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WORLD CUP TRAUMA? Just Streaming Stick a Roku in it


Registering a Roku without a credit card number

Although the default web-based Roku registration process asks for a credit card number, it's possible to register your Roku device without a credit card number by going to the URL https://owner.roku.com/signup-nocc instead of the default http://www.roku.com/link URL. If you registered already with a credit card, you can always call Roku support and ask them and they'll remove the credit card number from your account.


HP forges 32-socket Itanium iron


OpenVMS 8.4 supports a wide variety of Integrity hardware, not just BL8x0 i2 blades

Re: "You cannot slap OpenVMS 8.4, the most current release, on any Integrity machine, and in fact, it is only supported on the BL8X0 i2 blades" <

Actually, OpenVMS 8.4 supports a wide variety of Integrity machines -- see the complete list in the OpenVMS 8.4 Software Product Description at http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/spdalphaintegrity84.pdf



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