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Mozilla agrees to add DRM support to Firefox – under protest


Re: They never learn

I actually agree with the gist of everything you have said, but Netflix, Spotify, and a couple of others have kind of achieved the Holy Grail of appeasing every one of the content creators, the rights holders, and the general populace who get pissed off with unskippable antipirating bullshit when the only people who see it are the people who have actually bought it. All this seems to do is allow the (potentially) sustainable streaming model to at least die on its own terms, if it comes to it.

I don't see a huge problem with this. As has been pointed out, it's an open source browser and it can be removed...


PlayStation Network credit cards protected by encryption



I still suspect it was unencrypted and this is a halfarsed attempt to fend off the legal action, class action lawsuits and possible criminal prosecution (is it US jurisdiction?) that would lead from them admitting that they were storing credit card details in plain text.

Even though it's a bank holiday weekend and I won't see my new one for ages, I'm still glad I cancelled my card.


I'm still glad I cancelled my cards...

'Encrypted'. Brilliant. Just like Gawker with DES or something equally amazing. Maybe they've gone a step up all the way to ROT13 if we're reallly lucky...Bastards.

I take back all my previous statements on this - Sony's response has been utterly appalling.


Sony unsure if PlayStation Network user data was stolen


@mraak In a way you're right

You're not getting the service you paid for, but it's not Sony's fault. It's a bunch of whining wannabe pirates, who need to call the waaaambulance because their halfbaked excuses are getting tediously deafening. If you genuinely want to do something different and groundbreaking, then I honestly admire that.

Sony didn't make anyone install the update that forced the choice between OtherOS and PSN. But letting both happen at once WOULD have led to my gaming experience getting wrecked for the reasons in my post above, and it had to happen for them to preserve the primary use of the console for the vast, vast majority of users.

And now a bunch of pathetic losers have potentially got hold of my credit card details because they can't cope with that fact. And that really pisses me off.



I ran Linux on my PS3. I was a bit annoyed when they removed it, but not hugely, because it ran like a dog. Now we have a bunch of toy-out-of-the-pram arseholes potentially nicking my credit card details because they can't cope with the fact that Sony won't let them pirate games. I'm prepared to get massively downvoted for this, but the facts of the matter are:

1: as above, Linux ran like a dog on the PS3. The only reason people would legitimately run it were if they were running it in a cluster or if they were genuinely interested in programming for a different architecture than commonly available, but

2: the number of people doing this are miniscule, and probably wouldn't care if they still has access to the PSN or not

3: To everyone about to say 'it's my console, I paid for it, I should be able to do what I want with it', well so should I. And I want to play games (yes, GAMES on my GAMES CONSOLE) without wallhackers, aimbots and other tossers wrecking my experience on MY console that I paid for, bringing us onto

4: as with people who wanted to play around with a new architecture, I'm sure there are some very clever homebrew guys who would do some very clever things. But the vast majority would be pirates. And if that got widespread, that would wreck the quality of games for everyone.

Cue the whining...



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