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Musk muses on middle-class Mars colony



Saving what and WHY? we're already doing great screwing up THIS planet. Our civilization needs to be re-booted, failed experiment, move on. NEXT! http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/mushroom_32.png



OK, so it's now financially plausible to plan this idiotic trip/concept.

Let's see: What's so fun about going into space? Really!

Reality CHECK:

It's just about total vacuum out there, the human body can survive no more than a few secs

a scorching 180º+ in sunlight,

and about -240º in shade.

You cannot survive for any length of time without gravity, your body will deteriorate

the radiation levels are mind-altering,

and your reliance is on technology that is as light and as complex as is necessary to get you up there. Things do break and wear out. Up there, this isn't not an option

Risk is more than huge, and SHOULD you get to Mars, -oh please, GO- again you'll be relying on technology and resupply that is at best several long months away from potential use/realization.

So you want to be cooped up in the tiniest of spaces, without privacy, with a group of very high strung type 1A people, who probably also have great difficulty just getting along. There are few choices here and simple hygiene -and even waste disposal- is very complex.

NO THANKS, I'm here on our warm, sunny, fuzzy, clean, huge planet with all amenities, and choices- the options of a simple W/C and a BMW to hop on and get away from it all. My option. Btew, here You also can commit suicide much cheaper than that half mill....

US Navy laser cannon used to set boat aflame


financial feasibility?

How many MILLIONS of dollars are spent here? Consider the financial crisis we are in right now, how can we afford to do this? If we just used all these funds to give the Pirates credit cards( purchases for American Goods only), - not only would we have a lot more friends, a lot less priracy, but also a whole slew of new buyers supporting the US economy and our products. Soon enough, they'll be wallowing in credit balances they can't afford to maintain either....

Btw, Lasers don't work well in high humidity, as in rain or fog, so we just fire at aggressors on sunny days....


connection to massive fish die-off Redondo Beach March 9?

Remember the unexplained die-off of over a million small fish, washed up in Redondo Beach Harbor last month? Anyone care to connect the dots? After all, microwaves are used to heat water to boiling temperature.... a 15 kW beam certainly in the path of a swarm of mackerel or sardines will be deadly.


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