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Amazon refuses Touchpad refunds after price slash frenzy


Still not as much

In the US, Our sales taxes are low compared to VAT. A few states have no sales tax at all, some are as low as 5%. and the highest being around 9% base. Some cities and counties add their own sales tax, but that's up to them. Overall though, the average sales tax is around 7.5%.

Also, when shopping online, many people here in the states don't have to pay sales tax on online goods, although several states are passing laws requiring sales tax to be collected by online retailers no matter where the retailer is.

'Upgraded' Apple iMacs lock out hard drive replacement

Big Brother

Bye bye Apple

Yeah, this has finally done it for me. When it's time to upgrade my iPhone and iPad, I'll be getting a Droid and some other tablet. When my MacBook dies, I'll go with something else. For years I've used both Windows and Macs, and love my iPhone and iPad. Apple's latest Gestapo stranglehold on their hardware and software really insults those of us who actually know what we're doing.

"It just works" doesn't work for me any more.


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