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Doctor Who's Elisabeth Sladen dies at 63

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Glad to see something confirmed by BBC


"Doctor Who returns on Saturday and a spokeswoman for the show said that "something suitable is being planned" as a tribute to the late actress."

Ah good. I expected so, but I'm glad to see it confirmed. A glass++ will be raised in my house.


She will be remembered

I've read The Register for well over 10 years, and have never sent any feedback nor made any comment before, but I wanted to today after hearing the news.

Like many I'm sure, I was enraptured by Ms Sladen's portrayal of Sarah Jane Smith as a boy, and I was very pleased to see her involved in the new Doctor Who. It's very sad that she died before what we now expect our time to be, and I extend my sympathies to her family. I'm glad she is imortalised in the fabric Doctor Who which has a unique place in British Culture.

I hope the BBC dedicates the upcoming Doctor Who episode to her, and though I always have the remote control ready to turn away from the spoiler at the end, I will make an exception this time if needed.




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