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Microsoft's Surface Pro 2017, unhinged: Luxury fondleslab that's good...


Get an iPad Pro, proper touch UI that works, and a plethora of great productivity apps, word, excel, pages, numbers, Scrivener, photo..... the list goes on, and they work better than the apps available for Surface.

Then of course you have a processor that has better graphics performance than i7, as fast in some processing benchmarks, and truly decent battery performance.

Was at local airport next to a guy with Surface Pro who complained about blue screen and failing to wake.

Final point, who designed that fugly kludge of a hinge?

No, Apple. A 4G Watch is a really bad idea


One fundamental flaw with your article, claiming the Fitbit is the only wearable success. The Apple Watch is an outstanding success, not in the same league as iPhone, however they are the largest mfr of smart watches, and I I’m correct, the second largest of watches.

That is sucesss at the level any other company on earth would rave about and the press would fawn over.

Intel Skylake delays, Win10 and stock glut blamed for Q4 PC sales shrinkage


One minor point you omitted which was in both Gartner and IDC stats, Mac sales GREW during that period, so blaming it entirely in Win 10 and stock is incorrect. There were clearly switchers in the mix

Apple coughs up 7 hours of profit to refund kids' $32.5m app spend spree


Re: Ow... @AC 09:24

Yes, lazy parents.

I helped raise 6. You set the rules. Full stop.

Then, just look at any shopping centre these days to see totally lazy parents (the norm now it seems) in action.

We owned a shop. despite 'do not touch' signs, too often parents ignoring their kids picking up $1k plus items and getting snotty if you ask them very nicely to stop their precious beast from handling the goods, or jumping on the displays.


Re: Ow... @AC 09:24

Yes, Lazy parents.

They could have turned the purchase option off. I've brought up 6 kids (well helped), it's not that difficult to control what your kids do, and set boundaries.

But then, just look at any shopping centre today, seems discipline and control are not considered necessary. (I've owned a shop) Kids handling $1k plus items with parents ignoring the 'do not touch' and getting snotty if you ask them to to stop the kids handling the goods, or jumping on displays.

Easier to blame someone else.


FTC Grandstanding

Minor point you ignored. At the same time one of the commissioners released a dissenting opinion, calling it a political grandstanding job.

The $32Mil is NO MORE than Apple were already handing back to (lazy parents?), only diff the FTC get any left over to stick in their bank.

The point that should be considered. Google spend many more millions in lobbyists and lining political pockets than Apple. They only had their fingers caressed with a piddling $20 odd mil for actively stealing data by circumventing the Safari privacy setting.

Says something about the US system.

It's the '90s all over again: Apple repeats mistakes as low-cost tablets pile up


Unsupportable RUBBISH!

Like most supposed commentators he sprouted B/S.

Apple may not have the market share now all the cheapo's are out there, but sales continue to grow, as do profits. The basic definition of success. There is ZERO correlation between now and the 90's. I was there as CEO of an IT company. Where was he?

If 5c sales have been below expectation, why is it outselling the S4 in most US telcos? It's in the top 3 of sales in all of them. On the first week, the 5s sold significantly more than the 5c (everyone wanted gold), in the past weeks the ratio had dropped to 1.9 times. If you can sell almost 50% of the fasted selling phone of all time, you've a damned successful phone. Numbers HTC. Nokia, LG, and even Samsung would kill for. His problem like many others is he wants Apple to wallow in the low end where even Samsung make no profit.

As with most of the analysts they sprout BS, then try to hide their mistakes behind dubious "supply chain" rumours, and weak "analysis" that begins with their desired answer, then fudges the "facts" to suit.

Comments re Notebook longevity. Our corp has had agreements with HP, Toshiba, Dell, Apple. Our Apples CONSISTENTLY have a lower TCO than the others. They last FAR longer. We even run Win on Apple kit and it runs faster than on most other brand notebooks, either in bootcamp or parallels. My MBPro is about to be replaced, 5 years old and nothing other than a replacement DVD drive after falling off the X-ray conveyer at Shannon airport. It still runs just fine, needs a new battery and will be used as a spare.

Apple cored: Samsung sells 10 million Galaxy S4 in a month


Cored - Far from it, you've been sucked in

Seems you've been sucked in like many in the press.

I don't give a rats abut who sells half a million phones more than whom, however.

Samsung SHIPPED 10M in 1 month to distributors and retail. That DOES NOT equate to SOLD.

Apple's figures for 3 days were 5M SOLD. Their quarterly figures show they are selling roughly on par to Samsung's shipping.

For all of Samsung's many 10's of millions more spent in marketing, their flagship phone is far from defeating Apple.

Samsung and Apple own the mobile phone market between them, however telling point, Samsung make less profit from 20 times as many models....

Kogan hits 'net-on-TV', Android, Ubuntu markets all at once

Thumb Down

National Treasure - Not Likely!

The tablet is an old generation, single core, no mention of graphics capability, the old V2.2 o/s that is NOT suitable for tablets according to Google and cannot be upgraded to V3.

Seems to me, throwing money away on a lower than iPad1 spec tablet. Guess there are people out there who shop by dollar not by capability. Personally, if not an iPad2, then would have to be a XOOM or the NEXT generation Samsung, due in a couple of months (the current one's too heavy and ordinary performance).

No, the guy's not a national treasure, just a seller of what seem to be last generation products out of Chinese factories at Chinese prices . If he didn't sell direct, I doubt anyone would pay the extra for his product. Now of course, he's jumped on the Android bandwagon, figure there are enough price only buyers out there to get good sales.

Personally, I'd rather go to a Joyce/Jerry etc, check the quality and performance of a product before stumping up my $$, and bu a product from a reputable manufacturer who I know will be around to support and service.


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