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British warming to NUKES after Fukushima meltdown


Just plant trees WTF?

>(just plant trees around the power plant)

WTF, have you any idea how much CO2 a power plant like DRAX pumps out per second?

or how many Wales of forest it would take to offset it?

DARPA drops another HTV-2


Not sad.

Considering this is an alternative means to deliver first strike nucwear veapons,

I for one am not particularly dissapointed that it won't be ready for the Tea Partiers should they take over in the US.

New DVD discs claim 1,000 year life


Small Children.

It will last 1000 years, or 20 minitues in the hands of a 3 year old.

The child catcher because - well...

CERN 'gags' physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment



you forgot geology and paleontology - the major strands of evidence that the baseline temperature is controlled by CO2 levels which other effects (Milancovich cycles etc dance around).

Boffins build JELL-O memory for your brain


Star Trek Gel Packs

Did anyone else immediatly think of Star Trek (voyager only?) Gel Packs?

Rapture postponed as world inexplicably fails to end



We didn't notice it because only trained theme park dolphins got raptured,

that's right

it was for entertainment porpoises only.

Blighty's Skylon spaceplane faces key tech test in June


HOTOL reborn

Because it is. It disappeared because technical problems appeared with the engine design that needed to be fixed before it could be built.

Solutions to those were found a few years ago and also resulted in a redesign of the spaceplane too - hence Skylon.

Shame Tomorrow's world is now so dummed down that it is completely unwatchable!! - sigh.

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