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Fujifilm Finepix X100 APS-C camera


It reminds me of a 1940's Leica; and it's even more appealing

For about 50 years I've regretted trading my World War II-vintage Leica with a collapsing 3.5 Elmar lens to a war correspondant who gave me his well-used Nikkormat. While the Niddormat quickly became my favorite camera, I really missed the pocketabily and inconspicuousness of the Leica. Well, cost be damned, the Fuji X100 reminds me of my missing Leica and I believe I'll be able to use it a a truly high-quality take-everywhere camera. And, if you think of what the dollar was worth in the 1950's, the Fuji is still a hell of lot cheaper than my Leica that had been issued to a Luftwaff pilot during World War II.

I'm really looking forward to using the X100; and trading it a few years from now to an even more advanced model that accepts a few other prime lenses with the viewing automatically adjusting to each.

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