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IronRuby opened to all comers

Alan Donaly


I would like to use that as an email quote why are you anonymouse can't quote nobody it's not sporting.

Amp'd shuts up shop

Alan Donaly

Yeah everyone knows drug dealers have no money

What! living in a city makes you a thief, punk ass cretin

aside from every major business activity what else could

possibly be going on in a city your a racist mall walker

go fuck yourself

anonymously.The reason they failed is obvious they didn't have

a product worth buying.

MPack developer on automated infection kit

Alan Donaly

It's same old game

It's just software deal with it.

The return of the ransom-ware Trojan

Alan Donaly

another windows exploit.

oh my yes another stupid windows exploit

news at 11 bah so what. I just blocked

a xss exploit from a major news corporation

there's more to life than calling trojans

viruses even though they aren't viruses.

Unless by virus you mean any malware

they force IE to download.

The audience cackles as Sony launches Crackle

Alan Donaly

of two minds

There has to be a way to save this not altogether without

value company from some of the nasty dross they picked

up by way of corporate yo-yo's now their pricing is all over the

place their aquisitions are pathetic and generally their corporate

leadership seems like a bunch of complete dimwits. They

must have hired a bunch of American business graduates

the only money those people know how to make is for themselves.

Japanese P2P leak cop fired

Alan Donaly

probably wasn't running

Right the interal audit probably did

check and he installed it after. This

is pretty lame security however and

I really don't get why he would be

able to install any software on his

work PC another situation where

dumb == institution.

Hackers saw through iPhone AT&T shackles

Alan Donaly

Link turn off style

In FF you turn off style in IE you can say use my style

easy to set really or you can just "view source" things

like this < > are formatting don't read those. I have to

turn off style every so often when some dork makes

the page too wide. Quite right about stick to open source

make your own these proprietary things are designed

to screw people out of money not be efficient. Although

I like Johansen's hacking of DRM shackles on hardware

it makes the people who design them look like the

commercial coprophagic cheap whores they are.

Taser markets electric cattleprod gun to the laydeez

Alan Donaly

Oh it's all very funny at a distance

Where I live this will be under every girls christmas tree

if not given sooner I knew a girl once who's grandfather

gave her a real cattleprod (it was his old one he's a rancher)

it could kill you though it was

a bit long it was more useful when she beat attackers

over the head with it .You can't do that with this

pink thing.

Stealth bombers to get bunker-nobbling weapons

Alan Donaly

boo penetrators

Hooray beer.

When 'God Machines' go back to their maker

Alan Donaly

no business application

Apparently high end phones are the province

of your road warriors this is not one of those

and worst of all you have to pay for internet

to get 3gd service which is mostly a waste

as mostly people use it to listen to music

and talk to other people with.

Cyborg-style 'iLimb' hand a big hit with Iraq veterans

Alan Donaly

Prosthetic brain

When do I get a chip to augment

my brain to make up for all those

nights/days drinking. I also don't

think the military needs those guys

in harms way and so they don't need

firearms arms it would be too much

to assume they would fit you with

one of these and send you back

until your all one prosthesis.

Indians slip on tobacco-flavoured condom

Alan Donaly

I don't get it

Why are sex toys illegal in india?

Lightweight Java security app aims to pep up m-commerce

Alan Donaly

Will it help fix this

Java runtime vulnerability see details at http://isc.sans.org I predict

a lot more of this sort of thing for JAVA as vulnerabilities go anything

that can infect every platform on any OS is kind of a biggie.

AMD chops desktop processor prices

Alan Donaly

still kind of high

I researched bang for buck when I recently bought

my cpu and while this is a nice price drop I still wouldn't

buy one the core 2 duo's are still a better value at the

lower end particularly the e6600 it can be OC if you want to

play with liquids (I don't) and you don't mind that reguardless

of how fast your bus is your memory is only going to go

at most 800 MHz that sort of makes it moot in my book.

Red ring of Xbox death costs Microsoft $1bn

Alan Donaly

Micro$loth are doomed

Face it shill, fanboy, strawman Bills too old to cut the mustard anymore and all the semitard grade inflated business school graduates who couldn't balance a checkbook if their lives depended on it can't save that bombed out piece of sh*t company. I love this give me more.

Trojan creates bogus webmail accounts to punt drugs

Alan Donaly

how do you defeat captcha

It seems as if captcha has a hole if silly random questions

solves the problem and plain random ones do not.What I am

getting at is that captcha the idea still works but there is a perfectly

normal exploit going on to defeat it and that needs patching. I can

think of a few proto holes that might exist right off the bat but

I don't develop for the program.

Theatre and democracy in Second Life

Alan Donaly

There is no sex online.

I am sorry to say there is no sex anywhere

on line it's in meat space to get it you have

go places and meet humans which is why

I don't do it. Humans yuck!

Police hunt renegade cow sex youth

Alan Donaly

How do you know?

He was there for cow sex we used to have prank when I was

a youth we would strip a person who passed out at parties

and drive him out to some remote location and place him

under a bush. Loads of laughs needless to say few passed

out without a locked door behind them.

Exploding mobile battery kills Chinese welder

Alan Donaly

Boom boom boom!

I am sitting here in the center of the US they

were celebrating July 4th and some joker was

occaisionally detonating quarter sticks of

dynamite down my street and no one said a

thing (me either) though it shook the house

and it occurs to me that people here seem

to have access to all sorts of explosives and that

terrorists are a bunch of idiots all they need are

a bunch of motorola phones.

EC wants to suppress internet bomb-making guides

Alan Donaly

I already know how

to make bombs what are they going to do now block

my head, before the internet, people left the army with

explosives training and the ability to make ied's, they

took chemistry courses in night-school, and read printed

manuals, which were not really bomb making instructions

as such but there are so many ways to make an explosive

device with common things it's really amazing this idea

that it's any kind of knowledge that can be restricted.The internet

just makes things more convenient not possible it's

also possible to kill people in other ways so really bombs

are not required to do serious damage 9/11 proved this.

Just another pandering pol nothing to see here move along.

MPack malware exposes cheapskate web hosts

Alan Donaly

not enough paranoia

PHP is not the most easily subverted

scripting language Perl is I know

because I installed it and it did

things PHP refused to do basically

there really is no security at shared

hosting no matter the server or scripting

languages if they don't break in they

bribe someone who works there.

Talking Trojan taunts victims

Alan Donaly

huh? trojan thats not a trojan.

A trojan creates a backdoor to allow unauthorised

use of a PC usually to create a bot for distributed

computing this doesn't do any of those things this

is just a destructive toy no matter who cleverly coded

it it's not for anything useful (to the author or whoever

might buy this) it may be a threat I don't know (it's method

of deployment) not to

me but to Windows users to me it screams cute whoever

did it just wanted to stir the s*** and seems to have done so.

Massachusetts kowtows to Microsoft

Alan Donaly

great just great

so if the real world wants to send a document it has

to send it snail mail on paper because as long as MS

runs the document show no one will be able to see

documents written by other programs or Word of a

different version typical. We can go on converting badly

to pdf but thats not always the answer either better start

using online docs that way everyone can see and edit

that needs to.

Intel has four-core Opteron stuffer set for August

Alan Donaly

I would like to test first

There is one decent chip in the dual 2 core group the rest

are all goldilocks chips they are too hot not enough cache

etc. I wouldn't pay the huge premium they seem to want

for the quad core it isn't even close to worth the added cost

nothing wrong with competition but I wonder if thats coming

at the cost of security and truthfulness in advertising start

treating the customers as if they can't read and you may end

up costing both companies sales not to mention making any

one who has to fix these things on day to day basis very unhappy.

Beavis and Butthead in London jihad

Alan Donaly

I thought they said bumblers.

I read that story on yahoo! I saw bumblers not bombers

oh well. Whoohoo! Thomas go babe you tell em especially

that part about them making things much nastier which they

have the thing is so transparent it was the theme of

every Orwellian paranoid fantasy of government as con artist

and we are supposed to not see, try again only this time hire

some real terrorists, this sort of thing is terribly insulting to our intelligence. Of course if they go too far we might start asking

why they haven't done something real about the problem we couldn't

have that could we. Poison food, horrible slow reactions to disasters

that kill hundreds of thousands, homeless families, really

non-existant health care in the US, soldiers sent back to war

over and over till they finally do get killed or lose a limb (seen

plenty of those) none of these things matter as much as the mad

bumblers.Get a rope.

Intel releases Core 2 chip Bios fix

Alan Donaly

OS will survive

My mobo will be an intel let them patch it

I will then use it the same as always if they do

it's a little silly to worry about these things in

advance they simply have to be fixed download

the latest bios and flash it to bios chip my current

computer has had six revisions I never paid for any

of them but I got them just the same. No it's never

easy for the kernel guys to work around all the

stupid errata but they will anyway.

Microsoft finds good facts to sell Windows Vista

Alan Donaly

remember you were told

I seem to remember some people not likeing

the fact you had to register your OS with MS when

xp came out now you see the results of this allowing them

to tell you what to do, and by being stupid about Linux

and how quickly MS has abused it's facts for hire

program into the ground "get the lies" advertising

is just a useless PR widget now if they had even come close

to delivering the goods they could still use it. I won't

lie I hate Microsoft even if I had to use the equivalent

of OS2 on this computer I wouldn't go to one of their

operating systems. HATE HATE HATE KILL KILL KILL MS!

Bush on cyber war: 'a subject I can learn a lot about'

Alan Donaly

what difference

It doesn't make any difference if it's goverment sponsered

or not it's just more crap ddos I find it amusing that like 16 year

old script kids, governments can't find anything better to

do with their anger than make the internet a bit noisier. It's

just childish nonsense, IT will simply have to fix it. Oh well at

least it keeps some of us employed.

US dial-a-warrant spy judge: don't trust President, feds

Alan Donaly

Thats your problem.

Sorry to say it and I hope you won't take this

in a hostile way but this

" (Aside: Brits and other non-US readers should note that the American debate is entirely regarding the privacy rights of Americans. There isn't much doubt that the NSA can listen to our phone calls and read our emails without let or hindrance...)"

is completely your responsibility to fix you have your

own counterintelligence agencies if they don't do anything

to safeguard your privacy from foreign agents they aren't

doing their jobs. This isn't really a game any government

can afford to stay out of.

Is that YouTube clip you just watched booby trapped?

Alan Donaly

where did it come from

Flash content is used by advertisers

every day is this a new threat or an old

one Google knows about advertising

they know how to keep this from happening

notice we haven't

heard of this before I would think it was fairly

common if it were easy to accomplish Elreg

knows all about corrupted ad servers this

seems like that sort of exploit.

Windows Vista aligned with good management practice

Alan Donaly

It's not safer

I notice a clinker in their I have yet to see any safety

improvement in this new operating system over xp.

Granted if your organization is too stupid to switch

to something else then I guess you probably buy the

rest of this paid advertisement for MS doom.

Bush official goes nuclear in Net Neut row

Alan Donaly

hell die anyway in the US

Won't make any difference the way insurance

companies manipulate health care hell be

operated on and sent home and die the next day.

Happened to my brother they call it drive by

operating it's also called death by

spreadsheet. Try to understand everything is screwed

up here the internet is the least of our worrys.

How to counter premature optimisation

Alan Donaly

to sum up

This article is just plain wrong. I use

all the previous comments as evidence.

No faster systems do not mean you

don't have to optimise code you

have no idea where something

may eventually have to run or

what it may have to run with no

program runs alone no system

has infinite resources don't be

so silly.

Russian trouble makers find Quicken backdoor

Alan Donaly

There isn't any way to secure.

I don't know how many times this has to be

proven to people there is no way to safeguard

data on computer the only way to make it safe is

to store it somewhere else. If you need it and

you can't get it it's useless so password recovery

is essential people complain about this are missing

the point again, permanently locked up data is

not secure it's lost the fact you can blame the user

still doesn't make it secure it's still lost. You wouldn't

call a program that crashed and burned taking your

data with it secure would you so why this specious

pretense that you should have no way to recover

lost passwords it's the same.

Welcome to Xanadu-on-Thames

Alan Donaly


Oh they do that for everything in Texas

murder, slavery, torture, child prostitution.

In fact the only thing the party in power can't

do is take bribes and not share them.

Teenagers prefer mobiles to sex

Alan Donaly

earth to geeks

I have some news for you guys who never

got any anyway teenagers use those damn

mobile phones to get laid thats what all that

furious texting is about of course so "do without

mobile or sex" more like do without mobile

and sex for those too stupid to know that everything

teenagers like is used to facilitate having sex meeting

partners hooking up thats what it's for isn't it.


Woman cleans keyboard... in dishwasher

Alan Donaly

keyboard washing


I needed a good laugh thanks all of you.(High

squeakie voice I have been doing this for years)

great it's like elreg asked geeks to parody themselves

and they did en mass chorus "just throw it in the dishwasher

" perfect.

Texas cops taser diabetic seizure man

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Rock star says piracy battle is lost

Alan Donaly

they keep messing it up

Talk of p2p reminds me,

this is off topic but I was worried that maybe that new

security feature the no exec bit within the new intel processors

would also be used for DRM however as it turns

out for duo chips at least this is not true as the noexecute

bit only works for one core not both (strue I read it in the errata)

how useful at least one core is safe from overflow exploit or reverse

engineering . The company has no plans to fix the problem heh!

eBay jewellery store fined $400,000 for shill bidding

Alan Donaly

ebay jay walkers

All the people fencing stolen goods on ebay millions a year

and taking money and not delivering any goods and they bust

this Jewelry store for shill bidding please if it's too high don't

bid how hard is that if it's not who cares if I don't care enough

to save myself some money I am an idiot whether I am bidding

against a shill or not this is just stupid.


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