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Is VMware too close to Linux?

Alan Donaly


Nobody wanted to deal with this and still no one does

it's not a happy thing and pretty soon all hell will break

loose copywrite holders are going to have the final

say on this when it comes to Linus et al they aren't

so inflexible but you can bet if it turns out vmware is

breaking the rules they will be forced to see reason.

Look nobody wants anyone out of business for using

Linux nobody sane anyway but the community

expects their contributions will remain open source

otherwise they won't make them they also expect the

license under which their work is distributed be honored

if it isn't they will have their answer. Of course vmware

could pay them all off but that would be cheating.

US phish feeder jailed for seven years

Alan Donaly

some cowboy

Yeah some cowboy might track him down

course when your ninety plus years old like

the median aged Arizonan it's tough to shoot


Shark 2 dumbs down Trojan creation

Alan Donaly


asshat troll I know better than to feed you but the last thing anyone in Linux land wants is more zombie windows boxes because while it slows the interwebs down to a crawl those people are totally unaware anything is wrong and we suffer too we still get the spam our sites still get ddosed and our grannies still have their cc information stolen we may think you should switch none of us think you should be victimised thats kind of the point troll to not let people be victimised and we have to fight crap FUD and corporate swill all the time to try and help it's shit but we never stop it's too important to stop. What this trojan kit basically does is allow one trojan author to distribute his trojan in slightly different ways but the code is good and will cause a lot of grief I hope it can be tracked and the douche arrested soon.

MS cuts Xbox 360 prices Down Under

Alan Donaly

grape paperclip string

The wii is for those who are not terribly bright

it's like a cat toy for people bright lights and

motion and yes I find that amusing finally a

game for those who can't read or think.

Ex-CA boss Kumar checks in for 12 year sentence

Alan Donaly

35 day month

Why didn't I think of that it's perfect, kind

of obvious really he went to jail for being easily detected no I don't suppose anyone will hire him again unless they are very sloppy in their hiring practices why when there are so many tried and proven ways of fiddeling the books that are incredibly hard to discover did this ding dong

do it that way.

Microsoft delivers critical fixes for Windows, IE and Excel

Alan Donaly

aaah so!

now we know who the people are who own the bots

very right you are to get angry at people making fun

of your ignorant MS using ass if they find out it's you

you may lose your internet connection and have to

do something like let those patches roll for a change.

Sorry to tell you this MS doesn't release these things

for their health they have to you are a target and you

will always be a target, have a nice day.

MySQL defends paid tarball decision

Alan Donaly

missing the point

There is no sales benefit in this if you buy it you get the

source you may improve on it for yourself or you won't

but the added value is your responsibility in other words

you don't get any community support no outside help

and for most applications there won't be any need for

source code so basically this means nothing and is

off putting to open source shops who want the free outside

help (one of the reasons to be open source) all in all

it's the kind of desperation I wouldn't expect from MySQL AB

you can do what you want don't expect it will do anything

but give your competition another selling point.

Motorbike crash man fails to notice loss of leg

Alan Donaly

leg gone I guess

I tracked this down from reuters

"The man and his leg were taken to a hospital, but the limb had been crushed in the collision, the paper said."

OK what paper if the guardian got this from reuters I think

they have all been duped anyone speak japanese and read

Tokyo newspapers.


if Reuters can be believed and many times it can't he didn't get

his leg sewed back on. Reuters stories all seem a little flakey.

Upskirting Dutch bloggers head for court

Alan Donaly

public spirit rewarded

Here they are just trying to render a public service and get pinched in the process, right well peeking up skirts from below is at best left for short duration single unobserved and undocumented activity it's not going to get you much else but chokey anywhere but in japan(where apparently they tolerate it) in Scotland for example it may very well cause blindness.

Yahoo! tops! Google! on! customer! satisfaction! survey!

Alan Donaly

keep doing it!

It's how we know it's a yahoo story from the register

and it's appropriate for the stupid Yahoo! name! the

only thing Yahoo! is good for is email, free email and

in that area anyway they do beat gmail just because

the interface is less crowded and more obvious. Search

wise please yahoo couldn't find it's own ass with both


NASA comp fails to produce flying cars

Alan Donaly


engine noise cuts out and lights begin to flicker

momentarily an orange danger sign on the dash

and then plummeting earthward towards an all

but empty concrete motorway and all you can think

about is that envelope you got in the mail yesterday,

you didn't read marked "urgent, product recall information


Buffer the Overflow Slayer v. the ActiveX Files

Alan Donaly

so they still haven't learned

I believe it would upset me had I used this

in a game and people were advised to kill it

and yet it would probably be my fault for

using an activex control in the first place

they are all defective.

Las Vegas judge sacked for MySpace page

Alan Donaly

I'm sure he didn't mean it

Judges tend to be on the prosecutors team

most of the time only occaisionally will they

kick them really hard for being unprepared.

Cops taser crap-smeared Oz clubber

Alan Donaly

he deserved it

I'm sorry he was drunk and stupid and deserved to be pepper

gassed , tasered and washed with a fire hose. I'd have had to wash him

anyway you can't stick something like that in your cruiser without

touching it hopefully they had a paddy wagon there to transport him.

Spammers debut FDF spam

Alan Donaly

no no no

No not everyone is so intelligent no

it's a really bad time to invest in anything

and I think probably if you try hard you can

figure out that yes it is useful to spam

otherwise they wouldn't do it. Quite a

lot of spam has other motives apart

from advertising it's also used for phishing

and for creating zombies for botnets.

I have just come from reading about the

subprime meltdown and there is really

going to be a mess soon it's bad it's going

to get worse stupid stupid bankers.

Drunken German joyrider totals 300 chickens

Alan Donaly

I have to say it

Where is the IT angle to this story?

and also poor chickens never get a


XenSource calls VMware a cash-hogging automobile

Alan Donaly

Xen or vmware

No virtual anything is that useful this is all a load of

hypothetical crap there isn't a problem in crying

need for these solutions admit it they aren't required for

anything.Who got all dreamy eyed over these needless

abstractions we have enough of those more is simply

playing with yourself.

Free software darling SugarCRM blasts OSI

Alan Donaly


First it was dog sex and now felching what next

dog felching this site is getting pretty raunchy

great lets keep it up.

Alan Donaly

who are they to approve anything

Good for sugarCRM and anyone else who does their own thinking it's the way it should be these pseudo organizations are just more crud they don't do anything I am greatful there are licenses in the world so that I can slap one on and forget it but OSI thinks I ought to be bound by their schedule fuck them and everyone that thinks like they do. Look there

are those who have software and those who don't and those who don't need to shut the fuck up.

Taking the trade out of tradeshows - start-ups set for failure

Alan Donaly

bitch bitch bitch

You have a job don't you (maybe) your

not dead but all you do is bitch no more

beer for you Ashlee it makes you a mean

drunk and a whiner. Take your dog and go


ATI driver flaw exposes Vista kernel

Alan Donaly

it's all gone then

Purple pill is all gone then you can't perhaps find it

in bittorrent or other places on the internet it's not

being cloned and improved as I write this or anything

. I would laugh but I am sick of the whole video driver

scene those vid card manufacturers need a good swift

kick by everyone.

Web designer-turned-hacker avoids jail

Alan Donaly

again with the hacker

Doesn't seem like any hacking was required

here web designers don't just turn hacker

just like interior designers don't just turn

structural engineer it's a steep learning

curve and this is simple fishing for documents

which if they hadn't been there would never have

been found.

Another 1,400 Sony batteries sent for slaughter

Alan Donaly


Time to redesign the damn battery or the manufacturing

process this is just too much stupid to be a temporary

flaw in fabrication like not enough of something in bin

1 or too much allowed on batch 13 it's a real problem

what do they get out of these recalls that they want to

continue them.

AT&T censors Pearl Jam's anti-Bush sing-along

Alan Donaly


Whats the matter with you scumbag journalists it's

Pearl Jam one of the best of the best you tone deaf

piece of crap. First it's Ashlee (am I a man?) Vance

dog humping fantasy and now putting down righteous

music you all need to be pilloried and set loose in

in the castro district naked and greased. Keep your

unqualified opinions to yourself they suck.

French teen held over online Potter translation

Alan Donaly


I would these morons would stop making victims no

I don't see any organized crime in translating bloody

harry potter to french it's just not a mob type of crime

if the stinking publisher would get on the stick and get

the translations done in a timely manner this wouldn't

be an issue bunch of crap.

The romance and mystery of a good hack

Alan Donaly

let machine have his say

I think they may be getting better, this blog

entry was also pretty good nice to see someone

be able to cope with simple journalist duty instead

of trying to create a news story. Of course this is

a pretty cool thing to cover so no need to create content.

US rules vote swapping legal

Alan Donaly

look at what they do

Look at the way they vote they aren't doing anything that they said they would it's just that all politicians work for corporations all of them and so voting is not required to get the same result just elect someone.

National Express bus kingpin ditches biofuel trial

Alan Donaly

I think I'm gonna drink it

No offense to anyone trying to solve this

dilemma but you can see how pointless

it is to try and get anyone to agree to anything

until it's too late so I think being on the downhill

slide I will just drink the ethanol properly

filtered and mixed of course and the cars will

be nice statuary for our mass open air graveyard.

You see nobody will be able to sustain the number

of people currently alive and since thats the case

well all die of hunger sooner rather than later

even wars won't be much without gas. In

other words "thats it then were all going to die"

Desktop Linux: That dog will mount

Alan Donaly


Ashlee what the fuck is this dishonest shit your spouting, I have been using a Linux desktop for years no problem and it will keep grammas PC nice and clean of malware and it's just as easy to set up and no she won't understand it but so what she doesn't understand Vista either.Look if all you can do is think of dry humping dogs you are badly in need of detox.

I know some man in a nice car (with redmond tags) spotted you an eightball don't go down this road there is no future in it.

Feds cuff 18 in $126m pharmacy bust

Alan Donaly

so the crime was?

I guess the fact they only got paid three dollars was

the crime too cheap would it have been better if they

had been paid more. Something about this looks more

like an RIAA raid than a drug enforcement operation.

UK.gov publishes alien sightings list

Alan Donaly


After reading the posts and the traffic light surmises

I am beginning to believe in aliens again though

the guy who stated it was an airplane was proabably

right people try to ascribe all sorts of foolish and inapplicable

things to UFO sightings it's no more valid than the

UFO's themselves (and much less interesting) if your

tiny intellect can't come up with anything better to

explain away the aliens stop trying it's embarassing.

Intel wins at Monopoly, grabs $60bn unfairly - says...

Alan Donaly


Intel only dumps some of their line low to

mid products the high end is still incredibly

high and won't really come down stack that

up against AMD who keep all their prices

high and never lower them take too long to

deliver chips and you can see why Intel

wins, the shear ability to shit out chips

that at least kind of work in almost no

time should not be discounted I don't

see this as a monopoly game it's true

if your big it helps but they don't have

to do anything underhanded to sell chips.

Scientists explain Saturn's mysterious, moonless ring

Alan Donaly


Gentlemen coats, march!

Intel revolted by its own 'insensitive and insulting' ad

Alan Donaly

racism is alive and well

It appears from all the shallow "this isn't racism" comments

that you fail first of all to see the ad and second of all to know

what racism is or what it means probably because you are all

too young to remember when it was in fact the law of the land in the

US and pretty much no where else but SA I assure you there are still

people who do remember and they will take offense at this ad

you all should not be so ignorant but apparently you failed to understand

history at school if they bothered trying to teach it to you at all.

US cracks down on mod-chippers

Alan Donaly

what a waste of money

Meanwhile drugs keep on coming in through our borders

ICE and everything else black tar heroin anyone this is just

another case of someone being in pay to the media conglomerates

and on the government payroll who gives a rats ass about mod chips

for console games what a crock.

Teachers vote to ban internet

Alan Donaly

I'm against it

Teachers afraid of internet because they don't know how to use it effectively are unaware they can make it do whatever they want think it's a big searchable tv aren't aware of programable nature of the medium can't figure out how to block video sites can't figure out they can control everything the students do and create some of what they see it's dirt simple and they still haven't done it what a bunch of fools.

Google: Kill all the patent trolls

Alan Donaly

How about..

Making third hand patents unenforceable in other

words not trasferable past one purchase it would

make it less likely that a patent troll could get large

numbers of actionable patents take some of the

profit out of it and still allow at least one sale it would

also cut down on corporate patent hoarding for those

that didn't originate in house they would be worthless

unless used.

NASA ponders manned near-Earth asteroid visit

Alan Donaly

Normally I'd care but

I don't think anyone is dumb enough to go, our space program (choak cough wheeze) is just like the rest of our benighted society so full of mediocre clueless incompetents that they couldn't design a spaceship like the one required for this mission if their lives depended on it and it's pretty obvious. Forget about eduacation lets have more religion in the classroom waybe we can pray ourselves out of economic slavery to the Chinese.

The cold, cold heart of Web 2.0

Alan Donaly

What is web 2.0 used for

even this form sucks for some reason it launched without me wanting it to or hitting enter or anything. I just don't get web 2.0 I don't use it in my websites because I don't ever notice a crying need for it it's just another unreliable client side hack I have seen too many I am tired of them.

eBay rethinks firearms policy

Alan Donaly

I never thought of it

This always struck me as one of those purchases

that if you made it would come with an ATF agent

attached no guns but accessories used to be

OK not surprising really it is hard on collectors

but they are not without their other venues to use.

Boffins use nets of carbon to snare toxic gases

Alan Donaly

how does he know

"We see no reason why the same cannot be done successfully with graphene. This is only the first step on the route to commercial graphene-based sensors but the road ahead is clear,"

How many times have we heard this only to find the researcher is dead wrong extrapolating beyond your data, go directly to jail

,do not collect two hundred dollars. Other than this a completely

different and mostly conjectured technology there is no difference,

idiot even I know better than that.

Linkedin spurns bug bounty hunter

Alan Donaly

Blackmail is how business is done

Almost all of medical care is extortion

nearly every bit of insurance especially

vehicle insurance is blackmail actually

so what makes this any worse taxes

are extortion on and on almost anything

that people are forced to do to safeguard

others has to be sold to them in a strongarm

way given a choice the average businessman

will choose to not safeguard his customers

so you don't give him any choice this doesn't

make you a bad person it's just reality live with


Worm eats music on infected PCs

Alan Donaly

Don't get it.

What flash drives come flying out of your butt, and

infest your computer I was going to be mean and point

out Linux doesn't get this but there is no real reason anyone

should have this problem.

'Predator' Microsoft applies to give itself cancer

Alan Donaly

Trying to make fantasy reality

Fantasy MS has patents that can be enforced

against OSS projects. Reality no such patents

exist but if they open up some of their code

maybe that will allow some infringment to take

place either way it's just a bunch of crap I don't

want anything they have they can give me the

source it's not going to change that.All I want is

for them to die.

Oracle's got a giant Red Hat fork coming, says spaceman

Alan Donaly

Get a grip

Who cares if it's like everything else oracle does it will cost the earth and be so big you'll need another computer just to run your first one please fud is only believable if it comes from quality not just another widget company like oracle what next threatening us with Microsofts version of Linux it's the same thing none of these companies can get out of their own way anyone using this will fin it's costing them more and it runs the same on more expensive hardware same shit different day.

Intel responds to EU's anti-trust statement

Alan Donaly

if you can't play with the big dogs get off the porch.

Yeah AMD was ruined put out of business...

no they weren't they ate Intel market share for 12 solid quarters WTF,

if they could continue to

innovate and keep cost down they can win someone

sold them this legal remedy it doesn't help anyone.

Intel makes good hot chips so can AMD why don't

they just do it and stop this ridiculous legal show.

Firm finds danger in dangling pointers

Alan Donaly

I know no bug free but

This is a pretty standard dumb programing error

storing pointers in unreachable places so the compiler

can't do it's job is a C programing 101 first program

kind of mistake

these instances prove you are never too experienced

to make a beginners error.

Cat senses impending death

Alan Donaly

It's not what you think

Cats look for places to lie up during the day if disturbed they will go elsewhere and not come back they sleep a lot most of the day and in

your house they are constantly being annoyed in this case no one bothered him there since people generally won't go long without disturbing the cat if they are even slightly mobile even if asleep he more than likely watches for a bit if nothing moves even a hair he settles in until people once again chase him out. Or he could be the spirit of death I know I wouldn't want him in my room "shoo scat I am not ready to go".

US gov's flying laser hit by delays, problems

Alan Donaly

Sick of this brand of swill

Right lasers in converted passenger aircraft not a complete walkover for any sam you can mention even countries like Iran can shoot down this thing easily. We have crowd frying microwaves (not too good against bullets or rocks) what else can these completely stupid assholes come up with that makes the US look worse than it is honest were not all this dumb

well Im not anyway.

Red Hat flags OSI offenders on partner site

Alan Donaly

corporation != paragon of virtue

Look it's red hat they have done some amazing

work with getting a great many things out of the

OS basement and making them available "for

their own profit" which as a corporation is what

they do what they don't do is represent the

community they are a company their opinions

are their own their goals are those which they

think will make them the most money. They don't

want their distribution of Linux to be a desktop

system there are some this ain't one they cater

to servers almost to the exclusion of all else

it's what they know, so they are enterprise centered

which means among other things they have to be

flexible about such things as licenses, so what? The

people using it are using it to make money I don't

think their motives are OS initiative aproved either.

I see this look they don't actually believe in OS they

are just like us attitude, bullshit they aren't even close

the Microsoft , Oracle , IBM type of corporations

make money by stealing it and slavish dweebs

are stuck licking their nuts if it weren't for red hat we

would have had to work very hard to do the things

they have done for us and all those corporations

that constantly use that OS software believe it or not.


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