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Bloke buys supercar 'without proper consent from the wife'

Alan Donaly

I thought I saw this same comment

In a book from 1979 called "Dear sir drop Dead" a history of hate mail through the ages. So it's not terribly original anyway.

TV for those who enjoy massacres

Alan Donaly

It's a really badly made show

They hype all these weapons etc and then demo them in the most meaningless way possible it's not only a stupid show for kill freaks it's also dull dull boring and awful how do they make mayhem so impossibly humdrum to watch I would say if you were trying to keep people from liking this sort of thing leave it alone it will bore them to tears and they will be cured.

Student suspended in gun rights email row

Alan Donaly

disruptive cya

I have noticed schools have a tendency not to react well to current events they overcompensate bringing in all sorts of problems as a result. Trying to cover your ass by revoking dialog is a silly error in judgment it does not promote safety as of course it doesn't keep anyone from doing what you don't want it just isolates them further.It takes all kinds to make a world and this sort of thing doesn't change anything it just attempts to hide it.

Russian spammer murder hoax exposed

Alan Donaly

This is what

I don't get half the world will have read the initial story (IT world) and then read this and go on writing comments as if it happened anyway.

TV giants lock horns with Microsoft and Google over white space wireless play

Alan Donaly

hell yes

Google and MS both smell blood in the water of course they are willing to temporarily band together to make a lot of money if they aren't their stockholders should lynch them these broadcasting companies have owned these same spectra for a long time now it will take some work and plenty of legal juice to get the FCC to allow this.Don't ask where you get legal juice it's really ugly.

Red Hat, Novell sued for patent infringment

Alan Donaly

Just another troll

MS has been playing this stupid game forever propping up SCO for as long as they could now making up lies about redhat and I am pretty sure Novell holds patents MS is infringing on (I also think Novell knows it) patent trolls need to be silenced by outlawing their abuse and Ballmer well we all know the drool farm is fast coming up for him anyway.

Crudware pusher to pay $25,000 to settle charges

Alan Donaly
Gates Horns

dead giveaway

"The messages claimed there were errors in the Windows registry that could result in data loss or corruption unless fixed immediately."

They should have known Windows would never warn you about this spoils the fun.

US regional bank hacked

Alan Donaly
Dead Vulture


Pretty good. The local Commerce branch seems to have always had software problems in comparison to other banks they seem a little lost.

Plods-turned-gumshoes jailed for hacking operation

Alan Donaly


I think these two things are linked the politicians who aren't listening are listening to their corporate contributors who want these things for a variety of reasons they need to be taught in corruption as well voting them out in cycles doesn't do this well enough some people need to go to jail.

Beijing's Olympian censorship machine laid bare

Alan Donaly

They have some rough edges

Their behavior looks suspiciously capitalist and greedy. Having said that they are kind of bent out of shape by expression because they basically bought the lie that if the people knew the truth something would happen or if people criticize then something might change hah! Fat chance they should chill and let the little people squeak nothing will come of it at least as long as they allow their rich to do whatever the hell they want.

This emergency alert has been cancelled by Hotmail

Alan Donaly

There is no good rational for this

you are either delivering email or you are not delivering email maybe they should warn everyone on the sign-up page in big letters we don't deliver mass mailings no matter how mission critical go to Yahoo or Gmail for that. As usual with Ms they like to try to do things in the real world but their sloppy execution always gets them in the end.

Blinkx targets money-hungry video sharers

Alan Donaly
Thumb Up


I assume you will video up the place as soon as possible then. Anyway it's not greed it's need slim profit potential on most sites require any and all avenues be exploited fully I would expect you to know that we still have to eat and drink heavily don't we. If it gets too unsightly you can cut back unlike what happens currently with ad servers.

Apple sued over i-Bricks

Alan Donaly

the update

I think if the update didn't improve the software on the phones it didn't brick it's pretty obvious you can't just shit out real improvements as a pretext for bricking it's too difficult I think there is an insane amount of money riding on their ability to keep the iphone locked down

Admins accuse Microsoft of Draconian Hotmail cap

Alan Donaly
Dead Vulture

I stopped using them altogether

About four years ago a high activity mailing list bounced a bunch of updates off them and closed my account in that case it was because mailman had stopped making allowances for ms-hotmail which insisted on it's own eccentricities and resulted in bounced emails so they canceled delivery to hotmail email addresses about 90 people I think we all went to Yahoo. Microsoft can't do anything by the book they always just expect everyone to make allowances it doesn't work in this case, it should never work. As to spam one a day from five million sources is still too many.

Vulture goes awol from Scottish rescue centre

Alan Donaly


You know he doesn't look like he couldn't kill something to eat if nothing already dead presented it's self.Still road kill wouldn't be hard too hard find for a Vulture they can I have read detect carrion quite some ways away.


Interpol launches worldwide hunt for abuse pics man

Alan Donaly
Thumb Up


I didn't know when I saw this picture this morning that it had been deswirled actually it's nothing to do with polar coordinates that would have flattened it as well it's just a twirl done in an elipse select and damn near impossible to undo right. Anyway I thought he just looked really evil I didn't know about the photo artifacts the story I read didn't include those details. This means it might be harder to spot him as it was I figured people would just run away what with his eyes like that and all.

Lawmaker shows nudie pic to high school seniors

Alan Donaly


sniggering was snickering and buggering at the same time but it just replaced one of the parent words.

First of all tits are always good to see and second what the hell kind of sloppy jackass doesn't check his presentation before he gives it even at a high school who cares what he has to say after that it's obvious he's an idiot.The police arrested a thumb drive, shifty usb appliances I always new they couldn't be trusted.

Money men rubbish spooky fears over 3Com deal

Alan Donaly


Why what next IBM.

Ubuntu chief bids for prima-donna status

Alan Donaly

What exactly is wrong

With OpenOffice and why would anyone want to make it like Eclipse which if you have ever tried to install it's modules you know it's not much fun and it's not as convenient as much used as netbeans why is that considered the way to organize an open source project lets look at what is actually coming out of these projects how usable is the product of their efforts. I see a lot of lip service but how is it it still really sucks to use what the hell are they doing with all that community, all those meetings. I want to see results otherwise it is just a bunch of silly babble and buying of IBM stock which might be profitable for some but not worth much to anyone who wants a usable platform to come out the other side.Maybe I am being to simple possibly we are not supposed to get a good quality tool from all this maybe it's just for testing ideas with let me know and I'll stop paying attention.

Alan Donaly

Mark reminded me

I reinstalled a bunch of stuff among them adblock Mark reminded me that it's kind of important to unblock ads from sites you want to keep, nice job guys keep it up. It's hard to say though how long the present advertising thing will be around after all I suppose MS will copy this module eventually.

Sprint Nextel and Verizon jury trials have Vonage on the brink

Alan Donaly
Dead Vulture

doesn't this seem a bit

like it should have been decided years ago and don't you have to sell a product to be in violation of a patent they are consumers but they don't sell this they use it. Is this a business model patent it seems to me any agreement they made with the switch sellers should cover their customers as well or it means nothing. In other words how can sue someone for just buying gear I thought you had to make and sell it to be in violation.

IBM drops attempt to patent outsourcing

Alan Donaly
IT Angle

I don't think means anything

The guy at the top is a troll and this story is about corporate almost stupidity what are you going to say when someone actually does something dumb.

Jan Baan slices through the 'bullsh*t'

Alan Donaly

@Anonymous vulture

I had a rotten day thanks for the laugh now I just have to figure out how to stop (pills- lunch- markov chain) great just great.

US men wrangle over three-year-old amputated leg

Alan Donaly

bastards stole me leg

Too bad the original owner didn't think of the whole carny side show thing to make money it would have possibly saved his home or at least kept him his storage. I think the county aught to step in and condemn the leg and bury it it's a health hazard.

Boy beats Reaper at 20,000 feet

Alan Donaly

I can understand

wanting to get away having had a bit of that sort of arguing in my own childhood. I hope he doesn't lose too much meat he's lucky to have survived at all of course.

Terror police lock down Soho to smoke out 9lbs of chillis

Alan Donaly

it happens

As a former professional cook I can tell you we got carried away once in a while with how much we made your Thai chef here seems to have been making an enormous batch of this stuff 9lbs is a lot of chilies they are hollow inside so they don't weigh that much per pepper more than likely he was trying to get ahead in his prep and it apparently turned out a bit disruptive. Don't sell the cooking odors short when it comes to chilies it can incapacitate a person with asthma and clear a dining room if you have enough cooking at once.

Alleged CastleCops DDoS botmaster busted

Alan Donaly

This is nice to see

I hope they do a decent job with the rest of the case and do him for a few years it would be no more than he deserves. When their done with it can I have his laptop.

3Com - a company built on ether

Alan Donaly

usr external modems

I am using one right now they never took them off the market as far as I can tell and this seems to work just fine and has for about three months hasn't failed yet. I think maybe you are all a bit poorly informed. Bought it new on line three months ago. Broadband cable is kind of high where I live, and no DSL.

Kiwi boffins prove that booze makes you clever

Alan Donaly

Great news!

I need to get on this right away.

VXers exploit Burma protest to punt Trojan

Alan Donaly


This is a bit of common if obscure news, the technique is common the message is not terribly compelling, or will make a lot of sense to most westerners who are currently ignorant enough to fall for the scam. I think you might have to pull your head out of your entrails a little to know what the email is going on about and if you did that you would also might notice that clicking on addresses in emails you didn't ask for or know the sender of is wrong. This might work better in Asia.

Radiohead lets fans price new CD

Alan Donaly

Hell I'll buy it

and I am not much of a Radiohead fan but I think I will wait a bit that sites snowed under and likely to be for a while if the other bands some perhaps that I like better were to do this I would buy from them too. I think the record companies have been in the customer fucking business too long and need to not make any more sales ever. I believe this for every type of product if I can possibly live without allowing your industry to rip me off I will do so I just don't do victim well.

Boffins: Dark times for application development

Alan Donaly

thats really funny

Business men coding eh, weeell OK lets see em and as for platform wars there are reasons for all of it but what the hell go for it. There are a few serious wrinkles to this coding business but why spoil the fun.

Brute force attack yields keys to Google's kingdom

Alan Donaly

Something to do with a javascript

and long word lists the owners use .name registration for the script and .cn to host the list and all the pages are alphabetic jjhg.html xzc.html.I have been trying to figure out what it does exactly for a couple of weeks it seems to be tied in to links from spam emails using the I'm feeling lucky url encoded query string to unblock known spamvertisers

for that to work it has to be the number one search result it's not supposed to be possible to just dial in a number one search result is it.If it is I want to use it Google better beat me to it.

FTC fines three men $330,000 for pushing spyware

Alan Donaly

tax and accounting

What this amounts to is a tax on spyware not a penalty as they get to keep most of the money and requiring accounting for it and of course a sop to the whining customers. This is exceptionally bad precedent and will cause no end of problems in the future.

Supreme Court examines LG over 'duplicative' licensing claims

Alan Donaly


Doesn't it seem like LG are shooting themselves in the foot with this thing I can think of a lot of reasons why you wouldn't want press this lawsuit starting with everything you want fabricated is going to cost you much more in the future if you can find anyone willing to do it at all.

Channel to Dell - you've lost

Alan Donaly


There is nothing wrong with direct but there is something wrong with Dell. Making a profit for someone else isn't a winner and never has been, the switch over is whats doing in the last of Dells credibility what fucked it's sales up originally was a bad QA and cheap almost no customer support afterward. Their list of mistakes is quite long and short sighted behavior is now utterly crushing them it should be a lesson instead it's being confused as a business model issue which it never has been. Greedy executives will always try to confuse the issue when it's plain their policies are destructive and this is just one more example.

Data for 800,000 job applicants stolen

Alan Donaly


It's not hard to believe the data is lost but 800,000 applied for the job thats pretty impressive for the kind of job it is. With this number is it possible that this may have ceased to be a crime and turned into drudgery there can't be that many who have any credit to speak of anyway so they will have to put their backs into it to glean the good ones if any. I think if your going to be a criminal at least pick a crime thats fun.

So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?

Alan Donaly

Like I would follow rules

Never give a journalist an even break.

Two US computer engineers charged with espionage

Alan Donaly


I think they were thieves and they were trying to sell a product that they sold to the Chinese is what makes this article appear here what with all the mini cold war crap sprouting up for no other reason than basic lack of history knowledge. This isn't the 50's this isn't Mao and we aren't up against uncle Joe.

China plans spaceport number 4

Alan Donaly

theme park?

I saw this a few days ago and I wonder what a Chinese space theme park would consist of.

US Navy to remodel Hitler's San Diego bunker

Alan Donaly

silly waste of money

Fine so we spend money for people not to see unintended swastika from the air like it makes any difference really. As for the airport that isn't like any swastika I have ever seen maybe a half swastika or maybe a little man doing a dance with a bird mask on which makes it almost appropriate for an airport.

Best Buy adds disclaimer to 'secret website'

Alan Donaly

Don't buy anything there

I was the victim of bait and switch there too but the best reason not to buy anything there is that everything costs at least double what you pay on line with shipping included if you can wait three days you can save a lot of money. I have also heard they don't know anything about what their selling but thats common for retail sales staff.

Programming message services in Java

Alan Donaly

Well you convinced me

Jboss is the way to go thanks for the tutorial btw it's about time someone did something like this it is pretty simple but not instantly apparent though the same pattern is repeated for just about everything in ejb.

Red Hat beats Q2 expectations with Linux sales

Alan Donaly

Credit suisse

So is this a win or a loss for credit swiss I could have predicted this and I think other than the world economy slowing down and hurting sales everywhere RH should have a pretty good run in the next year or so.

Symantec accidentally warns of internet meltdown

Alan Donaly

Tats a good descriptive

Every antivirus I ever met seems to work this way since you hate the suspense of waiting for a virus to incapacitate your computer we will simulate this for you for a price the more the money more realistic it is.

Don't get stuck with AJAX, Oracle warns

Alan Donaly

If we had wanted JSF we would have

used it but we didn't. Obviously "backend" integration is very important to this man.

Red Hat plots re-org to deal with JBoss woes

Alan Donaly


If I didn't read this sort of thing I wouldn't have even heard of RHX and I still don't know who exactly it's for. Just because marketing has a new head doesn't mean they couldn't still do some. Thats nice part of a form button and an absolute placed text element obscures the top paragraph of the main page. Not only can they not advertise but they can't create a web page either doesn't inspire confidence in me. On the other hand Maynard is a dumb-shit so they will probably come out of this OK.

Premature exit for GPL test case?

Alan Donaly

why wouldn't they

Just go ahead and honor the license it's far cheaper than a lawsuit there isn't any good reason you have to have be lacking math skills not to be able to see why. Now would they have if they hadn't been called on it no probably not it would have saved them a bit not to but not anymore. Strapped for cash want to get product to market the cheapest way possible thats the name of the game here.

VMware updates take aim at bug swarm

Alan Donaly

infest host OS

According to what I read there is a possibility of gaining the host OS I love abstraction it solves all the problems of the world like unemployment for infosec workers/researchers. Wait till someone roots a high profile high availability vmware installation the wailing will be heard in the streets and the sky will be as blood.

Free-market think tank urges EU to unbundle Windows

Alan Donaly

batteries not included

This seems like a good excuse to charge a markup for the install dvd in addition to the PC not that I have anything against profit it seems a natural evolution. Have to buy the usb and other cables a seperate monitor it's making money by slightly raising the component pieces.


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