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Note to Apple: Be more like Microsoft


How is it not obvious?

Apple is a hardware company, Microsoft is a software company. Microsoft does't make anything that is of any use without it's partners products. Without Dell & HP Windows 7 is just a shiny piece of polymer. Without HTC Windows Phone is, well, nothing. XBox could be considered a standalone product but it doesn't really do much until you take advantage of Microsoft's partners.

If you eliminate all of the Apple partners that consumers know by name tomorrow Apple would carry on just fine. If you do the same on the MS side Windows would cease to exists. Fortunately for MS Office it runs on Macs.


Android, Steve Jobs, and Apple's '90%' tablet share


Platform vs. Device (again)

Once again, pitting a platform (Android) vs a device (iPhone4). All these market share numbers are based on the last 3 months of sales. Android outsells iPhone4 by a few percentage points. I'm sure Apple can live with that seeing as the Android sales are based on all devices made by all manufacturers. Apple's share is based on one device by one manufacturer.

Who gets revenue for the sales of Android hardware? That's split between Motorola, HTC, LG and a host of others. Who gets revenue from the sale of iPhone4? Apple.

Who gets revenue from the sale of Android applications? Could be Google, could be Amazon, could be someone else next week. Who gets revenue from the sale of iPhone4 applications? Apple.

How about developers? Android market share is superior, probably need to code for Android to make the most money, right? Well, seeing as market share ignores the installed base of millions of iPhone4 that were purchased prior to the past three months as well as the millions of iPhone 3G and 3GS devices still in circulation makes that conclusion not so clear. Consider that iPhone applications can also run on the other relevant device on the iOS platform, the iPad and it's completely clear. Android development is an asterisk at this point. iOS is where the money is.

Android share would inevitably crawl above iPhone share, nobody ever denied that, but Android share isn't even remotely close to iOS share and it won't be for a LONG time after that that it reaches a superior installed base.

Even should Android get there on tablets, it's still not that particularly relevant as long as the Android pie is being split up five, six or ten ways.



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