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Skype U-turns on plan to kill off desktop API, spares foot from bullet


The moment MS bought Skype this approach became 100% predictable, to be preceded by gobsmacking update failures. And so it came to pass.

If Bill Gates (who surely still has some influence) is sincere with his charitable works, he will recognise the importance of supporting entrepreneurial micro businesses as well as malaria-infested third world villages.

WIN a RockBLOCK Iridium satellite comms module


PANIC-BUTTON Programmable Aerospace Nullification Instruction Chipset - Because Unwelcome Termination Tactic Ordered by Nimby Or just use PANIC on its own

Toads predict earthquakes: Official


Blimee Lester

What's going on? Not a mention of a todger or fun-bags, just an interesting science piece. Is Attenborough standing in for you. No, silly thought - no mention of catastrophic man made global warming either.

Voyager 2 finally agrees to a long hard thrust


THIS is why I elected to do science.......

....... back in the middle of the last century.

You never know what amazing things can happen until you try.

I am in awe that this thing is still working.

Anyone remember the Star Trek movie where Voyager 1 "V----ger" was the co-star?

As for AC - "This is wrong - its like a tabloid simplification"

@AC Unless you were writing Fortran or the like back in the 1970s just fuck off you ignorant cretin.

Oz alkie gets hammered on hospital hand sanitiser

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@cornz 1

Thanks for the knowledge - I know of someone on whom to test this out!


Nothing new here - move on

As previously noted this is a common problem.

However, all alcohols are anti-microbial. Methanol and isopropyl alcohol work just as well and have the added advantages of being fatal in lower amounts than ethanol. Bugs and burdens upon society removed at a stroke.

On a more serious note, there are many better anti-microbials than alcohol available. The problem is that nobody - esp. the NHS - will go against the WHO recommendations, that are decades out of date, for fear of being sued.

$8.5bn Skype goes titsup again - including website


Skype tits-up on Macs - you bet!

You bet! Long story short: Skype crashe on my main Mac while trying to call a Windows box. That bos then fell over. I fired up Skype on 2 back-up Macs (no problems) and on a W7 Windows box, also no problem. Meanwhile the guy I had been trying to call reported he could no longer log-in, tried 2 soft re-starts - no joy - the a hard reboot, and got Skype back. Even with a hard re-boot I could not get the 1st Mac to log-in. Final solution was dump Skype and all associated files and re-install. 2 hours later, problem solved. What a waste of half a day!

So, not only was my Mac affected, it was a bloody nightmare to get it back up and running. The interesting thing is that you had to be online at lunchtime for the problem to manifest itself. All of my backups were offline, and when fired up, performed faultlessly.

Calling all commentards: Want some new icons?


A pile of shit

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