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Boozed-up ball-biting mum spared jail

Daniel Buckley


I can't help but wonder what judgement would be given if he, in a boozed up state, had ripped off one of her breasts or done some other disfiguring injury.

Something's not right here.

I may be missing some of the facts of course....

Don't bother with that degree, say IT pros

Daniel Buckley


This is exactly right, and to be honest has been right for at least 5 years

UK dodgy-political-donor watch database canned

Daniel Buckley


I am shocked that it's the Tories that have scrapped it, I mean who would have thought?...

'Dodgy Android apps are breaking our phones' - Motorola

Daniel Buckley

Remove Motoblur, replace with LauncherPro

Problem solved

Cisco's UCS needs a bra

Daniel Buckley



Spider-Man director to helm World of Warcraft

Daniel Buckley
Thumb Up


Tell me he's going to add Leeroy Jenkins into it

Jobsian cult indoctrinates American children

Daniel Buckley

Well I never

With the Windows adverts showing how young kids could use Windows to make movies and slideshows. I never expected Apple to have a comeback, but I guess I was wrong!

Mine's the one with sarcasm dripping off it.

IT salary survey says: ‘You’ve never had it so bad’

Daniel Buckley

I have one word for you


True it's UK only, but telling every idiot that he can take a 2 week course with them and get a job earning 45k has screwed the IT job market over by filling the bottom end with people who don't know a mouse from a chair and think a hard drive is the way they get to work

Cable broadband shines in Virgin Media Q2

Daniel Buckley

well well...

I get 1MB/s download at best from my 20Mb connection, it really wasn't worth the money to upgrade, maybe this will make my connection speed up, maybe not, either way, I'm off when my contract expires, harrumph

Mine's the one with my missing 10Mb/s

How BA handles lost luggage complaints: Shock picture

Daniel Buckley


Good to see the Pastafarian culture assisting those gallant officers with their Piratey skills.

The FSM should give a good noddly appendage whippping to that lawbreaking ponytail wearing fiend!


McLaren fined $100m for spying

Daniel Buckley


For the love of all that is holy, you're a UK site, please stop using dollars!! it's as embarrasing as being forced to install Quicktime as English (US) because the UK doesnt exist in Apple's view of the world!

Woman arrested for WoW love affair

Daniel Buckley


I think they were just making jokes

Doctors slam Choose and Book

Daniel Buckley


The bigwigs have to pay for all the business dinners and the £500/hr contractors need to make their money somehow...

Cornish separatists menace Jamie Oliver

Daniel Buckley

Forget Cornwall..

Yorkshire for independence!!!

Virgin Media tech support goes premium rate

Daniel Buckley

The next step in Virgin Media's suicide run

I used Telewest for 4 years without a single problem with TV or internet, didnt go down once, never failed, perfect service.

Since Virgin took over I've had to call about my TV twice and internet 3 times. I've lost Sky1, so they should now have MORE cash, not less.

NTL and Telewest didnt have problems with callers to their tech support line, so why should Virgin?

Now they're charging premium rate for a service I now need on a regular basis that I never did before.

Fantastic. Where's that Sky brochure?

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