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Survey: Android set to beat iOS in battle for coder love


"in my day, we could operate the shift key while typing and umm... being otherwise engaged"

old enough to know better and stil jacking off to tech websites? come on man, try banging the secretary or something.


Free iPhone 4S deal tempts Chinese fanbois


How about you get a reporter/translator that knows Chinese?

Seems it's getting more and more important these days.


'Upgraded' Apple iMacs lock out hard drive replacement

Dead Vulture

The Register's new style of reporting

Breaking news:

The sky is falling!

Update 1 (hours later):

Something is definitely falling from the sky but but meteorologists say it may just be a dense form of dihydrogen monoxide. Still this can cause perfuse your skin and clothing and cause massive discomfort.

Update 2 (hours later):

To avoid the dense dihydrogen monoxide you can set yourself on fire which will hopefully vaporise the substance before it perfuses into your skin. It's also been mentioned you avoid this with an umbrella.

In a final email to El Reg a travel agent writes "This will not affect our holiday programs and the issue has no impact on our holidays in the Maldives, where it's not raining"



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