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Google human-like robot brushes off beating by puny human – this is how Skynet starts


Has nobody noticed the guy with the stick...

Is Hank Scorpio (with a splash of just for men)....

I'll eliminate some enemies of Globex on the way to my coat.

The firm that swallowed the Sun: Is Oracle happy as Larry with hardware and systems?


"STARC T2 chips"

is this a reference to Larry's big screen appearance alongside his long term crush Tony Stark? Hopefully they'll Iron out all these kinks, man.

Also requesting a RDjr face for the icon menu.

UK Scouts database 'flaws' raise concerns


ICO Anyone?

So anyone else around here think this should be an issue for the ICO? Surely a breach on such a system would constitute contravention of the DPA?

The guidelines are quite clear around information classification standards and governance of access to said information, whether the system is any good or not performance wise is irrelevant, granting of access to information of the highest classification can result in fines and prosecutions...

They'll even come to you for a chat about it https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/charity/

Just sayin'.

Soon everyone will be doing it with a strap-on: The Reg's 20 festive wearables


Number 2

Greatest pun-chart positioning ever.

It looks like a bumhole.

Vote now for the best sci-fi film never made


Hyperion already in production??


Apple stuns Wall Street with 95% earnings surge


$5.36 profit on $23.34billion sales? Questions must be asked

"Wall Street guessmen were expecting Apple to report earnings of $5.36 on sales of $23.34 billion"

Guess the iphone 5 components are reaaaallly expensive....

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