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Microsoft bod dreams up 'Star Trek holodeck' games console


Why stop at peripheral images?

A Kinect style positioning sensor combined with a 360 degree projector...

Hunt vows: 'UK will have fastest broadband in Europe by 2015'

IT Angle

Fastest broadband in Europe? Top of the Championship isn't Top of the Premier League.

UK cookie law compliance takes effect today


Re: How this should have been done

I use the "Edit This Cookie" extension in Chrome for this very purpose - great when debugging.

Apple updates iOS, mum on Wi-Fi, battery fixes



You keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Do you mean connectivity?

Flag-waving Lego Canuck soars to 80,000ft



Isn't the Lego man Danish born?

Wannabe Obama replacement tried to hire Ballmer



Red, White and Blue screen of death?

US robochopper cargo skyhook gets another $47m


Optionally Manned

The nice feature of the proposed K-Max version is that you can still have a pilot in the cabin.

Use the AI for simple Point A to Point B resupply mission or assign a pilot if it's more complicated.

I can't see the K-Max being used for MEDEVAC or personnel transport without serious modification though.

Go Daddy sued over email alerts


Looking for an icon

I'm sure we used to have a Troll Alert icon back in the day.

Careless tweets cost lives, warns MoD

Black Helicopters

Keep calm and carry on

Loose Tweets sink Fleets

eBay calls for cheap 4G networks


Results are innacurate

For example, eBay seem to be suggest that the Isle of Man is a mobile not-spot.

This is despite two operators supplying 7.2Mbps connection speeds with Unlimited data plans available.

Android app sales skimpy, sluggish, slack, scanty...


If you don't let folks buy Apps, then App sales will be lower.

A large number of Android tablet owners are currently unable to buy apps via the marketplace, at all, even in the UK.

A search for "This item cannot be installed on your device" will give an idea of how many are affected.

Responses from Google have been slow in coming, stock in nature and haven't provided a solution.

ARM jingling with cash as its chips get everywhere


Good business

These are Q1 figures alone, not a year-long results.

By licensing at relatively low royalty levels, manufacturers are happy to continue to license the technology and less likely to switch architectures.

As a result, as long as ARM based chips are being manufactured, ARM Holdings will continue to watch the royalties roll in.

£50m profit every quarter (assuming each quarter is the same) for the foreseeable future is very nice, thank you very much.

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