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Warez land man 30 months in prison

Alan Donaly

Finally we got "the" pirate

This guy must be the juarez king he must be one

of the most guilty of all copyrighted materials

thieves, a despicable desperado of warez. This

is just plain funny at this rate your chances of

being caught doing this are just about nil before

you die from a sedentary lifestyle anyway. What

were their qualifications for the arrest no friends

or family not enough money for a lawyer what?

Pentagon: Chinese military hacked us

Alan Donaly

of course there are trolls here

When I see at least two people have answered amanfromars "criticisms?" considering he is just a script/dada engine/AI and although he's gotten better he's still a little out there we have just too many gullible folks reading this for there not to be a ton of trolls. There is blood in the water what do you expect.Anybody who wants

to know about the time honored tradition of trolling can look the word up at wikipedia they have a nice long article about it there.

No I am who I say I am I don't care what you think.

Venezuela plans crackdown on bloody silly names

Alan Donaly

we seem to be getting treated

to quite a few of these name problem stories

and today I met two people with funny names

strange I guess I normally wouldn't notice.

As for the Superman don't you suppose thats

a gag you just have to fill out a form to vote

trying to come up with a suitable ID at the

polling place might be tough though. I have

never met a Superman I know an Elvis but

his real name is Scott.

Virgin Galactic inks passenger training deal

Alan Donaly

For the first time

in their tight fisted money grubbing little lives,

these rich bastards, will be positively patient.

This change of character brought on by

the prefright training

and just the whiff of the idea of simply launching

their asses into the side of a mountain to get

rid of them. We wouldn't do that would we?

Space? Er.. yah sure were going to space sign


Kung fu monks battle gobby net ninja

Alan Donaly

We need to teach the shaolin


can you imagine how delighted five minutes

must be I bet he doesn't care anything about

a lawsuit either.

Voting machines ditch ballots in Scotland

Alan Donaly

Did it make a difference

There is already information on why these electronic voting setups

are by their very nature insecure but for the purposes of this

story it would be nice to know if all it did was kick out random

votes or did it favor one side in other words was this intentional

or was it one of our little electronic buddies having fun with the

humans as they put it.

Russia plans 2025 Moonbase, 2035 Mars shot

Alan Donaly

I don't think

I would voluntarily go there it seems sort of bleak but

then their russians what do they know from bleak.

Aussie scam artist rides bank computer glitch to $9m overdraft

Alan Donaly

Making mistakes

we make mistakes we have to pay for them, they make mistakes we have to pay for them, they loan someone too much we have to bail out the bank not the shlub who got the loan and now has no money and no place to live seems like they get breaks and we get broken I hope they never see a dime.

eBay hard drive spills out governor's campaign documents

Alan Donaly

Andy shut up

I live in Kansas we don't need any extra help looking stupid

Apparently there was absolutely nothing wrong with the drive

so what was the fools problem I assume it was formatted for

XP just shove it in your PC du jour and install Linux over it and

no one will ever find your old files. Seagates are tough to break

I killed a Gateway with one once dropped it the full tower length

into the bottom graphics card and that was that though I still

have the drive three years later and it still works fine.

Attackers turn Bank of India site into malware bazaar

Alan Donaly

School doesn't teach this

India has some decent technical schools but they don't teach how to develop safe websites or how to avoid a phishing scam infosec is an up to the minute total immersion experience needed activity they need to import some weasels from here to help them while they learn is all no big deal if all else fails hire any russian web master you can find if he's currently employed he's got the experience anyway.

Moller touts flying-saucer hovercar, again

Alan Donaly

Didn't El Reg do this too.

I seem to recall this site having a moller flying car writeup at some point in the not too distant past actually I am never wrong you did and people beat you up with it so now you just have to scream they did it too look look those bastards how can they be so thick. Oh well your right but try to be fair in your bastard calling.

Cops cuff man for burning Burning Man man

Alan Donaly

How did this happen

How did some jerks burning of burning man early and ruining the fun at the festival turn into an Crowley discussion he wasn't known as a political theorist do what thou wilt was his personal motto and he lived by it he thought it clever, so what what does that have to do anarchy. Doing without government ie ruling yourself is anarchy, I realize some people can't get thinking for yourself or controlling your own actions those people should be sterilized.

Are you serious about security?

Alan Donaly

apples and oranges

People really need to differentiate between servers always running always connected to the world and desktops not always on and not always connected to the world and even if they are connected they don't have the same speed or volume of activity in both directions that servers do. You also need to monetize the use of the server is more expensive and more desirable than that of the average PC desktop the whole idea behind root kits is to be able to use a server for your own purposes not stop it cold not even to spy on it but to literally deliver a payload to all the clients root kitting is difficult the easily obtained ones are just as likely to destroy the servers setup as deliver it secretly usable. It's like picking a trolls pockets it's nearly always worthwhile but it's not easy and if you get caught you may end up eaten. In other words it's not an activety thats normally left to automation because automation doesn't work that well while your average desktop isn't really that hard to compromise and isn't worth that much so if you beat the automation your probably safe Linux beats the automation most of the time but not server class special human lead attacks no one is perfect on that score so comparing the levels of security doesn't really make any sense got it.

China slaps ban on reincarnation

Alan Donaly

been smoking something

The Chinese gov is a typical example of people who have no

clue trying to run the most complex system ever to evolve they

are not really cognizant so anything they say is as valid as modem


Storm Worm descends on Blogger.com

Alan Donaly

extra email footer

Bloggers machine may need to be compromised it seems that it could

be I doubt a bot would keep putting the same links over

and over on the same site unless it did so every time the

blogger logged in for every entry similar to the way free

email accounts add advertisements to the foot of the senders

message and he never views it in his browser a nice neat spammerly

way to include a link to the storm binaries.Email is the devil never

trust it.

Aussie serves up feral cat casserole

Alan Donaly


If you have ever smelled a cat box you know there is nothing good

inside a cat the meat probably vaguely smells and tastes of kitty and yuck this sort of person is just to be humored no one is going to eat the feral cats kill them maybe eat them, noo! I don't believe that there is any possible way to get rid of the cats there are too many they are too smart and unless you kill all the creatures they eat you won't stand a chance.

Republicans hammer Brit artist's Bush

Alan Donaly

Taking something good

taking an ordinarily positive thing and turning it into this creatures

visage is blasphemous. He should have gotten different pictures with different values of dogshit to make this picture otherwise it's just using skin to make skin tones not terribly hard or that brave. I don't

think that using the pixel content of the victims of this cold, heartless, cretinous, despicable, murdering bastard in that way is proper respect for the dead though that too would have made a accurate statement.

US teen trades hacked iPhone for Nissan 350Z

Alan Donaly

I had never heard

of Certicell before, now I have which means so have

probably a million or so others I doubt those phones

and that car are worth anywhere near the money

that this kind of exposure is worth to a small company,

and it's pres so it's a great deal it just required the right

bait. All of this is probably incredibly embarrasing to ATT

and Apple but being who they are they might not notice.

Old timers boozing themslves into oblivion

Alan Donaly

Have you considered

the alternative no there isn't one joyfull good health is not

an option you are going to get sick and die someday let them

do it their own way and shut up.

Pesky hack divulges Intel's 'Project Copy Hypertransport'

Alan Donaly

finally some good news

We should be dancing in the streets over this were finally

getting rid of that stupid fsb bottleneck everywhere not

just AMD. I think this will be bigger than most people

realize just my dos centavos.

AT&T turns screws on iPhone unlocker

Alan Donaly

lot of money

I am not rich or even close but the things you have to do to

unlock this are not even remotely safe for your 600 dollar

phone hardware hacking is all well and good and a lot of

fun but this seems a little over the top "ATT bad as it can be"

may not be the worst outcome for most people I don't get Apples'

marketing strategy on this it seems crazy.Who do you suppose

thought this alliance was a good thing these companies aren't

terribly compatible in their outlook or customer base.

Gonzo a goner, but NSA surveillance here to stay

Alan Donaly

If you pine for more

of this style of government you can go to many south and central american countries however it doesn't quite work out in the US most of the police don't believe in death squads most of our military isn't interested in supporting generalisimo W you can find some but they are proven to be the same sort that blew up the Murrow building flawed sick creatures our military foolishly employed we have suffered from the psychotic who has been responsible for so many needless deaths and innocent men being incarcerated for years he's now going to his banana republic home and leaves us with a banana republic economy to resurrect and infrastrucure to replace all at once it's our fault I doubt anything we do will make up for it.

iPhone sparks counter measures from Verizon, RealNetworks and MTV

Alan Donaly

acid monkey etchasketch

are the ingredients you need to make the non apple hardware I see people walking around with add to that the fact that none of those companies you mentioned has ever done anything right when it comes to online music downloads and I would put serious money on these guys not doing much to take iTunes market share whatever that is maybe I will be proven wrong but it doesn't look good based on the collective track records of these firms.

IBM faces Second Life strike

Alan Donaly


If it works great but I would have actually had a strike, work slowdown, sick out, planned too just to make sure they understood it was a real action not virtual.

Dell laptops not in the pink after all

Alan Donaly

Once again marketing

I hope they know that this sort of thing is all going on the list of reasons why people don't buy from them anymore no it's not really

required to have a pink laptop however if your marketing goes and hypes it to the public and suddenly you find you can't actually make a pink laptop then your pissing in the wind. Dell try doing a production

run before selling the product that should solve this problem.

Hackers prowl for Trend Micro vuln

Alan Donaly

Hard to resist

So a program designed to protect servers is allowing them to be owned and there is a fix but as always some haven't applied it probably I wonder vulnerable they would be without server protect at all.

How to case high-profile targets without really trying

Alan Donaly

there is a tasty scam here

I just know it but I am too tired to figure it out right

now maybe later it will come to me something along the lines those Chinese industrial espionage spys were running ie targeted spamsploits this just makes that easier than it should be but there

is more meat here than that.

Hotmail hack punts person in peril scam

Alan Donaly

I have had maybe 10

passwords and usernames for slashdot and never

used them before I forgot what they were how do

people do it.

Sun boots workstation roots in favor of JAVA ticker

Alan Donaly

Sun sells hardware

Suns use and abuse of JAVA is pretty well known but I thought they made their real money in hardware these days at least it won't matter at all because the only people currently active in the NASDAQ and NYSE are pros those 300 up/down days are shaking the idiots out of the market pretty quickly you would need to be drunk to buy their stock anyway.

AOL ID thief faces 7 years

Alan Donaly

what a waste

What energy and planning ability these people went the whole way even making fake atm cards twentythree and he's doing this whats he going to be up to when gets out If he doesn't go legit were in trouble pretending to watch him doesn't help either.

Forensics expert sacked for DNA-testing husband's underpants

Alan Donaly

this is stupid

How does she know it's a womens DNA did she

match it against someone. Dangerous in that

she's delusional and has authority similar to

a rabid policeman or a psychotic judge


Gunplay fingered for internet slowdown

Alan Donaly

cogent network shot

You know if you trace the route that cogents network takes

it does go through London and that backbone those boneheads

shot is the most likely link west to the stuff located on the west coast

of the US so conceivably it could have made some sites there slower

to respond it's a small interconnected world after all and jack asses

now can mess with you from all over.

Livid woman torches ex-hubby's wedding tackle

Alan Donaly

oh man

this isn't funny that had to hurt real bad stupid woman

he didn't do anything to deserve mutilation she

deserves to spend time in a russian prison.On

second thought no she deserves to still live with

the guy I am sure he has ideas on what to do.

China charges four over Panda worm

Alan Donaly

Panda av is spanish

Panda is a Spanish company this is rather confusing

to me but maybe that is intentional. I don't know is it

OK to tear the fingernails out and crush the testicles

of people who steal games passwords and force them

to write a cleanup program actually if it can do the cleanup

then I think it's best to use it he does know _all_ the

changes his software made to those systems, and others

don't I would question if it is a good thing to continue

to trust any installation that can be attacked in this way

so I don't know that it helps to just fix it back to it's pristene

but vulnerable prior state.

Ukrainian jet setter in world's largest cyber heist?

Alan Donaly

seems impossible

It seems like it would be impossible to trace the original

sellers of the cc accounts I doubt he did it he was a middle

man and my guess is he bought these the same way he

was attempting to sell them still they could get lucky but I

wouldn't hold my breath it could be anyone.

US boffins demo steampunk artificial arm

Alan Donaly

all these gun plus prosthetics

All these gun plus prosthetic arm

referances are disturbing why would

you want to send the poor soldier

back to war after he loses an arm

I figure you lose an arm you have

the right to stop with due honors

not have some death freak

fit you out as a borg.

Adobe exec updates open source group think

Alan Donaly

it costs too much

CS just costs too much to use most of the people I know that

claim to have it haven't really paid for it becuse they don't have the money I just use the gimp it's getting better but from the looks of things it's not much of a contest.

Serial eBay fraudster jailed for two years

Alan Donaly

Why should this particular idiot

be singled out ebay is an insecure joke and a good place to get

fleeced It doesn't undermine my faith in ecommerce I think real

online stores are fine but that whole ebay/paypal auction thing is

a farce let him go do it some more maybe some people will finally

get the hint and get their stuff from the real sellers but no they won't

because just like him it doesn't matter what happens they aren't bright

enough to twig to the whole cause and effect thing.

Google pinches fewer pennies in video shutdown

Alan Donaly

no harm in changing

tune it was stupid in the first place I doubt those

cc details were different at all for most people. When you are

as large as Google you can expect your share of lawsuits how

many months has MS gone without a litigation and they are

far more culpable for most of the crap they get accused of.

Not a bad reaction time for a complete screw up nice to know

there are times when even Google gets the message.

Storm Worm of a thousand faces

Alan Donaly

This needs to stop

I get sick of law enforcement doing nothing about this sort

of thing and spending all it's resources busting chip moders

and other "violent criminals" I call bullshit on them if they say

they can't find out who is responsible and burn them alive

like they deserve.

Girls prefer pink: official

Alan Donaly

How many

of these kind of logic blind people go on to create

real studies for the pharmaceutical industry for

example. I seem to see a similarity in some of the

false correlaries and sloppy science that indicate

quite a few one more reason our civilisation is doomed

Google and Sun tag team MS Office

Alan Donaly


OO runs mostly on Java and I have to tell you a new computer would make it run very quickly indeed the problem lies in the gui libraries available for JAVA they either load slowly then run at a decent speed or load fast but can't keep up the good news is with a moderately priced new PC it runs like greased lightning it's the one area where you do see some serious speed up I also use Eclipse same gui libraries and it's like night and day. As for their respective feature sets I don't know I can't spare the time to worry about it the free one works so why bother spending the money for the other.

Google gags Facebook code leaker

Alan Donaly

what tripe

Anyone can code a face book if they want I have ways they would

kill for but I am not considering it secret in any way it's just being creative not really programing as such of course it doesn't hurt to know several other languages to think in sometimes. If it's secret no one can laugh at you is what I think if you had their code all of it I bet you would go WTF,

over and over and also lol, and this is sick. As it is they can hold their heads up till it's needing to be rewritten by other coders not their friends and they will laugh.

Boffins issue speeding ticket for FTL photons

Alan Donaly

no more animal sex on El REG!

You guys are making me sick is there any animal

safe from putative thrustings here I understand

some places it's not unusual but this isn't one of those

places please no more beastiality well except when

it's related to physics then it's science.

Gentoo cuts key parts of itself from net for its own good

Alan Donaly

not to worry

Yes these guys are not experts, not making decisions, and don't know what they are talking about, the fact remains though it's easy to get compromised and it's not enough to say well it's just a stupid little blog server or something any weak link in the chain will do as an opening which is why if you are running a server you better have your shit straight

most people BTW who actually make decisions don't look much at the type of OS it is only how it's configured and everything else is just bullshit you eat your dogfood you keep your system updated and your passwords fresh and hard and you watch for your intrusion detection to tip you off, it helps to run nessus once in a while and have snort upgraded

trip wire is good too none of this is optional stuff you get a serious try every couple of days and all the time your being scanned. Please tell me what does any of this have to do with the server operating platform

Oh yes and inevitably someone will get in shit happens welcome to the real world trolls/fanbois.

Warner Bros to remake Enter the Dragon

Alan Donaly

why why why?

How could they be so stupid and still remember to breath

no you can't do this everyone who has seen the original

knows this isn't to be remade rerelease it that would be great

but remake it oh hell no.

NASA: no fix needed for shuttle

Alan Donaly

Im sure it will be all right

Nothing to worry about I am sure it's OK

really well actually it's going to kill you either

way it may as well be on time.

Could Linux become the dominant OS?

Alan Donaly

No no no

you don't get it no we don't need Linux to have the

dominant desktop nor even be the dominant anything

people don't really need to be using computers at all

and they really don't need to inconvenience me by

forcing Linux to pander to stupid people like Ms does

Since pinheads abound the more unfriendly to the

uneducated and ignorant the better no dumbing of

Linux I am sick of this pattern they have their little

Windows nice bloated operating system for stupid people

don't change that.B ark people keep using windows


Chinese firm claims World of Warcraft stole its fonts

Alan Donaly

China copywrite

Well that is rich they haven't done anything but pirate everything they could lay their thieving paws on forever I am sure the chinese court will rule against blizzard thats how things float there nothing to see here move along.

'Law and Order' cop accused of child porn possession

Alan Donaly

spying part swapping

Monkies I wouldn't let one of those critters

near my computer but of course they arent

qualified to do anything with my computer

so I guess thats sort of moot. Lately just having

random porn in your cache is not enough that

we have legal precedent for where were the

kiddie porn files and why was the computer

in the shop was his PC by any chance a porn

bot wouldn't be too hard to prove if you knew

what you were looking for.


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