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Blighty's biz bods get their paws on Nokia phondleslab


Keyboard/Cover - MIA

Having bought one - and a very nice piece of kit it is - Nokia have released the tablet with, as yet, no plans to ship the keyboard.

Looks like Nokia is trying to deliberately not merely shoot themselves in the foot, but remove their entire leg!


VERY Exclusive

So very exclusive that the local John Lewis have never heard of it...

Amazon floats 'Prime Air' drone delivery plan


Re: When I "floated" this as a use of technology...

This could be the wet dream for City Link and their ilk - just need a targeting system to get the attempted delivery cards vaguely near your letter box.

Who’s Who: a Reg quest to find the BEST DOCTOR


heart*s* of gold surely?

'Thundering mechanical behemoth' walker mech to attack Leicester today


Robert Llewellyn

Seen way better on 'Scrapheap Challenge'

Builder-in-a-hole outrage sparks Special Projects Bureau safety probe


Re: Woah there

With PETA, the dogs would be dead before they left the property!

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro gets laptop-level price


Re: Tears

The paraphrase - The most expensive suicide note...

Climate sceptic? You're probably a 'Birther', don't vaccinate your kids

Black Helicopters

Wouldn't the "secret recipe" be otherwise known as brain washing?

Ultimate bacon sarnie scrap starts to sizzle


Re: Spot the Guardian reader

and I've already bought several people over to the dark side - bwah-ha-ha...


Well grilled bacon, with stilton & cranberry. The bacon & stilton complement each other excellently while the cranberry cuts through what would otherwise be overwhelming saltiness

Hampshire council throws BYOD party, hires extra security



And what's in it for the employee? I don't want any device I've paid for to be contaminated by the bloat the organisation I work for pushes out. For example, the works supplied laptop I use takes 10-15 minutes to get from switching it on to a working environment...

Educating Rory: Are BBC reporters unteachable?


Programming is not just writting code

In my opinion, what is lost sight of all too easily is that programming is not just about being able to write code - it's an entire discipline. A 'proper' coder will produce fully formatted, elegant, commented programs which are easy to understand, and, perhaps most importantly, easy to maintain.

If a program is impossible to maintain, or impossible without a great deal of effort, it is almost useless. The majority of a programmers career will be spent in maintainance...

It is this understanding that makes the difference between someones who writes code and a true programmer.

Gallery mulls 'damage' after cleaner scrubs modern art


Perhaps if we paid the cleaners properly then we might expect and recieve good work. Undervalued and underpaid workers tend not to give the best of themselves

Jobs: 'I'll spend my dying breath destroying Android'


If he really said this - given he knew he was about to cash in his chips - then he really was a complete arse (rather, more of an arse than I had thought)

Parliament has no time for 100,000+ signature e-petitions


Shock horror!

Why the hell should anyone be surprised at this? The whole thing was only ever a sop to fool the public into thinking their opinion mattered

Amazon solves wait-at-home-for-deliveries problem


Hardly solved...

Before Amazon started using City Link & HDNL (and other similar dodgy delivery companies) they sent things through the post. If your postie couldn't deliver, for whatever reason, the item was returned to the local Crown Office for you to either re-arrange delivery, or to collect from there. Far, far more convenient (admittedly it may not have been so for all), and a far better service than any offered by the afforementioned organisations

Can cloud save the NHS?



And what's the size of the population in Oregon against that of the UK? The NHS is not about the size of the geographical area served, but rather the size of the population.

NHS IT dino-project NPfIT should be killed off - NAO



A PAS database is very far from being simple!

Plague of US preachers falsely claim to be Navy SEALs


Priests & Soldiers

Can go back even further - General Gordon (of Khartoum fame...) was decribed as being "a mystic masquerading as a soldier"

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