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Vodafone AU falls on Easter Sunday


My Internet Service has been great, but their customer service - WORST EVER!

Why? Their terrible My Vodaphone website, and their idiotic "Contact Us" system insist on sending me an email immediately saying that my problem has been solved, and if it hasn't I should contact them via "Contact Us". On one issue recently I did this loop five times progressively showing my increasing annoyance with their service. I never got a response. I don't know if it is because their system meant none of my contacts ever got to a human, or if it is because they just don't give a damn. Calling I got what I needed sorted out, but only after a very long discussion about how the website gives terms and conditions that person answering my call didn't seem to agree with or had to ask someone else about. But since the actual internet service I get is the best for the price available I stick with them. I guess their poor performance in everything other than the actual internet service helps them keep the price down. But if another provider has a similar price/GB I will be jumping.



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