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UK to block Kodi pirates in real-time: Saturday kick-off

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Re: Defendants

Correct - The good ol' U.K.and U.S.A. They love the free market, they hate competition...


Cloud-happy Oracle dodges rumors it is axing its traditional hardware ... as sales of traditional hardware fall

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It's no surprise...

Solaris through all it's incarnations and various enterprises has given me a good living since 1991 and I currently look after some small M series Sparc hardware that do the heavy lifting in Windows domains. We've recently bought some M10-1 machines for their LDOM capability. The ironic thing is and the unpalatable truth for many on the internet is that in my recent experience I've found Solaris under Oracle actually works when it's released and all the buggy stuff we used to get with new releases from Sun usually work first time now. No doubt some troll will highlight some patch or other that didn't work but my job is definitely a lot easier nowadays.

What links the companies I've worked for and why Solaris has no chance is that the accountants have the final decisions in an enterprise and they will save pennies this quarter (because that's how they're appraised) which will cost the enterprise thousands of pounds in the medium/long term, that's the way in nearly all organisations in the UK and the USA. So which two modern western economies have the lowest productivity because everyone at the coalface is demoralised?, um, now let me see. We see no chance of things changing for the better but only a relentless annual chipping away of T&Cs on flexitime, expenses etc (I've chosen not to travel for work for a few years now). Companies just seem to want to hack their own employees off for no good reason.

This continued austerity does none of us any good, it's just depressing. It doesn't even feed into better profitability.

Sorry to go off topic but believe the poor decision making is all linked to the downward spiral.


Brexit: UK gov would probably lay out tax plans in post-'leave' vote emergency budget

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Is it just me?

Or are the brexiters treating the EU referendum as a protest vote against the past 40 odd years of right and centre right UK government? Most of their issues seem to have nothing to do with or very little could change if we're in or out of the EU.


New solar cell breaks efficiency records, turns 34% of light into 'leccy

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Re: Critical questions

So UK nuclear was up and running with no taxpayers money? I don't think so. So Hinkley C is going to be built without subsidy? Don't make me laugh. As a UK taxpayer I'm quite happy to pump in an equivalent amount of subsidy to get renewables up and running in this century like nuclear in the last. The previous point is correct, there are people on here that are determined a mix of renewable power MUST NOT work.

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Re: Science is a filthy tease...

So that's a valid reason to continue generating electricity with coal and nuclear, solar panels are manufactured with Mongolian coal!! Still it's only 24 billion for the unproven Hinkley C and that probably doesn't include the de-commissioning. That stacks up well against investing and R&D in renewables and domestic batteries doesn't it? A moment on the grid, several thousand lifetimes of cleanup in Somerset for our kids.


Report: Over 1.5 MILLION UK drivers will have hydrogen cars by 2030

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Do electric, hybrid, hydrogen 1 man x thousands all taking 100 sq ft of road space at 8;45 am in the morning resolve congestion and the crappy commuting lives we lead?


Westminster Abbey cashes in on Royal Wedding with ... App

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Oh dear 2

It's going to look like Vulgaria (in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for you youngsters). That's why the tourists come to London, coz they think it's Vulgaria and to try and spot Baron Bomburst...



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