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WTF... should I pay to download BBC shows?


Micro-transactions FTW!

£1.89 an episode? not a chance.... 25p? Probably yes.

I hate the license fee however don't think charging for older content that you wouldn't get to see as things stand should necessarily be free, as mentioned the transfer/hosting/bandwidth isn't free so I don't mind a little charge but the figures floated about (that lets face it are probably spot on) are sheer madness. Its an optional extra.

The comments made by the BBC previously regarding content access were maybe a little short sighted?

Dixons knocks £200 off laptops before Xmas...


Only press release I see about this is from July? http://www.dixonsretail.com/dixons/en/mediacentre/mediapressreleases

That was also 'new range' so that would be the range that was maked up by £200 before release...

If however they're knocking £200 off all laptops then I'll buy all of their models they currently sell for £299 thankyouverymuch.

eBay biz millionaires proliferate as high street suffers

Thumb Down

If they have £1m turnover...

I dread to think how much eBay are creaming off the top of that, bunch of twunts.

Red Dwarf to blast off on new adventure


I'd love to say I'm excited...

..but I'm not...

the last specials were awful and the series went seriously downhill before that.

Please just let it die gracefully & be remembered fondly rather than wringing every last ounce out of it & destroying a once great show.

Mr Flibble is very cross.

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