genetic mistake

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Re: Mutation

Indeed, the entire genomes in every living thing are the result of 'genetic mistakes'. The title of this story is rather redundant.

.eu is a Euro domain, for Euro people - top legal bod

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The ECJ might as well have ruled on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Nobody gives a shit about the .eu top level domain.

Nokia dinged with shareholder lawsuit over poor Lumia sales

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Re: N-97

The N97 wasn't even the best Symbian phone at the time - the Samsung Omnia HD was released at around the same time as the N97 and was streets ahead in performance. Part of Nokia's problem at the time was that they would release phones with old processors and a lack of memory, presumably for penny pinching reasons. The Omnia HD had double the RAM and a better processor compared with the N97, and it worked much better. Nokia short changed Symbian as much as vice versa.

The N97 massively blew Nokia's credibility with consumers and operators. It allowed iPhone and Android to run away with it in 2010. Nobody can possibly talk about Nokia's current predicament without talking about the N97.

Samsung shows 'designed for humans' handset

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Re: So who did they design for previously? Orangutans?

17 down votes and counting - well trolled. Typed that last night on my Galaxy Note.

Anonymous Coward 101

Re: So who did they design for previously? Orangutans?

This is Android we are talking about - it's more likely pond life.

Yahoo! investor! accuses! CEO! of! embellishing! resume!

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The point is, if he is willing to lie about having a degree in something he does not have a degree in, is there anything else he would be willing to do? Backstab colleagues to further himself? Hire a porn actress as a subcontractor then get blackmailed (hello, Mr Hurd!).

It just wouldn't occur to me to lie about something important and verifiable on a CV. I am always suspicious about those that do.

Nokia: 'hybrid' mobiles will save us

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"But If I wanted a handset that was basic but tough with an easy to use UI then I naturally turn my attention to Nokia just from rep alone."

There is almost no profit in such devices. Apple makes big bucks from their premium phones. Cheap phones make no money, hence why Nokia (still) sell phones by the bucketload, but make no profit.

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