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Bug-Byte Manic Miner

Andrew N

Hardest level

I reckon the hardest level was the Room with all the light beams, I can't remember what that was called. It has to have been the hardest thing to do ever, especially as you only often got one go at it.

Aussie synchrotron in doubt after Victoria pulls funding

Andrew N

They do a lot of worthwhile research.

The AS do do a lot of worthwhile and cutting edge science. Without such facilities a lot of scientists can't actually do their research, but have to go overseas. This facility will more than reap it's investment in terms of scientific output, but that's never attributed to the synchrotron itself but the visiting teams that do the research. These visiting teams do not have to pay to use the AS as it's a free "user facility" for academics. If they paid, then academics could not afford it.

Besides, the AS will be bringing in a lot of fringe benefits, such as companies that decide to move to a hitech area, or from companies that supply the synchrotron, or highly trained scientists moving to the area, etc.

By the arguments in this article, and Mat's above, we should cut other facilities such as the Australia Telescope National Facility, etc, or at least charge scientists millions of dollars to use it.

I'd be interested to know what real science and scientists the money should be redirected to? Medical research? (did you know a lot of medical researchers use it?)

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