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Motorola Xoom


Some odd design decisions

I've had a Xoom for about 4 weeks (walked into PC World on day of release and bought one off the shelf). Its a nice chunk of hardware, but Motorola seem to have made some stupid design decisions that will irritate over time :

a) No charge from USB - even if it took longer, this should be an option. Carrying a charging brick around is stupid.

b) Charging socket is on top.....and headphone jack is on bottom. Its awkward to use when charging.

c) The Motorola folio case prevents charging when closed. So my screen has to be left at risk when I leave it charging.

d) No support for device level http proxy (without third party software).

I really want this class of devices to succeed on Android - Apple need the balance to keep them in check. The OS is close, but some of the built in apps (eg. calendar) are lacking that bit of interface magic that Apple supply.

I'm developing for both honeycomb and iOS platforms but the iPad2 is the one I take home to use personally.

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