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'Microsoft Word is a tyrant of the imagination'


I agree here, this pilot may have died of cancer or was hit by a car in '55? Fun Fact - Some of the Air force(British/American/Japanese/German etc.) actually made it out of WW2 alive!

And who's to say that reincarnation means you move straight into your next body/form anyway? If you believe in reincarnation surely you can beleive in going into a state of purgatory/heaven aswell? We don't know what Jobs beliefs were, even if he followed a religion, everyone has their own version of their religion.

Vintage alien tech crash-lands in field



This hilarious, I live literally round the corner in sandbach (Zoom out and look to the left), I'm going to check this out at some point!

Google+ bans real name under ‘Real Names’ policy



My friend changed his name to Anthony Edward Stark, I wonder if they will accept that, If the do i'm changing mine to The Hulk. First Name "The".

BlackBerry blog hacked with riot-related threats



Its simple, the law is if the police ask for this type of data then you must give it to them. Otherwise your with holding data and you can be arrested. + I have no worries about this TempPoison of what ever they are called. Their statement shows their immaturity and probably lack of ability. They are nothing compared to real Anon who have done some impressive hacks and understand what they have done. Temppoison have ran in eyes closed and probably left a trail of bread crumbs. What a joke.

How I learned to stop worrying and love SSDs


32GB for windows 7 and apps.

I was desperate to have a go at an SSD being the technology whore I am, So picked up a 32GB on ebay a couple months back, replaced my laptop hdd with it and couple of months later with W7 and all my apps on it (Just the one drive on it) i've still got plenty of room. bare in mind i use this more as a quick Photoshop/office/Facebook machine and have been very conservative on which programs i have installed.

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