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Facebook iOS app silently turns on your phone camera. Ah, relax – it's just a bug, lol!?



...And if you are willing to do that, having read the rest of the story above then there is no hope for you.

Ain't that the truth.

ZTE Nubia Z20: It's £499. It's a great phone. Buy it. Or don't. We don't care


Re: I am from Gdańsk and I beg for help

..."One has to do with humans from Poland, one has to do with making things shine."

My cleaning lady, Magda, is still confused.

10 PRINT Memorial in New Hampshire marks the birthplace of BASIC


Many hours spent playing Gorillas on my Polytechnic PC.

That's all BASIC meant to me back then. PrimeOS and COBOL was where it was at in those days.

*Misty eyed*

...Or it could be my cataracts.

Motorola: Oops, phone busted? Grab a spudger and go get 'em, champ


Re: I think my next phone will be a Motorola

That depends on your perception of repairability. Any mobile is repairable. It just depends on whether you have the ability to do it yourself or you take it to a repair outfit like iSmash. My P10 battery ballooned recently and rather than bother to do it myself I took it in. 20 mins and 50 quid lighter it's as good as new with a 12 month warranty against the work they carried out on it.

Amazon Alexa outage: Voice-activated devices are down in UK and beyond


Re: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Yeah, like who needs a car when the horse-drawn carriage was good enough to get you from A to B? Tech for tech's sake?

How did the iPad manage to change the way people view entertainment? They had broadcast TV's before Netflix and radios before Spotify didn't they? Cinema's before Netflix,

Just because you can't see the value of an advance in technology until it begins to fulfill a requirement that you didn't know you had doesn't make its existence worthless. If it truly is worthless then it'll just fade away into obscurity like many other products have in the past.


Hopefully fixed by later tonight

I hooked up my mother's living room lamps to smart-plugs so that she could manage the lighting post Hip Op. She's completely deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other so she can now also 'ask' alexa to make calls hands-free from her armchair.

YOU, may not see a need for a puck that manages to turn YOUR lights on and off, or draws the curtains for you. However, for every solution looking for a problem there's invariably a problem waiting for a solution that nobody could foresee. Sure, before I bought the 'Dots' she was living. Now she's living more comfortably and probably more safely too.

Now she uses them for everything from catching up on the News headlines to managing her lighting and making phone calls. I didn't realise when I'd bought them for her how useful they'd be. Now I know that if she falls over then she can still call for help by asking Alexa to place the call for her.

I, for one, am grateful that the technology exists and it's pretty affordable too.

HMRC contractor scores IR35 payout after yet another taxman blunder


C'est fini?

I'll get my coat...

Huawei consumer biz pres: Are we in talks with Trump? Nope


Re: "The USA has slightly more than 4% of the world's population"

No, but you are going to sell 10 $300 phones instead. That's why there are so many mid-range handsets available. Heck I can pick up a Huawei P10 in the UK for GBP350 at the moment. Just by economies of scale the US can keep its 4% of affluent populace.

AWS adopts home-brewed KVM as new hypervisor



So, where do I plug my Keyboard, Video and mouse in?

In current affairs news: Teen boffin with lots of potential crafts electric honeycombs out of oil


Re: What's the discovery?

Actually, no I'm not.

Thank you for being racially offended by proxy on behalf of the Asian subcontinent.


What's the discovery?

As a teenager I observed the formation of crystals in a bath of Copper Sulphate solution by introducing an electrical charge. I investigated the phenomenon, well known by this point, and wrote up a conclusion on why it occurred. Am I missing something in this story?

I'm ,by no means, a boffin.

Russian search engine Yandex's Ukraine offices raided for 'treason'



He could play his trump card.

Windows 7's grip on the enterprise desktop is loosening



Is your mac over 5 years old?

Microsoft releases Windows 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 3



Are you high? Or are you too young to remember the Acorn and BBC Micro in School? Both failed miserably and MSDOS took over the education sector.

It was Shodan easy! MacKeeper user database left wide open


I thought MacKeeper was scumware?

It is. MacKeeper is one step above malware. If that.

And why the hell did 13 million people install it?

They're MAC users.


They don't question they just do. Is that not the fanboi way?

Astronomers catch first sighting of a planet's birth pangs


Either way

The fact that we're looking at something that happened 450 years ago is in my opinion mindblowing.

Kids' tech skills go backwards thanks to tablets and smartmobes


Every cloud...

And all that. At least I'll not have to suffer age discrimination as I get older. If the young'uns ain't got the skills then I'll always be employable. Doesn't bode well for my kids though. They'll never move out.


Joining the illuminati? Just how bright can a smart bulb really be?


Re: cart before horse

LightwaveRF have been doing just that for years. Everything from lighting control to radiator thermostats and inline relay's. All cheaper, local WiFi and Internet enabled too.


Google literally dangles its new dongle in front of gasping TV audiences


Re: which tele has usb-c ???

So you're proposing USB Type-C for what added value? The port is only for power, not data, so why reinvent the wheel? Micro USB 2 works perfectly well and there are enough third party cable manufacturers to keep the price as cheap as chips.


Re: Yawn...

That;s the thing though. It filled a niche that I didn't know I had. I paid for prime purely for the delivery service. 80 quid a year for next day delivery and drop off/delivery to a Collect+ point made it worth paying for. A single Collect+ delivery to my local corner shop is £3.50 and next day delivery was an extra fee on top of that too. Prime video was a nice little extra but not a deal breaker by any means.

Then along comes the offer of buying a FireTV Stick for £19 so I bought one as a toy, if it turned out to be a bit shit it only cost me peanuts anyway. First thing to do, install agk fire, Fire Starter, popcorn time, Mobdro and kodi on my android handset and sideload them straight onto the FireTV using its IP address on the local WiFi LAN. The Amazon Fire app lets me use my mobile handset as a keyboard to set everything up. After that the remote control wand that comes in the box with the Firestick makes the whole thing function as a prefectly good HD media device.


Re: Yawn...

Like an Amazon FireTV Stick?

'Steve Jobs filmmakers opportunistic? Apple, you've got a factory of children making phones'


As one of the Foxconn employees would say...

"That comment was Lily Savage"

Morgan Stanley staffer cops guilty plea over data breach


Have you read the article? He's in clear violation of the data protection act! At least 900 Private Wealth clients personal information was copied by him from the company servers to his home PC. We bollock politicos for losing CD's full of info but you think he may have a leg to stand on? MS would have given him remote access via a VPN for him to use from home if he had to work from there. There is no way they would have sanctioned any copying of company oinfidential data to a removable device, let alone copy it to a home pc.


Well, why don't we all overlook the fact that he copied the data from the company's infrastructure to his home computer. I'm sure that's what it says in the article doesn't it?

He was hacked? My 4rse!

Daredevil Brit lifts off in 54-prop quinquaquadcopter


Re: Ian Fleming would be proud

"I was thinking more that Pixar have gone somewhat more high-tech in their sequel to Up!"


Thwup Thwup Thwup Thwup Thwup Thwup Thwup Thwup...

Indianapolis man paints his ball every day – for FORTY YEARS


Re: Darwin Awards Equivalant

Well, "Climbing a mounting" would suggest horse riding. The latter part of your hypothesis would relate to a phrase such as "Mounting a gelding".

Er, also a horse riding phrase. Hang on, what was my point?

Chromecast gains wired Ethernet dongle


Re: Pile of smelly dung.

Yes, it's a discussion about Chromecast. There is a better product out there that works better with more functionality in the same physical form factor and size at the same sort of price point. That's all I was trying to say. The Firestick does everything a Chromecast stick can do but with more functionality and better hardware... It's just an all-round better product.


Re: Pile of smelly dung.

I call bunkum. I've never had any problems with WiFi bandwidth or buffering/stuttering with any of my Amazon Fire sticks. Prime videos start streaming faster than my PC connected over ethernet and Kodi with PleXBMC works without a hitch streaming 1080p streams.

Entertaining prospect: Amazon Fire TV Stick


I have mine loaded with plex and Kodi and use it for nothing else. The Mrs uses the Prime Vid service via the app built into our telly. The native plex client on the Fire stick is much better than the one for Sammy telly but at least I have a choice. I could, if I could be bothered, install PleXBMC on the firestick to consolidate things but the native plex client is a much nicer interface according to YouTube so I won't bother.

Power, internet access knackered in London after exploding kit burps fire into capital's streets


Re: No Problem

I think you've just pointed out that AC is in actual fact Alex Salmond.

Virgin Media goes TITSUP, RUINS Tuesday evening


Re: Service went down, then it was brought back up again. @peshman

I should have mentioned that I'm also signed up with Virgin Media. I had dinner with the Mrs and then made a couple of calls to family and friends before going to bed. Everything was fine the next morning and my life carried on as normal. I get that this is an IT related site. Come on really? The internet connection goes down for a few hours one evening and people got seriously worked up over it? Go to the pub and have a pint with a mate until it comes back up again.


Re: Service went down, then it was brought back up again.

You typed all of that just because your internet connection went down on a school night between dinnertime and 11pm? You don't even mention that you were vpn'd into your office to do some work so I can only assume that you weren't. I guess you've got your priorities sorted. Chill Dude. There are more important things in life to get worked up about.


Service went down, then it was brought back up again.

There's a story there somewhere.

ZTE's stealthy Nubia: China-made Google-free Android mobe


Apex launcher and amazon app store from the amazon link.

'nuff said.

Ransomware holds schools hostage: 'Now give us Bitcoin worth $129k, er, $124k, wait ...'


Re: More anti-bitcoin bias


Nobody, at least not I, has/have said that BC is a bad concept. As innovations go it's been a marvel of anti-establishment rhetoric. That's the problem though, as a currency it's far too volatile to use for everyday FX transfers and as an investment currency it's a non starter.

How do you know how much it'll be worth next week/month/year? It's not pegged to any other currency to prop up its value. You wouldn't just buy some to invest in it and hold some in a wallet like you would with pounds or euro in a bank account? The only Issue that has been mentioned is that it would be traceable in the long run if someone paid you with them and you tried to spend/transfer them.


Re: Another nail in the BC coffin?

Not at all. Just saying that it'd be the most stupid ransom method ever. BC isn't the same as unmarked small bills. You can't just hand 'em over to just anyone to launder and spend 'em in your local supermarket/mini-mart/pub. Forensic accountants are pretty good at following the physical assets, as and when, either cash is used or BC wallet transfer in exchange for tangible goods.


Another nail in the BC coffin?

Forensically trace the hashes when they're cashed in or dropped into the destination wallet and wait for the info to be gathered from TOR exit node.

Microsoft shows off South Korean PC-on-a-stick


Poke My,A$$?

More like Head Up, A$$!

You're likely to be gaming on a 2GB RAM micro PC are you? I think the post was made with a certain sense of irony. What value added will this stick bring that most newer smart TV's won't?

Bride legs it from wedding after groom proves unable to add up


Re: Eh?

Eh? Indeed.

You seem to have misunderstood what the Bootnotes section of this site is for.

Sir Terry remembered: Dickens' fire, Tolkien's imagination, and the wit of Wodehouse


Small Gods was my favourite.


Zap out a small lightning bolt for me every time you come to mind or whenever I see a turtle.

I'll be raising a pint in your honour.

LaCie snuggles up to Apple’s slim 12-inch MacBook with fat HDD


I only average between 80 - 105Mb/s transferring large files over USB-3 on any of my external 3.5" powered desktop drives. The interface bandwidth theoretical speeds have nothing to do with real life performance.

MELTDOWN: Samsung, Sony not-so-smart TVs go titsup for TWO days


Maybe, just maybe...

During their UAT phase someone decided that it might be more convenient to have the TV call home to check to see if there are any software updates just as soon as it is switched on? You know, like Joe public who doesn't want, or need, to know about firmware maintenance or software updates might find it convenient not to have to know about how these things are done.

My Sammy F series and H series are both web enabled but I know better than to have any models with speech recognition or built-in webcams. I bought them to hook into my Amazon Prime acc and Plex. There is only one wire coming out of the TV in the bedroom for power. The Mrs resisted putting a Tv in the bedroom because she didn't want it taking over the room with wires snaking out all over the place. She lives in the real world where tech is supposed to enhance her quality of life because in her world a TV is supposed to entertain and be something that she can just switch on and watch The Great British bake off.


Storm in a teacup!

Get over it. If you're willing to wear a tin hat and cut yourself off from everything to avoid being snooped on then fair enough, you have a point to be made.

If you have a debit/credit card, a drivers License, utility bills, bus pass/travelcard/oyster card, mortgage, loans or finance of any sort, mobile phone, land line, cctv outside your front door and even step foot into most shops then you're being tailed. You're an idiot if you think otherwise.

Your telly is just one more thing adding to the already massive amounts of data being collected on you. It's too late to lose sleep over it now.

Boy, 16, cuffed after posting selfie with body of kid he allegedly killed



That is all.

Google gets my data, I get search and email and that. Help help, I'm being REPRESSED!


Free lunch anyone?

So, a free web browser, email account and search service is being offered and you assume you're being offered a free lunch? What? You didn't realise that they'd want some sort of return on the investment?

The IT Crowd's internet in a box gets $240k of crowdcash for a cause


Re: Eh?

So are we saying that satellite reception hardware can't be detected remotely? Presumably, some form of handshake takes place along the way so that duplicate data isn't downloaded from the transmission stream to the local cache. I grant you that I'm only speculating, but if a signal is broadcast on a particular frequency then how do you stop that particular frequency from being hijacked? Or there is nobody capable of spoofing a satellite transmission signal to bork your bit of hardware? Even if it's as simple as pretending to tell you to download an OTA firmware update?



...“bypass censorship, ensure privacy, and offer a universally-accessible information service at no cost to global citizens.”

How, exactly is that going to work then? If your box is preloaded and requires a data connection for updates what's to stop any closed dictatorship or censorship motivated government from blocking the updates and censoring what's on the box before it's allowed to be used in their territory? Even more alarming is the fact that they could actually make the use of these things illegal.

GiffGaff spanked for clumsy attempt at mum-and-dad-humping humour


...and back on topic

What's the problem? Parents have intimate relations. A grown man living with his parents might accidentally come across a situation where his parents behave as they do if he wasn't there. He doesn't look unemployed so I'm guessing he's either saving for a deposit or too cheap to pay rent to live somewhere else. Shit happens!

I thought it was quite funny. However, I haven't lived with my parents since I could first afford a mortgage many. many, moons ago.

BTW, What humping? Looked like a bit of shaving to me.

Shh! Bose and Apple ink secret deal to settle 'noise-cancelling' suit


Re: Interesting...

@Si 1 - How does pulling Bose products from Apple stores equate to losing the entire Fanboi market? Bose have their own stores and can be bought at multiple retail outlets not owned by Apple. Their inline mic range for Apple products is a vertical market if anything. They'd survive just fine without them.

Women! Worried you won't get that Job in IT? Mention how hot you are


Did I miss the bit about attractiveness?

“I know I don’t look like your typical applicant,” or “I know there aren’t a lot of women in this industry,” and pointed out successes on her resume, she received higher ratings from reviewers than counterparts who made no mention of their looks."

I'm not sure what the context is but I can't see anything relating to a woman's looks in that statement. There are not a lot of women in the industry could just be an observation based on gender, not the attractiveness of that gender.

Maybe I'm just overanalysing.



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