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Windows Phone 8 reboot woe causes outpouring of forum misery


Should you really be suprised?

I think not this is microsofts way of life. There should have been extensive testing on the platforms this brick was going to be sold on. I'm a Linux user, have been for more than 15 years and my HTC Amaze runs Android. I can't comment on your woes because desktop and phone both run flawlessly. Always have. I'm sure microsoft will have this all straightened out just before the release of Brick 9 and as usual support for you guys will be suspended.


Ubuntu cloud chief beats CTO to exit door


There going Corperate!

The writing is all over the wall guys, I've seen this before. Selling a company in this way is the results you see. When investors come in and start running the show the way they feel it should be, the first people to go is upper management. This is the end of ubuntu as we new it. Many times upper management leave on statements to peruse other things its there way of getting out without the "fired" attached to it but the truth is ubuntu has fallen by way of redhat. I am so sorry this has happened and have since left ubuntu as a long time user since 6 was released and moved to linuxmint debian xfce.



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