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Darling confirms telephone line tax

Reg Sim


Why does BT get to own the local loop?, I have said it before and I will say it again, BT needs split and a new entity created which will do local loop unbundleing, and deal with cables to homes.

That way, all the companys can happly fight tooth and nail to provide customers with the best/fastest services they can possibley manage, whilst the chap paying the bill knows that he can change companys easly, and if there is a line fault he will be dealt with well even if he is not on BT.

<Shakes fist in air>

Intel Labs unveils PC power plans

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I suspect you might find...

That high end PC power supplys have 'super capacitors' built into each power cable. Its quite neat and is designed to help keep the power clean for all the devices and rather more importantly to provide sudden peek supplys or brown outs (the little ones you dont notice but your hardware might).


^ Of course they have called theres PowerCache, and it has little to do with trying to save the world by using less power... infact if your buying a 1200W Psu like this, I suspect you are a PowerCompany Share holder.


Super Micro to launch AMD render cloud

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I suppose it depends...

To convert a game like Crysis I suspect would cause a few issues, and to be fair games that are already out more or less do not need this tech atm, as they have steam for the most part to advertise and control content provision.

However, consider games like Eve-Online, where there is one big sand pit, or even WOW with its dungens. Games that use this tech and are subscription based may well have an intresting future.

Consider being able to login and Play Wow when your on holiday using your netbook? or the local internet cafe. Or in Eve's case fly your ships and trade whilst on the bus to school or work.

(notice I have not mentioned any PvP as I still think atm connection reliability would be an issue).

For MMO's I think this tech has a very bright future, and I would not be supprised of you ended up with a hybrid, where if your on a fast PC you can DL the WOW or EVE client, where as people on crap hardware or mobile devices like the.... ipad, can use a cloud subscription or a 'delux' package to gain access to the game on these devices.

Remember most of these games have to be carful when they upgrade there graphics engines and up hardware specs, as some users old hardware will not support it, not only that, but if you say do a PC client you can do a 'web' client for all other device users (such as Mac's and Linux boxes).

These games will I suspect not suffer lag issues like a pure FPS would, however a FPS designed to work with cloud or cloud and clients need not be more laggy than you pressing fire and you game sending a packet that needs to be sent to 64 other clients all managed by a game server, rather than 64 virtual clients all on the same local hardware(ie in the cloud). In this case your down load data would not increase no matter how many ppl were shooting rockets at you and strafing you with air craft, and only your actions would affect the upload (which should'nt be any higher).

I think this should be quite intresting. (and give the service providers a new tool to promote them selfs over there rivals).

Samsung ST550

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Micro SD.

Umm, what was that about having to invest in another type of memory card?, most phones and other devices already use Micro SD, and its quite cheap.

Its more of a pain for most people I suspect to have to buy a special camara memory type than a joe blogs off the shelf micro SD.

Think of it this way, I can take a pic of my self, or me and a group of pals on holiday, switch the SD card into my phone, and upload it (facebook, Photobucket....so on). Now I do not know what sorta format the video is recorded in, but might you beable to upload that to utube?... in HD?

Just my tuppence worth.

MoD does everything right for once in Xmas shocker

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"SNP voters will get a taste of the independence they asked for - in the form of an airbase closure"

Umm, I am an SNP voter, and I don't really understand what your trying to say?

Am I supposed to say "yea, see how our recruitment rates are down, and lots of regiments have been merged to geather whilst on active duty, yea that will teach non-snp voters what the union give us!!".

I am not sure I want the Reg to become a political bull pit, and for this you smell like a bit of a troll Lewis.

I am sad to see the Harriers go, I have a fond place in my heart for them, but if there not needed away with them. Shame they never got developed.

As for Tornados, o/ bye bye and not a tear I will shed. I remeber all the issues and costs over runs, and the rather good planes they replaced.

As for the rest, so long as its what the armed forces want I have no problem with it. - and by that, what people on the ground want not what the percurment department think.

There is I am sad to say some advantages Lewis failed to mention with regards to buying US equipment. We can slip the Yanks some Scotch, distracting them whilst we steal the parts we need to keep our ship flying as well as grabing the odd grenade and ammo.


Wintel 7 machines freeze out iPhone

Reg Sim
Black Helicopters

I wonder...

I apple will not release a fix, untill there P55 Mac's are ready?

UK gets final warning over Phorm trials

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From what I understand...

... It would be BT that would face any wraith, as I am damm sure Phorm made sure they kept there hands legaly clean.

It would be nice if this lead to the breakup of BT, such a stupid idea.... and I am terrifyed of the idea of us giving them a new monopoly with the roll out of fibre. Is it just me or do other private companys not roll out there own fibre at there own cost?

I wonder if I can pay my tax's directly to Europe? (BTW I am glad Tony (the mass murderer) Blair is not getting to sit the in european high seat).

Revolting postmen force early Windows 7 launch

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Ahh quotes with out context.

I notice at the bottom of the article is a link to quotes by Peter Mandelson; I would of much prefered a link to the dispute and the 'reasons' behind it rather than some random rubish from that git stated a bit like 'fact' like he has nothing to do with the current mess.

...not that I am annoyed or anything. (I am also not a postman or have anything to do with the postal service)

Firefox blocks and backtracks on 'insecure' MS add-ons

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I spotted the block'ed and disabled notice...

And I will not be reapplying them.

I am annoyed that they were not disabled right at the begining by mozilla, because they did not give the user the opertunity to say 'oik off.

I am not saying the plugins are good or bad, just that regardless of security issues, I would want them disabled by default.

< hand grenade for companys that slap crap onto my PC with out me giving yah or naw.

Sony confirms 250GB PS3 slim launch

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I get batfastad.

There is nothing more annoying. However at least for the Xbox you can buy external box's that house them :) and look like a pair of dogs mateing equipment.

I quite fancy a PS3, annoying that this one does not supprot PS/2 games, however I will live. I would like it more if I could get a 3rd party case that looked like the shizzil.

@Daniel 22, yes you do blasphem. - you have no sole.

China bans foreign investment in online video games

Reg Sim


I belive Eve-Online (ie CCP) has been in china for awhile.... I wonder if it will effect them and if so will it impact there bottom line to the point where projects are pushed back such as there upcomming FPS Dust 512?

hope not.

Grenade, because this is what most developers inside and outside the country feel like they got from the chinese government.

Next-gen Atom to clock above 1GHz

Reg Sim

So does this mean...

With the extra bits put onto this Atom that it will beable to handle true HD (or 1080p)? That is what I am really intrested in, as I belive there is no current Atom based device that does, or not with out an external graphics card which sort makes 'system on a chip' pointless.

< Its not a hand grenade, its a pin holding device.

Dual-screen Microsoft 'booklet' uncovered

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ok, I like.

Needless to say it may not be right first time around, but I want one.

Talking DAB and the future of radio

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As much as I would like digital radio to win....

As much as I would like a pure digital radio service, I can see not advantage.

I wonder if anybody will make FreeView Radio tuner?, since its signal streanth will be increased sooner for improved reception, and if they can make £15 TV set-tops then I am sure they can manage £10 audio only's for the kitchen and bathroom.

Of course, I am sure there is not all this funky multiplexing linking and such so I think I would use a diffrent tech for the car...... like analoge FM :)

I am no audio buff, but I do not accept music quality below that of 256mbs, because it sounds poor, so regardless of what they do it improve reception, its still a Fail IMO.

Beer, because its as traditional.

VTOL hovership in semi-successful X-Prize attempt

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Lol, at least it looked pritty.

I get from the video that was posted with this, that they solved the 'broken landing strut' issue they seem to of had, if I am hearing the commentary right.

Well hope E'llreg keeps us uptodate with this, I want to see more.

Mission sets e-bike land speed record

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@J 3

"Considering my 250cc bike has a top speed of 105mph (supposedly, I never rode it above 90mph) and goes about 240 miles with one tank of gas, this is very close performance, I'd say -- certainly good enough for city use."

As a technical demo, yes its very intresting. As a city bike, its does not look very nice place to be when sitting in traffic, and because your in a sports bike pose you can not see over the traffic well. Ie its a crap city bike, like most racey styles.

It looks like its the right shape for a quick blast along an A road come a sunny weekend (or a frustrating week day), however, 150 miles, presumably not doing 150mph but with much accelleration, decelleration and the fabled wind resistance at higher speeds turning that 150 miles into diddly.

My 600 town bike (Fazer 600S 2003) does 145Mph (so I have heard, cough), but its range of around 100-150 on a tank drops like a rock if I sit at 80-90mph for any leanth of time, and even that is good compaired to accelarating and decelarating all the time. Whilst I imagine the race bike style that it has will make it a bit better when it comes to wind resistance, I still think its going to be quite a bit short of a fun 'weekend Machine', when you have to turn around and leave all your mates to 'go plug my bike back in'.

I also wonder about the cost.... things like this rarly ever come in cheap, so you might beable to afford a new bike every year for the next 8 years with what this may cost (250cc I am meaning).

Don't get me wrong, I look forward to electric bikes of one type or another, but this is not the deal maker. Still pat on the back for thinking of a 'valid' excuse to do a fast run on two wheels :)

< The Pengin, because everybody should pick one up, unlike a leccy bike atm.

LG unfolds tiny sub-A4 nettop

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Paris Hilton

But but but...

I want one with BlueTooth Drive build in :(, fine I will go and sit in my corner.....

More importantly does it playback in 1080 HD? - or any of the common TV HD standards?


Like Paris, I have'nt got a clue.

Bechtolsheim: The server is not the network

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@ JohnG

How many servers could fill 10Gb link?I suppose not all servers could (or you would even want them to).

However I can see in some arcatectures may need the enhanced speed. Where for example you have servers doing front end and load balancing, cacheing and other things. I suspect where you have massive databases or video feeds where highspeed storage is held (ram Drives for example) you will start to see these sort of volumes of trafic being thrown about.

Anyway, In general you never want to use 100% of your bandwith, so you have some room for errors and issues with cable quality and so on.

I know when I was last lurking around in a server room, they were already shotgunning 1Gb to get higher threwput, so I presume 10Gb is just the next step.

I also noted the trend towards lots of smaller servers doing the same task over a single large one for cost effective and reduncancy reasons. Not to mention the separation of storage from servers. All these devices need to connect and communicate lots of diffrent data to lots of diffrent servers (and externaly).

In a situateion where you have 3 networks per Server (One to link all like servers to each other to maintain coheasion, one that links servers to clients, and one that links servers to data storage or similar) it would be much easyer to have a single 10Gb link and a few virtual networks, rather than 3x1Gb networks. Anyway, 10Gb switches become really handy when joining multiple 1Gb networks togeather.

Not to mention that chaps argument for 10Gb uptake is that, even for servers that may not need 10Gb, they will recive that upgrade because the cost diffrence between 1Gb and 10Gb will shrink to near nowt. In the short term it will be for connecting clusters, and specific specalist installs such as supper computers, and storage arrays.

Most expensive RAF aircraft ever takes to the skies

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Its a nice looking plane.

Any chance of some V-bomers with new kit any time soon?

I do wonder why they don't base the stuff on a modern Civilian jet?, I mean if you started to base your 'next one' on say the fancy new air bus, you could throw in extened range fule tanks, and have room to crew to sleep for 24h/7..., a pool table....

Music industry cooks UK government's piracy stats

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Sometimes TV is worth watching.

I wonder if it also assumes that people who file share are doing illegal stuff?

Office 2010 to come loaded with WGA's bastard child

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-$50bn sales = $50bn in lossees? since when.

“In 2008, 41 percent of software on the world’s PCs was obtained illegally or used without a license… That equates to more than $50bn in losses for the global software ecosystem.”

Ignoring the citation needed bit. I wonder if it has crossed anybodys mind that maybe a good chunk of that $50bn is fictisius (spell checker needed). I suspect if most of these people had to choose to pay for it or live with out it, they would do the latter. £100 for windows is quite heavy on the pocket, and then the even heavyer wallop of office is easly passed the point of funnie.

I could happly live with out MS if they had not locked all games companys into there Direct-X which they then used to leaverage the X-Box. At least Eve-online runs on Mac & Linux as well as MS OS's.

When I am king of the world there will be some changes.

Virgin Media 'overwhelmed' by broadband customers fleeing BT

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Hmm I am an old Telewest customer.

The biggest change (other than a few television channels) since Virgin have taken over that I can see is the premium rate help line. I was not ammused the first time I used it. However they never billed as there was a fault, and thus I did not end up chaseing them about it.

They also arrived a day earlyer than they said to fix the problem as there as an engineer in the area, which was nice.

I have alwas felt sorry for the southern version of telewest and was quite worryed about the alalgamation of the three companys.

Anyway, My understanding is that where they have cable its fibre to your street and copper to your door not fibre to your door.

The closest Virgin have come to losing me as a customer is this thing with Phorm. I can forgive a company however for not expecting such high demand, in a ressession against an established market.

You also don't hear Virgin whineing to the goverment about "you need to give us no competiton and fixed prices for years to install fibre accross britain". I really wish they would devorce BT from the carrier service, I want BT transco'ed.

Pair charged with BNP list breach

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@Destroy All Monsters

Ahh cheers for that link its quite educational... if a little tricky to read.

Anyway, whilset I am opposed in general principle to the BNP, I do think outlawing political partys is a dangerus idea.

I would rather see BNP not 'discriminated' against (yes I get the irony), and the indeviduals who break the law be heavly punished with support of BNP leaders. i.e. Mr Bobby hunting down and nailing members who post peoples info onto sites in the hope of them reciving phsical harm.

The problem I see with the descrimination against the BNP is it makes them 'special', which is not a status I am comfortable with. If you can not have an open debate with the BNP then you can not easly challenge there assertions. If most of the BNP members do not appear on the BNP role for fear of lossing there jobs then you will never know who is a member, nor can you then ask them why they support such a party and what there views are.

With that said I did roll on the floor laughing my ass off when the list was published. However once you stop laughing you relise that if it goes unpunished then it has effectlvy eaten away at your own right to privacy and suddenly its not just laughing at bigots arguing as it effects you and yer kin.

On a side note, I would like to see England with a 'local' parlement, much like scotland and wales, as I think to do otherwise is to feed partys like the BNP, who will gain support from the disenfranchised.

Arizona sheriff prefers jail to handing over server password

Reg Sim

Maybe I am sleepy but..

I found it rather hard to follow that article....

IT Crowd writer defends NHS

Reg Sim

RE: The reality is that they're both wrong

The reality is that we are moving towards the american system in the age old british way, "the NHS is not running very well, its very inefficiant... it would all be better if it was privatised" as they run it down on purpose. Yea, what we need is more PPP's that bankrupt our NHS, our education departments, and ruin public service.

Much like the Royal Mail, force them to sell there staps so cheap they make a loss, then compain they lose money and provide a 'poor' service by closeing all the post offices they can't afford to keep open, which will of course all be fixed by privatisation, with no artificialy low prices on staps ect.

I for one do not belive our NHS is in such a bad shape, yes there are some reginal issues, but on the whole its not to shabby. As sombody keeps reminding me, some very high percentage of people who use the NHS belive it to be very good, where as a high precentage of people who have not had a relitivly recent experiance of the NHS (i.e. most of us) think its rather rubish. - Preception is reality? - nope.

Microsoft at a loss in Word patent case?

Reg Sim

I wonder if...

I wonder if this will hurt microsofts plans to get its document format as an industry standard?

Microsoft secures web Office XML patent

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Hmm some good comments there...

... I followed the link to see what the open.office ribbion would look like, and I have to say, I am with most people who commented below about it 'suxing' and much like vista kept me at XP, Office 2007 kept me at Office 2003 because of the ribbon. (lets hope the next version sort that).

However there is one very good stand out post in that lists, that suggests they understand why there would need to be a ribbion interface (ie to get Office converts) however there should be other options (which would be an advantage over MS Office were you can not have an 'old' (and better) style of interface).

Most intrestingly is his suggestion that almost everybody and there netbook have wide screens, so you waste a lot of space on your screen, so why can you not move your tool bars (or ribbons) down to the sides?

A fair point me thinks.

Tesla speeds to $1m profit

Reg Sim

So Mr post above mine, your saying...

They have made profits on cars they have not shiped yet. So they are based on expected completed sales, or the deposit already taken for sales.

Not that it matters, if they have moved over 109 and have enough orders to keep them busy for quite quite a bit longer, whilst it may look like there cooking the books a little to say they have made 1m profit, they do seem quite healthy.

I am still a fan of Hydrogen Cars over pure electric. Shame fule cells cost so much :(, mind u, $12,000 a battery, i wonder if you could get a cell for that?.

Gamers gun down Half-Life

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Damm it, I want one.

I know I should'nt, but I want one....

You could use it in a nursery and have kidds with foam hammers playing 'wack a mole'. or maybe somthing more educationial.

If fact if you put it horozontal, and projected one of them 'mind games' the sort where you need to put blocks in the right place or cogs in the right order to make a 'machine' work. You could do that I suppose, although I like the gun idea.

I can see many comercial applications for that board as I suspect its quite cheap to make.

Foxconn answers critics over suicidal iPhone engineer

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Well guess I will not be buying foxconn products then


I would not buy blood dimonds, and now I suspect I will not by Foxconn made products for the same reason. I am rather disapointed in AsusTek even if they were not involved in this incident.

Builder blacklist boss hit with £5,000 fine

Reg Sim

So let me get this into my head.....

The companys that may get prossicuted can all say 'opps', it was all a miss understandings 'actions have been taken to prevent this happening again', they get a fine smaller than £5,000 and everybody is happy.

Except for the people effected who may well of lost £30,000 each in earnings......

...not to mention the on going damage, as the companys may of kept a record of the results, and now have a small list of there own.

I know I feel let down here. Ahh well at least our ID database will never get missused like that.......

[This post reminds me to re-install the spelling add on to Firefox ]

Intel to double SSD capacity

Reg Sim

@ Crazy Operations Guy.

I though they did that with the onboard controlers and massive cache's? That combined with larger drives also reduces the issue.

Have you tryed some out under stress testing?, and if so how did they fair?

Sphinx - text search The Pirate Bay way

Reg Sim

@ David Wiernicki

for making me laugh. Other wise all this is way over my head, I am sad to say.

Green-laser micro-projectors green-lighted

Reg Sim

Yes, but which is cheaper?

Now the laser does sound like the better technology, for everything from projecting your movies onto your folded up tray on an airplane or onto your teachers bumm in class, however no costs have been mentioned or speculated on.

The DLP chip might be a shed load cheaper, or one or the other might use very very little power, which would be good for any intergrations.

The thing is about the laser one, I do not know any full sized projectors that use 3 lasers to create images... what sort of quality are we talking about in this first generation tiny lasser?

Just wondering.

New Kindle: Wider, but still no broadsheet

Reg Sim

Hmm I rather liked the look of the other one...

you featured a plastic bookie thing here which is due in the not to distant future, to lazy to refrence it correctly, but it looked swanker and more appealing.

And that keyboard really does look crap.

Still bigger is better I suppose.

(the Yarr ^ because Pirates need to read too)

Windows 7 gets built in XP mode

Reg Sim

I'm good with this.

I am enutsiastic about W7, where as I was like F@?k that with Vista. I am more concered about them keeping some Vista compatability - now that would be a waste or resorces and make the Vista mess up even more pain full.

Anyway, I consider the move possitive. I am mainly a gamer on my PC these days and knowing all/most of my games have a fighting chance of running on W7 suits me.

What intrests me, is does Windows 7 32 support XP64 compatabilty?, and like wise what about windows 7 64?, will it run XP32 an/or XP64 apps?


Skull & Bones, because Yarrr me heartys :)

Samsung Pixon M8800 8Mp cameraphone

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No mention of supported video playback...

When looking at these high end phones, I am always annoyed that they never cover video support. As these phones are nice replacements for portable DVD players. Provided the codex is right for you.

I am very disappointed in its memory capacity, its very last generation. The i8510 starts with 8Gb internal and you can add 16Gb's, the new N96 thing has 16Gb internal.

The memory shortage combined with no WiFi is a right pain, and these two features really hold the phone back IMO.

I am very impressed (most impressive I think) video recording features. I like the look of it and it ticks most of my boxes.

If you consider it an upgrade of the Tocco, as the author does here, then yes its very impressive. I would like to see the touch screen & camera features migrate across to the next i8510.

Overall I don't think I would be unhappy with this phone even if I had to pay for it.

I think its time for me to try out the search the post above suggests. Then a trip for some hands on. Nothing beats 'hands on'.

Bittorrent declares war on VoIP, gamers

Reg Sim

Can we melt it? - no probley not.

I have indeed read all the other posts above, and interesting they are.

Which reminded me. You ISP pays for a set amount of there traffic to be unleashed apon the 'web'. Now there is talk in the article that this change will melt down the poor wee links between ISP's (which of course make the web work).

However, as ISP's pay for there bandwidth, you will find that the net will only melt down (proper melt down) if the people who do the connections between ISP's have over sold the ISP's bandwidth.

It also would make local hosting (i.e. on there own network) of services like iPlayer cost effective, rather than every user needing to connect and DL hundreds of megs of data across from another network.

I do believe this is (like most people here seem to agree) a problem with over subscription. However I lay the blame on the useless Ofcom (also known as, if I sell out to industry I can get a job £££ with them after I leave here).

Ofcom's form of useless regulation, often not in the public interest (like not splitting BT) has caused most of the posters here irritation.

We are a capitalist society, as such we regulate what our ISP's (think class of 5 year olds) can and can not do. Blaming an ISP for selling what they are not delivering is like blaming a 5 year old for eating so many sweets they puke.

It is for Ofcom to stop the wee brat from guzzling lots of sweets, because any sensible person knows that if you leave a pile of sweets in front of your average sticky fingered 5 year old, your sweets will soon be replaced by a pile of wrappers and the smell of puke will never come out of your new carpet.

To summarise my points (and add new ones I have just though of)...

1. The article is very bias. I am also not convinced the person knew enough to write it in the first place. It sounds more like a 'rant rant the world will end' than a well considered article.

2. The net will not 'melt', however some ISP's will end up with reduced services in the worst case IMO.

3. VOIP... what you mean like people using the phone for free and cheating there ISP out of there due revenue? Until I pay for VOIP as part of my package I am not all that concerned.

4. I blame Ofcom for all of our UK internet woes, including over selling of broadband products, and murky deals.

5. I would like to see a package with a minimum bandwidth with no limits on what you use that bandwidth for.

6. Give me telewest back, virgin sux. (not really relevant, but they stole my bandwith and added mad speed curbs, and started charging for support and were in talks with phorm...)

7-10 = see point 4.

HTC Touch HD Windows Mobile smartphone

Reg Sim
Dead Vulture

@ The Reg (another crap article)

I think this article is a fine example, of where 'we' the general humans (some of us anyway) wot read articles on this website would like to give you feed back on.

I presume you only give us the 'feedback' option on articles from your own staff, or commissioned by 'you'.


I have read this article, and further more if I had not read the comments (good and bad) about this phone I would still know bugger all about it. Once again we have a 'phone review' which tells us about 0%. Near bugger all spec, I mean can you have an article about a phone (the second one I think) that does not even mention how long the battery lasts? - seems so.

I think the reg should look long and hard at the comments above before buying in any more articles. This is after all posted on Reg Hardware - you might expect them to mention the hardware a bit.

I have been sorely disappointed by the quality of 'reviews' on the reg site. I understand that this is not a 'hard core' review site, but at least providing a spec summary at the end would be a good start. AND allowing us to give feed back on the quality of these articles so we can give them 'there shit' feed back so you know to feed us better stuff, or we might have to bite your hand thats feeding us junk food.


*O'yes, and no pictures except the ones from the manufacturer, some real world ones in hands might give this more credibility too.

LG Renoir eight-megapixel cameraphone

Reg Sim
IT Angle

hmm, 6 pages and I could not find....

a long article, not to badly written, how ever. What about its spec?, how does it compair to other 8MP phones? like the samsung, i found the other comments very intresstig as i am in the market.

The samsung 8510 comes with 8Gb internal and upto 16Gb cards (which are about £40 each atm).

What codecs does the vieaty thingy support?, can it charge off a standard usb port.

So on top of that, 8MP is not really all that awsome that it can not be compaired to 5Mp phones.


Vodafone says termination rate clampdown would hit the poor

Reg Sim

Hmm. "Has anybody actually read anything about this proposal? "

ok, after reading all yer rants.

I suspect the article is at fault here. The anonymous coward wot posted the above message seems to of read and better explained the preposals.

It is the way operators 'charge' that is under the microscope not nessasaraly the end user.

Another fine post questioned what vodaphone asked in its survay. (was it unbiased and educational?)

Finaly however the most intresting comment from a poster was 'why would this help small companys compete', as commonly out going calls are equal to incoming calls, so costs tend to netigate each other.

I think helping the little guys is not really the remit of this proposal. With that said I can not see the benefit of this scheame.

So I conclude that there is not enough information in the article to have a 'clear' view. I also think its a bit scare mongering and 'Sun & Daily mail' euro bashing. I mean not to even question the Vodaphone survey, or to list the benefits/downsides of this policy passed face value.

I belive that any profit lossed by massive premiums on inter euro calls will be made good by increased volume of inter euro calls. However no-one carrier can enforce this idea, thus it would have to be legislated to make it happen.

Consider this article flamed.

Tired of RRoD taunts? Turn your Xbox 360 into a PC

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Mmhhh nice.


I like it. Now if I could get an LCD that would fit the big flat bit of it, I could have a super portable game station. (HD of course)

ColorWare's colourful iPhone 3G

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...hmmm El'Reg..

Now imaging it in reg colours wiht a wee bird logo over the button on the front :)


Analysts slam iPhone security and battery life

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....you mean somebody pays attention to them?

I do not believe a word they say, and I would rather read news of the world or the sun.

I suspect they have better and less biased reporters.

I am not saying that the iphone is good, or anything like that, I am just saying I find paying Gartner any attention about as much use as asking Microsoft/sun/ibm for a review of there own products.

I am with 1865, and would go as far as to state they often 'find' the conclusions the person paying them for the research wanted.

right, that's my rant over.....

VIA takes tiny mobo spec to second generation

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What!, no DVI port?

Come on, no DVI port as standard?, no right minded person these days will put a new PC together with out opting to at least upgrade there screen. I Mean digital flat panel screens are very common and cheap atm. (he says Writing this on his very cheap 22" Samsung wide-screen).

Not to mention that most DVI things come with the VGA dongle anyway for you old farts who like to run your Ethernet on thin-net and your sever farms on thick-net.

A cap of 2Gb's of ram seems a bit low too. But that's the power user coming out in me.

What spec of PCIe is it, I or II?, as I am interested in this for ye ald SFF Gaming machine.

Mind u, not with the home grown Nano stuff, not enough grunt from that CPU for games. Still I live in hope of my A5 sized gaming monster PC.


Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow

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... if you DL 300Mb+ in five hours, your getting throttled!!!

"And we're not talking about just a few video clips. In some cases the top 3% of uploaders and downloaders were using as much as 3GB, just during peak times"

Woo, 3Gb's over a period of 5h's.... imagine that, at peek times i.e. the time you want to use it to get your 3Gb's downloaded for example?

"Broadband Size: M

During peak times, the top 3% of downloaders on the Size: M package download at least 300MB of traffic each, with the top 3% of uploaders uploading at least 150MB of traffic each.

<Insert: Hang-on, are they trying to tell me that only 3% of customers DL 300Mb during peek times?. I mean, how big are the Streaming files from the BBC for example?, usually watched during... well peek times?>

Any users hitting this amount during peak times (4pm till 9pm) will have their broadband speed temporarily traffic managed - their download speed will be set to 1Mb, with their upload speed set to 128Kb. This will last for 5 hours from when the traffic management policy is applied.".

This last bit is intresting, So its 8:45pm and you have now used 300Mb's of 'bandwith', sorry bit you will have your bandwidth now reduced outside peek times to a 25% untill 01:45am???? -hu?

What I find difficult to work out, is the way the bandwidth is worked out. Surely if you wait until they have gone over there 'new Virgin service reduction Limit!', it will not in fact help anybody because they have already 'used' that bandwidth in peek times?

"What's more, we noticed that when we restricted the speed of the service for this 3% of users who were uploading and/or downloading, we had a positive response from customers (there were less calls into our technical support teams regarding problems with broadband performance). We also noticed that the broadband speed was faster for the vast majority of users"

I wonder if they bothered to tell the people on the 'trial' that they were have restrictions placed on there service?

Anyway, I found this a better article describing what Virgin are up to than the one liked above (where I stole the quotes from).


I notice that most articles are about evening throttling, but do not examine the daytime stuff.

Its also something you have to go digging for on Virgins websites, quite tricky to find.


Craigslist and eBay: Terrorist arms bazaars of DEATH

Reg Sim

I would like to comment....

... but I am afrade they might trace me back to my lair... Doh!

Top security firm: Phorm is adware

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Do I look bovard?

I do not want Phorm.

However I care not if my ISP offers it as an opt-in.

But let me be clear. I will not opt-in, thus I expect the following

1. No cookie or similar on my PC.

2. No data mirroring or 'feeding' even if its discarded.

So long as points 1 and 2 are held to and no auto opt-in I am quite happy for my ISP to peruse new revenues.

So Virgin media you had better be listening.


ISP data deal with former 'spyware' boss triggers privacy fears

Reg Sim

"sux the ass end of a donkey"

"Phorm says an opt-out could work by accepting a cookie from its website"

So, having there merd on your PC is some form is opting out hu?, it seems I have gone to another planet.

And Telewest (errr Virgin Media) can sux the ass end of a donkey if they think I will stay with them should they go ahead.

(I am a 8+ year vet of telewest/virgin).

Is it a big issue?, hell I have not bought games I like because they collect ad info from me. Trust is earned, the hard way, and none have even tried to start earning it yet.

I want a new icon at the bottom of the comment editing bar, one with a middle finger, the sad face is not enough.


DivX shutters also-ran cat piano video site

Reg Sim

Waaa Waaaa

Don't got stage6!!!!

Boo, having used alot of the 'other' video streaming sites, I have to say stage6 kicks ass.

I mean... I may even consider paying for such a service. With that said, i have found my self buying DL content in the form of videos.

If it was not for Stage6 there are many movies I would not of gone out and bough, many of the manga/anime that lives on my selfs was first watch on stage6 and similar.

-a sad man. (no not that kind of sad).

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